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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Path to financial freedom

How to get early financial freedom in life
Can I get the financial freedom early in life? This is the common question we all having in our mind, and there are many articles written in this topic. Is that everyone looking for financial freedom? What is tempting to get into this state in early life? Is that attainable by all? Do you need to sacrifice a lot to reach the FF? You may have lot of such questions in your mind, but it will be difficult to find the answers in one place.

To keep it simple, yes, you need financial freedom. Is that achievable? Yes, it is. But, how are you going to attain that? This is where you need to work on the customized plan to suit your background, lifestyle and age. You can’t simply take a common plan to get this done. It should be tailored to meet the various needs of an individual. It doesn’t mean that you need to spend lot of money to get the plan prepared with a help of financial planner. Indeed it’s helpful, but not a must if you have the adequate knowledge.

There is a path to achieve the financial freedom in life. In simple term, you need to Earn more, Spend less, Save more and Invest All savings wisely. This is a broader outline, one has to plan in detail of each phase of this cycle.

Earn More: As soon as you complete education, it is vital to get into a well paid job. At times, you may not find the well paid job initially, but still you should try to get more at the earliest. There are many opportunities to earn multiple incomes. It could be a part time job, online earning, spouse job, royalty bonus etc. You need to make sure to find some legitimate ways to earn more money from the beginning.

Spend Less: Not only earning more is important, spending less also key to achieve financial freedom. Need to prepare a budget every month and you have to stick to that. No one can create wealth by spending money more than their earning. You need to keep a track of each and every expenses, it helps to bring control in spending.

Save More: Earning more and spending less will result in more saving. It will give you the option to do what you want in life. Accumulate as much as possible to buy right kind of asset which will grow over a period of time. The systematic saving and accumulation of money gives you confidence in life.

Invest All: While accumulating the money, it is very important to invest the money wisely. If you keep the money in savings account, it will not yield adequate return. You need to learn and develop knowledge on investment products and choose the one wisely to invest the money you saved.

Keep repeating this for 10 to 15 years in your early career, Earn more, Spend less, Save More, and Invest All saving wisely. You will have good amount of wealth by end of this period which gives you passive income to enjoy rest of your life. Again, this is easy to say than follow, you need to prepare your mind to do this diligently, repeatedly and consistently to reap the full benefits.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sunday, June 17, 2018

How to choose your perfect wedding dress?

How to choose perfect wedding dress
Marriage is a memorable event and choosing perfect wedding dress is one of the tough tasks that every bride undergoes prior to that special occasion. The wedding dress purchase has to be planned carefully as the bride’s wedding attire going to be the center of attraction on the event day. The wedding dress should look rich, but it is important to buy the wedding dress at affordable price to keep the marriage budget within control. Marriage shopping is a time consuming task, should begin early and it is good to have adequate knowledge on the wedding dress that helps you to make right purchase decision.

Top 5 tips to choose your perfect wedding dress:

Though buying your dream wedding dress consume time, effort and cost, if you plan well and start shopping early, it helps to buy good one at affordable price. Decide if you want to go for traditional or trendy one before begin your search.

Start early: Start your search well ahead of the time to see through various options, design, colours before finalizing your dream wedding dress. Go through various magazines, online portals, and visit physical shops to visualize how you want yours. Learn basics about fabrics. If you delay your search then your choices may get limited.

Consult professional: During your search for the perfect wedding dress, get an appointment with consultant to get their view. They will have more ideas to suit your body shape, be open to receive their advice and consider them in your final selection. Don’t bind your search within a set of rules, always be flexible. There are dresses which don’t looks great on hanger but looks good when you wear on and vice versa. Don’t just go with latest trend or fashion, if it not suits you. Don’t be hesitant to ask all questions in your mind on wedding dress to the consultant.

Keep the budget: Always keep a budget for your wedding dress, it is not necessary to spend big amount to find your perfect wedding dress. Many stores have big discount sales once or twice in a year to push the inventory, if you can accommodate those dates then try out. Visit online stores and signup to get new design arrivals and discounts. Finally, ask for discount, nothing harm in asking fair price.

