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Friday, 7 September 2018

Friday, September 07, 2018

How to stop Bedwetting?

How to stop bedwetting
Bedwetting is an unintentional passage of urine while sleeping, it is not a big concern for kids until they attain 5 years old. Most of the children manage to achieve some level of bladder control once they are 5 years old. If the children continue bedwetting after growing up beyond 5 years, then this has to be looked into by parents to help the kids to get out of this habit. A study found that 15% of kids at the age of 5 have the habit of bedwetting, 5% at the age of 10, and 2% at the age of 12. At early age, bedwetting is most common among boys than girl children. This is because girl children get matured faster than boys.

Bedwetting is normal: First, parents should be clear on this fact – bedwetting is normal for kids, don’t make them feel embarrassing in front of others. When a kid comes and tells about their bedwetting, parents should not get tensed, scold and punish them. To make it worst, parents shouldn’t compare them with other children. If they do, it makes the situation bad. Instead, they have to console their child, listen to them and make them comfortable.

Causes of bedwetting: Bedwetting happens during sleep when the brain doesn't recognise the signal sent from the bladder when it is full. Hence, kids unaware of the situation they relaxes the bladder to start urinate without realising that they are on bed. This usually happens during deep sleep as children has smaller bladder. Also, bedwetting run in families and it could be genetic. There is a misconception among parents that bed-wetting is due to emotional, but there is no proven evidence to support this.

How to help children to overcome bedwetting?

Practise children to urinate: At times, children don’t go to restroom if they are busy in playing, watching television or anything they got engaged with. This is unhealthy which may result in pain over a period of time. When kids are growing up, parents should practice them regularly to go to restroom to urinate. Similarly, parents should make sure that children urinate before going to bed at night, this helps to clear the bladder before going for long sleep during night. This may sound childish, but this is one of the habit parent should teach their children during initial days while they are growing up.

Don’t wakeup children from deep sleep: Some parents go overboard by waking up their children during their deep sleep to take them to restroom to urinate. This is not advisable, because over a period of time, children may lose the sensation to urinate and they don’t listen to the natural call from brain when the bladder gets full. Hence, they couldn’t realise while sleeping and they start depending on someone to wake them up during night otherwise they continue with bedwetting. Also, they lose sleep at night which may cause other health issues. Remember, children should get sound sleep during night, parents should make sure on this from their early days.

Help them to get rid of fear: Sometimes children feel scared to use the toilet during night since it is dark everywhere or restroom is far from their bedroom. Hence, they may not feel comfortable to get out of bed to go to restroom during night. To help the children to get away from this fear, parents should talk to them and make them understand, may provide proper lighting if required.

Less fluids intake before going to bed: In general, drinking plenty of water is good for health, hence parents advice children to drink more water as it helps to stay healthier. It is good to drink plenty of water during the day time. But if they consume lot of water or fluids during night before going to bed the bladder get full and it may leads to bedwetting for children if they are not sensing the urge to urinate during their sound sleep. Hence, parents should make sure their children drinks enough water during day time, but limited fluids before going to bed.  It is good if they stop drinking water at least two hours before going to bed. Foods like coffee, tea, chocolates may cause irritation in the bladder which may causes bedwetting for children.

Constipation: Constipation may be one of the reasons for bedwetting. A rectum is located behind the bladder. When this rectum is filled with thick poop it puts pressure on the bladder, this weakens the bladder which results in bedwetting. If parents noticed that their children not poop properly or the stool is hard then they have to make sure to feed their children with more fluids and fibre content foods to get rid of constipation.

Bedwetting alarm: Bedwetting alarm is a device used to check the moisture level, it helps the child from bedwetting. It is a small device which is attached to the underwear of the child. If this device senses any moisture it starts to vibrate or gives a sound which makes the child to wake up and go to rest room for urination.

Give them reward: Parents should find innovative ways to encourage their children to avoid bedwetting. It could be giving gifts, taking them to their favourite shows or anything which makes them happy. This motivates children to be conscious and take all preventive steps to avoid bedwetting.