Forget the numbers: Don’t go by the numbers for the size but look for the fit. The size differs with different models and brand, you may need to buy higher size then your normal dress. Don’t select tight fit because you want to reduce weight before the event day. Keep it simple, ignore the numbers and go for the one that fits when you buy your wedding dress.

Take the crew: The crew could be your friends, cousins, mom, sisters or any well wishers, take them with you when you go for the shopping. Make sure to do the trials multiple times, walk around to see the comfort and get their views before finalizing your wedding dress. Though you seek advice from your crew, make sure you 100% love it before making the payment.

If you are going to wedding boutique to buy your wedding dress, make sure the sales team do not influence your buying decision. Get the professional take the measurement. As there are many online shops coming up selling wedding dress, try them to get higher discount, variety of models and option to see the designs from across world. If you are going to buy online, read through their refund policy, delivery timeline and availability for trials.
Image Credit: Pixabay

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Are you overspending on shopping?

How to avoid overspending on clothes
Fashion is the tradition, culture or sometimes both, it is nothing wrong to experiment new ideas to expose your beauty. It is the trademark of civilized society. Clothes are one of the identities to showcase your fashion metaphor. Now, how to choose your clothes is the big question for today’s fashion World. Read on the tips below which helps you to find the right wardrobe to make you look better.

First, figure out your needs, spend some quality time in front of the mirror, and understand your physique. Imagine yourself which clothes suits you best and makes you comfortable. It is good to get an opinion from your stylish friends. It will be great if they accompany you while you go for shopping.

Choose the budget – Budgeting for your garments is important, because you shouldn’t spend more or end up in worthless products. It is good to plan the budget at the beginning of the year and spread the purchasing throughout the year rather than going for one shot shopping for complete year. This helps you to make use of the discount sale announced by the branded companies at different time-frame in a year.

Shop at right time – What is the right time for shopping in a day? I personally feel it is noon after lunch, the reason is simple, you won’t find much crowd in the shop and the salesman or girl can spend more time to help you in selecting right clothes. You too find relaxed while choosing your fashion robe.

Listen your friends – Yes, friends are good advisers on your looks. Listen their advice; it is good to make them for the shopping to tell you how you looks in different clothes while you go for trial. Though you get quality advice from friends on your wardrobe selection, you should spend good time in the trial room in front of the mirror. It is important to see how you look in all direction, some clothes make you impressing in front but it will drag down in the back.

Don’t be hurry, set enough time for shopping. You can try different wardrobes such as jeans, tees, gown, jackets, tops, shirts etc. Some of the brands have slight variance on the same sizes, you need to check twice. Touch the clothes, it makes the difference. It should fit the weather in your region and it should be within your budget.

If you are shopping at the discount sale, be aware of the sizes, color, fitness etc. Because, there might be slight difference from the standard one and that’s the reason it is in discount sale. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, don’t buy it.

Finally, you need to fit your ornaments and other accessories to match your outfits. It shows your fashion symbol, so choose it carefully.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Monday, June 04, 2018

How to safeguard your family from economic crisis and protect financial freedom?

Protection from economic crisis
Recession, financial crunch, layoffs, bankruptcy are the buzzwords rattling our life frequently. As it is unavoidable in today’s World, are we prepared to survive these effects? What precautions we took in our daily life to face these crises? Are we simply blaming our leaders and sit without taking any actions in our lifestyle? What differential thought we brought to survive in these turbulent times? Remember, this is a cyclic effect which happens once in every 10 – 25 years around the World. It is our responsibility to take actions to ensure early financial freedom in life.

I believe, people those who have the habit of saving at least 10% of their paychecks can easily get rid of these crisis. The only challenge for them is how they are going to stick their jobs to meet the daily expenses. These are the people who have no mortgage / car / personal loans, liability in credit cards etc. Just they need to live on with their sliced out income due to the economic impact without much impact on their early financial freedom plan. But for others, this is really a difficult time. I hope the below tips helps to pass through the crisis times.

Stick on to your current job: This depends on how you are making yourself more valuable in your office. Share more workloads and create an impression that you can be employable in one or other ways. Simply, you need to market yourself in such a way that you are the last one to wipe out from your office during extreme difficult times.

Look for extra income: Even though you have a job, look for a part-time job. This will help you to pay back your debt in fast track and it will help you as a prime source of income if you lose your primary full time job. Learn new skills especially any technical / language skills. Remember, this is the one makes you always employable.

Discuss with spouse: Speak to your partner and make her / him to find a suitable job if they currently don’t. This will ease your burden at difficult times. As a thumb rule, both of you won’t lose the jobs at the same time unless otherwise you are both employed in the same office and it gone for bankruptcy. Both should work, but at the same time learn to live with one’s income.

Spend less, save more: This is the key word to have better and consistent life style all the times. Plan your finance and find ways to cut down the cost. Learn to invest and reap the benefits at right time. The early planning helps to achieve financial freedom in your life before retirement.

Shop in discount stores: Find out discount stores in your area and try to buy everything at discounted price. You can get the items at cheaper rate if you buy bulk in these stores. Start using prize coupons wherever possible. Don’t shy away going to crowded malls to buy the items at cheaper price.

Track down your spending: This is the simple way to cut down your unnecessary bills. Avoid using credit cards, new loans etc. Remember, if you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you need.

Sell if you don't need: Clean-up your home and list out the items you never used in the last one year. Bring them into your living room and take the stocks. You will get amazed, how much things you bought without any use. Sell them immediately and pay-off your debts. Yes, if you haven’t used for the last one year then you never going to use it in future.

Develop a reading habit: Cultivate the habits of reading / listening news everyday. This will help you to know what’s happening around the World and you can take timely action. Get involved in group gatherings in your area and start building good networks to discuss financial planning. Learn to use internet for networking. Who knows, the help you need might come from anyone.

Most importantly, don’t get panic and get into stress. Be confident, plan ahead and execute well, I’m sure you will survive and surpass any kind of economic crisis in life.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Get your style in high heels to look better

High heels to look better
It’s all started in 16th Century, European royalty wearing high-heeled shoes to showcase them as taller and attractive. Amazingly, still the trend is continuing.  In modern society, high heel shoes are a necessity in women’s fashion. Some women feels, though high heeled shoes gives discomfort at times, but it helps to boost confidence in them. Obviously, heels are a must for woman's shoes, no shoe can be too flat. There are lot of varieties in heel shapes like, curved, straight, block and banana heels and can be chosen based on one’s style quotient. It always helps to go for a trial with all varieties before finalizing one.

  • Prism – This is in triangle form by three flat sides. Point of triangle contacts floor
  • Cone – Broad round heel sole and the narrow point contacts with the ground
  • Wedge – Arch shaped, heel portions of the foot contacts with the ground
  • Puppy – It comes with 2 inches in height, heels looks like square block
  • Kitten – Slim and short heel, narrow point of contact with the floor
  • Spool – Broad base contacts with the ground

The heel comes in oval, round or square toe shapes. Women, who are daring, go with peep-toe boots, the winter variety of peep-toe shoes, which leave the wearer's toes exposed. The colors are more attractive, especially the dark one, whether it is for classy pumps or delicate lace-up booties. Apart from black and brown, other colors are getting popular now. Plum, blackberry, moss green, pink, petrol blue and dark blue are leading the trend.

The heels come in colorful eye-catchers. The accessories added sparingly in the shoe brings classy look to the footwear. The buckle on pumps, frays, zippers and rivets helps to decorate the wear and improve the aesthetic looks. Appearance should not be the end for all. Women today want footwear that is not only attractive but it should fit well.

Men shoes primarily having low heels except cowboy boots. Men started realizing the important of attractive shoes for their own style. Designers felt the demand from men for stylish boots and more varieties coming in the market. It may not be with high heels, but with more masculine looks. But, the choice of colors still tends to be either black or dark brown. It is slowly changing in the store shelves to give way to grey, metallic, and olive green models. This trend will continue and there will be more models for men will come in future.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Simple steps to financial freedom for your family

Simple steps to financial freedom for your life
What is financial freedom? In simple terms, it is the stage when a person no need to work to cover-up their family’s daily expenses and keeping their lifestyle intact. But, is that possible for everyone? How can one attain this stage? Is there a systematic way to achieve this level? Yes, there are ways to achieve, if one follows certain discipline from their early age, Financial freedom for your family can be achievable in a defined period of time if you are determined. All you need to take simple disciplined steps to save and invest consistently during your earning period.