Consult a doctor: If nothing of the above works even after trying for considerable period of time, then parents should consult a doctor for advice.

These steps help parents to guide their children to get away from bedwetting. I encourage you to share your experiences, learning in comments below as it helps young parents.
Image Credit: Pixabay

Monday, 20 August 2018

Monday, August 20, 2018

Crocodile Park in Chennai

Madras Crocodile Bank in Chennai
The Madras Crocodile Bank is a best suitable place for a weekend trip from Chennai. It is located 45 KM (25 miles) from Chennai, 15 KM north of Mahabalipuram a tourist attraction on the East Coast Road (ECR) in Tamilnadu, India. It will take about an hour travel by road to reach this place from Chennai, comfortable distance for a weekend trip with family and friends. It is located at the coastal land nestled with natural forest environment. This coastal line has large breeding place for water birds and sea turtles. The Crocodile Bank plays a very important role in spreading awareness on the ecological benefits of crocodiles. This is one of the largest reptile zoos in the World and Asia’s first crocodile breeding centre. This Crocodile Bank was created with an objective to safe guard three crocodile species namely, saltwater crocodile, gharial and mugger crocodiles. The Gharial is also known as gavial, it is a fish eating crocodile and Mugger crocodile is also known as Marsh crocodile. Initially, the Crocodile Bank was built as a repository of crocodiles for safe grooming with protection and later released to wild environment. Over a period of time, releasing crocodiles into wild habitat was stopped due to lack of suitable environment. After years of crocodile protection, Crocodile Bank expanded with Lizards, Snakes and Turtles. This Crocodile bank is more than a zoo, best place for crocodile conservation, breeding, safe guarding and research.

Crocodile Bank has more than 2500 reptiles from all around the World. It has wide collections of crocodiles and alligators. From the beginning, there were thousands of crocodiles released back to the wild, sent zoos across the World. It is home to variety of crocodile species which are kept in bunches in separate open ponds, it’s very rare to see them moving around. But, when a staff throws a piece of meat we can see the activeness of these crocodiles. It’s awesome to see the way it catches the food from the feeder. The key attraction is the giant crocodile ‘Jaw’ which is a ‘much see’ in this Crocodile Bank. This famous celebrity in Crocodile Bank is the largest crocodile in captivity, in India may be in the World. It first arrived into the Crocodile Bank in 1976, first few years it looks normal then outgrown in size. The authorities kept ‘Jaws’ in a separate pond due to its’ size and strength. Visitors can watch the feeding session for this Jaw at 4:30 PM on Sundays. The Crocodile feeding session should not be missed by the visitors; it is on Sundays at between 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 4:30 PM and 5:00 PM. The Crocodile Bank’s experts provide weekend guided tour with presentations about Crocodiles and other reptiles.

Though this Crocodile Bank originally started with conservation objective for crocodiles, it becomes weekend spot now. Visitors will get interactive experience in guided tours organized by Crocodile Bank officials, can gather interesting information about these species, it is a great place for research students. No one should miss the Snake Venom centre in this park where they demonstrate the venom extraction which is used for making anti-venom medicine. It is a spine chilling experience to see the deadly poisonous snakes are handled at ease by professionals. This Crocodile Bank also conducts education programmes for school children, environment enthusiasts and do village trip, field camps on a regular basis. Also, it serves as a large natural laboratory for research students to study the behaviour, features, breeding of the reptiles within close range.

Visiting Time - 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (Monday Holiday)

Entry Fee - For Adult Rs. 50 and for Children below 10 years Rs. 30

Night Safari – Tuesday to Sunday (Booking required) 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Night Safari Entry Fee - For Adult Rs. 200 and for Children below 10 years Rs. 100

Location - East Coast Road (ECR), 45 KM from Chennai on the way to Mahabalipuram, Tamilnadu, India.

Engage with Crocodile Bank, Chennai:

Apart from visiting this Crocodile Bank, if you love reptiles, you can engage with them in multiple ways. If you are interested in any of the below you can connect with Crocodile Bank’s authorities for the application.

Volunteer Program: This is for enthusiasts who is 18 years and above. Volunteer gets an opportunity to work throughout the Zoo on various tasks. There are many ongoing interesting projects in which you can get engaged. Dormitory (shared) style accommodation, Indian food provided for the volunteers. Crocodile Bank welcomes volunteers with minimum 2 – 4 weeks duration.

Docent Program: This is a long term engagement with Crocodile Bank. In this program, they teach the participants on all basic skills required for the conservation of reptiles. If anyone aged above 18 years, staying around this Crocodile Bank, within 50 KM and can spend at least one day in a month can join this program.

Film Making: it offers best environment for wildlife documentary and films. It acts as a facilitator for various production companies. If you are interested to take documentary film on wildlife reptiles, connect with them to get a schedule.

Donate: The wildlife enthusiast can engage with Crocodile Bank by offering donation to support their conservation and operational goals.

Adopt a Reptile: If you find any favourite reptile in the Crocodile Bank, you can adopt them. The reptile continues to live in the zoo, but your support will help to maintain them and conservation.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Friday, August 10, 2018

Know your health by reading Nails

Know your health by looking at your nails
Our nails are an important organ in our body, it is a type of modified skin which helps to protect the tip of our toes and fingers. Unfortunately, we don’t take care much as we do with other parts of the body. On the other hand we do apply different chemically bounded nail polish and hide the real beauty of it. When we go to doctor for any consultation, they always see the nails and eyes. There is a saying ‘Know your health by Nails’, looking at our nails doctors can get to know the basic understanding of what is wrong in our body.

The below tips are helpful to get to know our health by reading the nails.

Pale Nails: Healthy nails don’t look pale, they have mild pinkish colour spread evenly, but non-healthy nails looks pale. If the nails looks pale, it indicates that there are lack of haemoglobin in our blood and it could leads to anaemia, liver disease, may be heart failure if we don’t consult doctor for preventive care.

White Nails: All of us have a small white patch at the bottom of the nail which is normal, but if the size of the white patch in the nails varies then we need to consult a doctor. If the white patch is over half of the nail bed then it may be the symptom of diabetes and high blood pressure. If the white patch is about two third of the nail bed then it may be the symptom of liver failure. This type of nail is said to be Terry's nail, sometimes this type of nails may be due to aging.

Yellow Nails: This type of nail appears due to fungal infection. It looks in yellow colour, occurs primarily due to the frequent usage of nail polish and smoking. It may be the symptom of diseases such as thyroid, diabetes, psoriasis, or respiratory issues.

Blue Nails: Blue nail is the symptom of lack of oxygen in our body. It says that the body parts are not receiving enough oxygen for normal functioning. This may be caused due to improper function of lungs and heart in our body.

Rippled or Pitted or Dent Nails: This type of nails looks like dent and small craters on them. This is an earlier symptom for psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis which may affect the joints. This may also trigger itching and scaly rash on the skin. Pitted nails are also known as rippled nails.

Cracked or Split or Brittle Nails: If we frequently immerse our hands in water during cleaning vessels, washing clothes, swimming etc. we may get this type of nail. Also, if we are crazy in applying nail polish like first applying one colour then removing them using nail remover, applying another colour then it leads to brittle or split nails. This happens due to the chemicals present in the nail polish, detergents etc. This type of nail is common among many people, better to consult a doctor for preventive care. The cracked nails are linked to thyroid disease and if it has yellow colour along with crack then it is the symptom of fungal infection. This may also caused due to vitamin A, B, and C deficiencies.

Black colour on the Nails: If there are black or brown colour stripe or patch on the nails then we need to immediately consult a doctor because this may be caused by melanoma, which causes a dangerous skin disease.

Gnawed Nails: Gnawed nails occur due to nail biting habit. The nail biting habit to be stopped gradually otherwise it leads to stress.

Puffy Nail fold: We may find redness and puffy on the skin around the nails which may be caused due to inflammation. This may affect the healthier tissue around the nail.