Simple steps to financial freedom:

Start Investing Early:

The one important step towards financial freedom is "Start investing early". The earlier you start the gain will be more. This is simply due to the power of compound interest. I don't say start saving early, because mere saving is not going to help you in the long run. Inflation will eat away all your savings. Investing is the key word where one should be ready to take risk and put their money in potential stocks at periodic intervals. If you identify high worth stocks and keep invested, then your money will start working for you. Just believe every business exist in the world to earn profit. If you invested in the right business (stocks) then you are one among them going to share the gain.

Monitoring the investments:

The next big step is "Monitoring the investments". Why monitoring? As I said earlier, every business exists to earn profit. If they don't earn profit, they will be out of track and get buried in the competitive market over a period of time. On this journey you will get lost if you invested in loss making stocks. You need to track your stocks and play the game wisely to keep yourself in the profit layer. It is vital to watch, watch and watch your money everyday, every week and every month throughout the year, the same way you watch if someone works for you. Here the difference is, money is working for you.

Move to safer zone:

You have started early, invested wisely, monitored closely, moved the coins and gained profit. Now this is the time to move your eggs to the safer zone. How to move and where to move? This is the important decision for wealth creation as a result you are going to get financial freedom for life. You need to move your gains to the safer zone in a systematic way as you did while investing at periodic intervals. Again, its’ all depends on how much you accumulated, your age and risk appetite. I would suggest choose multiple assets such as real estate, Govt. bonds, gold, FD, debt funds etc.

When to Start?

The ideal time to start investing is from your 20's, if you could start earlier it is great. Invest systematically at periodic interval till your 40's. Start moving your eggs to safer zone from your 40's till you attain 45. Yes, you reached your goal, the financial freedom for life.

How much to Invest?

This is again depends on your requirements and life style quotient. Think, forecast, plan and decide. Set targets for yourself and review at periodic intervals.

Not Good at Stock Picking:

If you are not good at stock picking, then fine, leave the job to experts. There are number of good mutual funds available from leading fund houses. Analyze the funds, choose some of them and invest. Be aware, even you invested in mutual funds still you need to track your investments. Because it’s all your money, the step stones for your financial freedom.

Start investing today and let your money works for YOU and YOUR family forever....

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How simple makeover helps to boost your confidence

How simple makeover helps to boost your confidence
It is proven that personal look plays a key role to improve the self confidence level. Better appearance has psychological impact in creating positive waves across inner mind which gives self esteem and pride when you move around. It is vital to take extra care, time to look at the mirror to see how you look like, posture and see how it can be better managed. It also helps you to avoid excessive make-up, over grooming and spending unnecessary personal care products.

Though there are many ways to improve the appearance, the better approach to improve personal look is to keep it simple, suitable and affordable. This keeps away the stress while going through the makeover. Always remember that the physical features (genetics) are only a part of better appearance and it has limited role in boosting your self esteem. Improving the self confidence by having better appearance is all about how you take care of your health, grooming and positive posture.

Think about it: Why you need better appearance? Are you trying to influence someone by having better look? Take some time to reflect your mind to see the real trigger for this makeover and the outcome, what you want to gain by improving your personal look.

Look at the mirror: This is to evaluate how you appear now, what you don’t like in your present look and what you want to improve. When you do this self evaluation, keep it realistic on what can be changed and what cannot.

List down the actions: Prepare the list of actions as an outcome of self evaluation. Go through the list and prioritize the items which are simple and easy to adopt. This helps to get quick result which gives you the required motivation to go for more.

On this makeover exercise, do not try to alter the genetic factors such as height, skin color etc. but always to try to improve the appearance by way of grooming, dressing, make-ups, and personal accessories. When do so, keep it simple, suitable and cost effective.

Dressing: Go for tailor made clothes to fit your size and comfort. Choose appropriate color and design after careful selection. Dress up to suit the occasion and culture.

Haircut: Visit saloon to have a suitable hair style for your face with the help of profession hair stylist. This may not be in latest style, but it should suit your face. Apply hair color as appropriate.