Round or Clubbed Nails: Clubbed nails looks like round in shape or enlarged finger tip with the curved nail downwards. This occurs due to improper lung function which causes lack of oxygen in the blood. It may also be the symptom for inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular or liver disease.

Spoon Nails: Spoon nail is also known as concave nails since the nail becomes soft and gets a concave shape like when we place a drop of oil on the nail it will not pour down from the nail. The medical term for the spoon nail is called as Koilonychia. The shape of the nail looks like spoon and the nail is curved at the upper edge. This type of nail may be a sign of iron-deficiency anemia, hemochromatosis (excess of iron), heart disease, or hypothyroidism (thyroid gland releasing too many hormones into our body)

Nail separated from nail bed: If the nail gets separated from its nail bed without any pressure, it may be due to the hormonal imbalance and hypothyroidism.

Overgrown Nails: If the nail grows fast and thicker than normal it may be due to fungal nail infection. The colour of the nail also gets changed. This type of nails may be the symptom for psoriasis or arthritis.

White lines on the Nail: People who undergo dialysis have white lines on the nails. It may be the symptom for anemia, kidney diseases.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Mahabalipuram – Must visit ancient historic town

Mahabalipuram is a must visit ancient historic town in Tamilnadu
Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram is one of the ancient historic places in Tamilnadu, India which attracts tourist from all over the World. Mahabalipuram was a seventh century port city of the South Indian dynasty ruled by the Pallavas kingdom.  It’s located around 60 KM south of Chennai in Tamilnadu, India. It is believed that it has been named after the Pallava King ‘Mamalla’. There are many cave temples, chariots, sculptures and structural Temples in Mahabalipuram. The pillars are derived from the Dravidian culture. The sculptures are excellent examples of Pallava art. It has various historic monuments mostly rock-cut sculptures across the town. Mahabalipuram has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Important structures to see in Mahabalipuram:
•    Cave Temple
•    Elephant creatures
•    Varaha cave Temple
•    Pancha Rathas
•    Shore Temple

Weather: Winter (Nov to Feb) is the good time to visit Mahabalipuram. Though it’s raining sometimes, winter is the best time to visit comparing to hot summer weather (March to May). The minimum temperature during winter is 16°C and maximum temperature in summer is 42°C making it very hot and difficult to go out in summer.

Language spoken: Tamil and English are widely known language in Mahabalipuram.

How To Reach Mahabalipuram: Chennai is the nearest metro city for Mahabalipuram. It is well connected by road along Bay of Bengal coastal.

Air: Chennai (60-km) is the nearest airport with both domestic and international terminals. Chennai is well connected with most of the cities in India by domestic flights and trains. There are International flights operating from various parts of the World to Chennai. From Airport, it will take one hour to reach Mahabalipuram by road.

Rail: The nearest railway stations are Chengalpattu (29-km) and Chennai (60-km).

Road: Buses are available from Pondicherry, Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu and Chennai to Mahabalipuram. The travel in the Bay of Bengal coastal road from Chennai to Mahabalipuram is a pleasant experience. Tourists can hire a taxi from Chennai, Chengalpet.

Accommodation in Mahabalipuram: There are many hotels and resorts available in Mahabalipuram in all budgets to serve wide range of Tourists. Taj Fisherman's Cove, GRT Temple Bay, Mamalla Beach Resort, Quality Inn MGM Beach Resort, and Ideal Beach Resort are well known resorts in Mahabalipuram.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Natural Remedies for healthy lifestyle

Health benefits of natural remedies
The science and innovation brings many advanced medicines for our health issues. There are lot of research going on to develop medicines with commercial values. In this era, we are slowly forgetting the benefits of natural medicines. Today’s fast paced world, we can’t completely ignore the advanced medicines, but we should not get away from natural medicines as well. It is always best to use the natural medicines as applicable, especially as a preventive healthcare. I have come across below natural remedies, sharing here for the benefits to the readers. I recommend to do your own research, consult the professional for the suitability of your health condition before following them.