Make-ups: Apply make-up as suited to your face, keep it light. Select right color of lipstick to improve the overall look. Learn simple techniques of make-ups and keep improving.

Grooming: Keep your teeth clean, nails cut and apply deodorant. Always use good natural oils to keep your skin moisturized. 

Accessories: Buy appropriate accessories to suit your dressing and grooming.

If you take care of the above simple list and keep improving, it will give you 80% of improvement in your appearance irrespective of your genetic look. The rest 20% depends on your posture and behaviour.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Creating good environment for children

Parents responsibility in creating good environment for children
In general, the characters of our children are not by birth, but it has been built by environment where they are growing. They learn the habits from whom they are closely associated. As they spent more than 70% of the time with parents, obviously they take them as role model and try to replicate what parents do. Hence, it is very important for parents to behave properly in front of their children. They need to be very careful on the words they speak and the actions they perform.  There are certain DO's and DONT's parents should aware during their parenthood and act in more responsible way. This helps to lead a happy family and let children grow in more positive environment. It is each one of the parents' responsibility to create a good environment for their children to enjoy their childhood.

I’m busy – Your children are not your office colleagues to say ‘I'm busy’ when they come to you for anything. They don’t understand however busy you are, simply they need your time. If you keep using this phrase often, it will hurt them and they start distancing themselves from you. If you are really busy, take couple of minutes, tell them that you have to finish certain task and will get back to them in sometime. This makes them feel that you are listening and supporting them. Try to avoid this word ‘I'm busy’ as much as possible.

Never compare with other children – There is a famous saying 'The five fingers are not same'. Yes, each finger has unique purpose and value. Your children too have unique skills which you need to identify and make them excel. No point comparing them with other children and make them feel degraded. Your children could be good in studies or sports or playing music, it’s your responsibility to identify those interests and get them nurtured from early stage.

Listen to them – This is one of the clear miss from most of the parents, I noticed. When the child says something, don’t nod your head just as a custom of hearing. Listen to your children, they may need your guidance and support. There is a great difference between hearing and listening. If you truly listens them, they will be happy and they come close to you. You can see the bonding between you and your children growing thick over a period of time.

Parents fighting in front of children – This is strict no-no in front of your children. If you do, it will develop more aggressive and adamant behaviour in them. If there are any differences between spouses, you both have to find some private space to discuss and sort out the issues. Parents have to show them happy in front of their children. This makes them feel they are in safe and secure environment at home.

False commitments – This is again parents should never do with their children. If you are promising them anything, make sure you fulfill that promise. It will be good if you think twice before committing anything. For any reason, if you are not able to meet the promise, spend quality time with your children and explain them the situation to make them understand. Initially, they may feel disappointed, but they will understand.

Never discourage, always encourage – Encouraging children is always important, it is vital to develop self confidence in them. Parents have to keep feeding positive thoughts into their children. They need to feel the positive wave if you are around. It really helps them when they face this competitive world when they grow up. The discouragement should be completely avoided, if they are trying to do something really impossible, against the nature, then you need to spend quality time to explain them to understand.
Image Credit: Pixabay

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018

All about Canvas Printing

All about canvas printing
I’m super excited to get the canvas printing done using my favorite picture that we captured during our last family vacation. As this picture is bright and colourful, I can imagine how beautiful it will be if I get it canvas printed and hang the frame in our living room. But, I was reluctant to find the store to get the printing done as it involves lot of efforts to find the reliable one. This was until I found the online store Canvas Factory, the professional printing expert in canvas printing. They made the entire process simple and easy on their website, all can be done by a click sitting conveniently at home. After selecting the size and style at Canvas Factory online store, just upload your favorite picture and check the preview online before confirming the order. They are reliable and have LiveChat support if you have any queries with your order. To help my readers of this blog, I would like to share few pointers on canvas printing as I learned from various sources.

What is Canvas Printing?

In simple words, canvas printing is to get the picture printed on the stretched canvas and fixed within a frame to display. The eye-catching canvas print gives the aesthetic look, mostly used in interior design to decorate the houses, commercial establishments. The canvas used for this printing is made up of highly durable cotton or polyester fabric. The cotton prints comes with high quality and polyester is more affordable for bold and colourful prints.