Depression: Take the cardamom seeds, power it and boil them in water along with tea. This gives good aroma to the tea and if you take this regularly it helps to get out of depression

Treat Acne: Take oatmeal, mix it with water and blend them to get the paste. Apply this in your face and keep it for 15 minutes before washing.

Control Cataract: Take the juices from the flowers of pumpkin plant and apply it externally on the eye leads daily. It helps to control the cataract expanding further

Perspiration: Take two teaspoon of honey and mix it with two teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and take this every morning in empty stomach to get rid of excess perspiration

Dandruff: Take a beetroot’s top and root portion and boil it in water. Massage this water into the scalp every night before going to bed for dandruff free hair.

Asthma: Take Indian gooseberry (Amla), power it and mix with one tablespoon of honey. Take this mixture every morning to get rid of Asthma.

Dry Eyes: Take the cucumber, cut into circular pieces, place it on the closed eyes and cover with a plain white cloth for 30 minutes and remove it. You will have cool and refreshed eyes.

Grey Hair: Take Indian gooseberry (Amla) and boil them in coconut oil. Once they turn black, take out the gooseberries and apply the oil regularly to avoid grey hair at young age.

Cracked Heels: Take lemon juice, mix it with warm water and soak your feet for about 15 minutes. If you do this regularly, it helps to get away from cracked heels.

Sprain: Take the cabbage leaves and warm the outer part of the leaves with warm water. Bandage the sprain area with these leaves to get rid of sprain.

Toothache: Take the clove of garlic and place it in between the affected tooth, it helps to get relieved from pain.

Sore Throat: Take one teaspoon of pepper powder, ginger power and honey each and consume the mixture twice a day get cured from sore throat.

Mouth Ulcers: Take a teaspoon of baking soda and mix it with few drops of water. Apply this mixture over the sore area, leave it about 10 minutes and rinse it.

Acidity: Take one teaspoon of Saunf and add it in a cup of boiled water. Leave this mixture overnight covered with plain cloth. Strain the mixture in the morning, add one teaspoon of honey and consume this three times a day.

Tanned Skin: Take two spoons of gram flour, mix it with two spoons of curd and squeeze half a lime into this mixture. Apply this mixture on the affected area and gently rub it, do this regularly to get smooth beautiful skin.

Sunburn: Take a tea bag, dip into the cup of warm water and let it cool. Then soak a plain cloth into that water and apply gently on the affected area.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Wigs are nothing to hide, select with pride

How to buy wigs
Wigs are no more only going to be used by those people who lost the hair as younger generation started buying wigs to periodically change their look to catch the trending fashion. It becomes a style quotient and no more a hidden thing. It often brings compliments to you as people think that you are having a stylish haircut without knowing that you are wearing a wig, thanks goes to the latest design, technology, innovation developed in wigs’ industry. Apart from giving new look and style, wigs helps to save money by having limited visit to the saloon for haircut and coloring. All these features influence people buying wigs to try new style.

Wigs are typically made from human hair to give natural look although synthetic fiber also used in some wigs. Wig has long history of use, ancient Egypt used to have their heads shaved to the scalp, and hence they started using wigs to cover up. The trend slowly caught up on other cultures and people started buying wigs to give new look for them. It took many centuries for the wig to go through the makeover to the one what we are seeing today.

Choosing wig: At the beginning, when you start wearing wigs, it is advisable to stick to your own style. It helps to select the wig with appropriate length, texture, color and style. You can slowly add on the changes over a period of time once you used to get wearing the wig. Keep the budget fixed before going for the selection. There are endless opportunities with different styles to experiment for the better look. Do all your research and plan well before buying wigs.

Get your cap-size right: This is like selecting your dress with appropriate size. You need to take correct measurement by three way approach to choose the right wigs.

  • Top circumference
  • Top front end to back end
  • Between ears

Though most of the wigs fit almost 95% of the people, it is good to go with proper measurement while selecting the wig. You can consult professional for the measurement if required. There are wigs with adjustable straps to get the required comfort and fit while fixing. The cap comes with different features like 100% hand tied, mono-filament, lace front and basic cap. This is based on the method of attaching the hair with the cap, each type having its own advantages. You need to make sure the cap size before buying wigs.

Type of hair: Both human and synthetic hair wigs having its own pros and cons. The human hair wigs are natural, hence it require lot of attention and maintenance. On the other hand, synthetic hair wigs can’t be used in hot environment, need to be more careful while using dryer. The human hair wigs are more durable than synthetic hair wigs.

Style selection: Wigs comes in different styles, you can choose wigs with short, medium and long hair to align your natural style. Similarly you can choose variety of colors and its combination based on your interest. Select the wig based on your face shape, round, oval, or square. Don’t overdone, choose carefully that suit your face and body size.

At the end, it is all about how you care your wigs. The beautiful wigs always deserves great care to keep you pleasant when you wear it. Before buying wigs, keep this in mind that wearing wigs require extra effort to maintain it.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Path to financial freedom

How to get early financial freedom in life
Can I get the financial freedom early in life? This is the common question we all having in our mind, and there are many articles written in this topic. Is that everyone looking for financial freedom? What is tempting to get into this state in early life? Is that attainable by all? Do you need to sacrifice a lot to reach the FF? You may have lot of such questions in your mind, but it will be difficult to find the answers in one place.

To keep it simple, yes, you need financial freedom. Is that achievable? Yes, it is. But, how are you going to attain that? This is where you need to work on the customized plan to suit your background, lifestyle and age. You can’t simply take a common plan to get this done. It should be tailored to meet the various needs of an individual. It doesn’t mean that you need to spend lot of money to get the plan prepared with a help of financial planner. Indeed it’s helpful, but not a must if you have the adequate knowledge.

There is a path to achieve the financial freedom in life. In simple term, you need to Earn more, Spend less, Save more and Invest All savings wisely. This is a broader outline, one has to plan in detail of each phase of this cycle.

Earn More: As soon as you complete education, it is vital to get into a well paid job. At times, you may not find the well paid job initially, but still you should try to get more at the earliest. There are many opportunities to earn multiple incomes. It could be a part time job, online earning, spouse job, royalty bonus etc. You need to make sure to find some legitimate ways to earn more money from the beginning.

Spend Less: Not only earning more is important, spending less also key to achieve financial freedom. Need to prepare a budget every month and you have to stick to that. No one can create wealth by spending money more than their earning. You need to keep a track of each and every expenses, it helps to bring control in spending.

Save More: Earning more and spending less will result in more saving. It will give you the option to do what you want in life. Accumulate as much as possible to buy right kind of asset which will grow over a period of time. The systematic saving and accumulation of money gives you confidence in life.

Invest All: While accumulating the money, it is very important to invest the money wisely. If you keep the money in savings account, it will not yield adequate return. You need to learn and develop knowledge on investment products and choose the one wisely to invest the money you saved.

Keep repeating this for 10 to 15 years in your early career, Earn more, Spend less, Save More, and Invest All saving wisely. You will have good amount of wealth by end of this period which gives you passive income to enjoy rest of your life. Again, this is easy to say than follow, you need to prepare your mind to do this diligently, repeatedly and consistently to reap the full benefits.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sunday, June 17, 2018

How to choose your perfect wedding dress?

How to choose perfect wedding dress
Marriage is a memorable event and choosing perfect wedding dress is one of the tough tasks that every bride undergoes prior to that special occasion. The wedding dress purchase has to be planned carefully as the bride’s wedding attire going to be the center of attraction on the event day. The wedding dress should look rich, but it is important to buy the wedding dress at affordable price to keep the marriage budget within control. Marriage shopping is a time consuming task, should begin early and it is good to have adequate knowledge on the wedding dress that helps you to make right purchase decision.

Top 5 tips to choose your perfect wedding dress:

Though buying your dream wedding dress consume time, effort and cost, if you plan well and start shopping early, it helps to buy good one at affordable price. Decide if you want to go for traditional or trendy one before begin your search.