Choosing the photos

The quality of the canvas printing is highly depends on the photos we select to print. The photos should have high pixel count, bright and sharp. The higher pixel count per inch (300 dpi) helps to get better print. Always go with digital photo with large size, do not go for canvas printing using photos from Facebook, Whatsapp or photos taken using mobile phone with low resolution. Remember, the selection of photo is always subjective and check the background, focus and composition while selecting the photo for canvas printing.

Selecting the size and style

There are various sizes available to choose for canvas printing, broadly under square, rectangle and panoramic. Also, you can choose various styles such as single canvas print, split, wall display and collage form. The collage form is nothing but combining the related photos under one theme into a single layout. As you go for bigger size, make sure to have better quality photos with high resolution. 

Perfect framing

After getting the photos printed in the stretched canvas, time to select the choice of wrapping to display the canvas printing. There are two types of wrapping frames namely gallery and museum. In gallery wrapping, the canvas is stretched to the edges and pinned at the back. This way, we can see the image front and from the sides. The museum wrapping has the canvas stretched and fixed within the frame, the image can be seen with front view but not sideways.

This is all about canvas printing, I believe these tips helps you to choose the right photos, frame, size, and style to get your desired canvas printing done. The Canvas Factory online store makes your job easy by giving step by step options to select the photo, size and style to order the print and get the canvas print delivered at your doorsteps. Canvas print is the perfect gift for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, valentines’ day and any other special days you count on. You can get the gift directly delivered to your loved one by ordering in Canvas Factory online store.

Disclosure: This is the sponsored post and views expressed in this post are my own, please refer this blog’s full Disclaimer here

Monday, 7 May 2018

Monday, May 07, 2018

Top 10 must have accessories for Women

Chose these 10 must have accessories for women
In this growing market competition, there are many new trends coming up in the market under fashion and accessories for women with variety of colours, designs and styles. You can see eye catching, tempting advertisements whenever you open up any web pages, while watching television or reading newspapers. Before you jump into shopping, it is good to take stock of what you have and what you can add up in your accessories list. Here are the top 10 must have accessories for women to keep in the wardrobe, a simple list for great makeover for women.

Sunglasses – It is good to invest in quality sunglasses to safeguard your eyes and stylish at the same time. As this is the one people notice as soon as they see you, choose with care, go with branded one.

Watch – This is an accessory you can wear every single day whether going to office or party. Therefore, it is a good investment to buy branded, quality watch to suit your style. Nice design craftsmanship combined with traditional look suits for all occasions.

Footwear – Select good pair of footwear, look for comfort, design and colourful one. Make sure you have different pair of footwear to wear based on the occasions. It could be a range of sneakers, sandals, high heels or formal shoes. In general, women feel that high heels footwear gives them the level of confidence to look better.

Wallet – You may have started using wallet as soon as you began handling money. If it is cheap and worn out, this is right time to upgrade to a branded quality one. Choose with care as it is going to showcase your brand. Go with colourful

Handbag – This is for everyday use, should be good enough to stuff all your necessities when you go out. Keep two or three different models to take out appropriate one while going to office or parties.

Jewellery – Basic jewelleries like necklace, studs, and bracelet are good to buy. While buying jewellery spend good amount of time, check multiple pricing options, designs online before taking the buying decision. Always remember that the well chosen jewellery enhance the look of any attire. The collection of jewelleries is one of the must have accessories for women.

Travel Bag – This bag should not be too large or too small, but capable enough to carry your essentials during travel. Go for branded quality one as it has to withstand during luggage transit.

Scarf – The blend of cotton and silk scarf not only gives you the better look, but protects you during winter, cold chill wind. Go for colourful one with digital prints and wear the one that suits your outfit.

Classic belt – Buy a classic one to fit your jeans and T-shift. Keep multiple sets to wear for casuals and formals. Belts that fit perfect in your waist also help to keep your posture straight.

Umbrella – You may be thinking that it is not worth spending on buying umbrella, but it saves you during critical rainy days on the street. Go for black one with light design, it looks good.

Go for these simple steps on the makeover that gives the desired better look. If women choose carefully all these 10 must have accessories to suit their taste and comfort, it gives them better confidence level on their appearance.