Start early: Start your search well ahead of the time to see through various options, design, colours before finalizing your dream wedding dress. Go through various magazines, online portals, and visit physical shops to visualize how you want yours. Learn basics about fabrics. If you delay your search then your choices may get limited.

Consult professional: During your search for the perfect wedding dress, get an appointment with consultant to get their view. They will have more ideas to suit your body shape, be open to receive their advice and consider them in your final selection. Don’t bind your search within a set of rules, always be flexible. There are dresses which don’t looks great on hanger but looks good when you wear on and vice versa. Don’t just go with latest trend or fashion, if it not suits you. Don’t be hesitant to ask all questions in your mind on wedding dress to the consultant.

Keep the budget: Always keep a budget for your wedding dress, it is not necessary to spend big amount to find your perfect wedding dress. Many stores have big discount sales once or twice in a year to push the inventory, if you can accommodate those dates then try out. Visit online stores and signup to get new design arrivals and discounts. Finally, ask for discount, nothing harm in asking fair price.

Forget the numbers: Don’t go by the numbers for the size but look for the fit. The size differs with different models and brand, you may need to buy higher size then your normal dress. Don’t select tight fit because you want to reduce weight before the event day. Keep it simple, ignore the numbers and go for the one that fits when you buy your wedding dress.

Take the crew: The crew could be your friends, cousins, mom, sisters or any well wishers, take them with you when you go for the shopping. Make sure to do the trials multiple times, walk around to see the comfort and get their views before finalizing your wedding dress. Though you seek advice from your crew, make sure you 100% love it before making the payment.

If you are going to wedding boutique to buy your wedding dress, make sure the sales team do not influence your buying decision. Get the professional take the measurement. As there are many online shops coming up selling wedding dress, try them to get higher discount, variety of models and option to see the designs from across world. If you are going to buy online, read through their refund policy, delivery timeline and availability for trials.
Image Credit: Pixabay

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Are you overspending on shopping?

How to avoid overspending on clothes
Fashion is the tradition, culture or sometimes both, it is nothing wrong to experiment new ideas to expose your beauty. It is the trademark of civilized society. Clothes are one of the identities to showcase your fashion metaphor. Now, how to choose your clothes is the big question for today’s fashion World. Read on the tips below which helps you to find the right wardrobe to make you look better.

First, figure out your needs, spend some quality time in front of the mirror, and understand your physique. Imagine yourself which clothes suits you best and makes you comfortable. It is good to get an opinion from your stylish friends. It will be great if they accompany you while you go for shopping.

Choose the budget – Budgeting for your garments is important, because you shouldn’t spend more or end up in worthless products. It is good to plan the budget at the beginning of the year and spread the purchasing throughout the year rather than going for one shot shopping for complete year. This helps you to make use of the discount sale announced by the branded companies at different time-frame in a year.

Shop at right time – What is the right time for shopping in a day? I personally feel it is noon after lunch, the reason is simple, you won’t find much crowd in the shop and the salesman or girl can spend more time to help you in selecting right clothes. You too find relaxed while choosing your fashion robe.

Listen your friends – Yes, friends are good advisers on your looks. Listen their advice; it is good to make them for the shopping to tell you how you looks in different clothes while you go for trial. Though you get quality advice from friends on your wardrobe selection, you should spend good time in the trial room in front of the mirror. It is important to see how you look in all direction, some clothes make you impressing in front but it will drag down in the back.

Don’t be hurry, set enough time for shopping. You can try different wardrobes such as jeans, tees, gown, jackets, tops, shirts etc. Some of the brands have slight variance on the same sizes, you need to check twice. Touch the clothes, it makes the difference. It should fit the weather in your region and it should be within your budget.

If you are shopping at the discount sale, be aware of the sizes, color, fitness etc. Because, there might be slight difference from the standard one and that’s the reason it is in discount sale. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, don’t buy it.

Finally, you need to fit your ornaments and other accessories to match your outfits. It shows your fashion symbol, so choose it carefully.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Monday, June 04, 2018

How to safeguard your family from economic crisis and protect financial freedom?

Protection from economic crisis
Recession, financial crunch, layoffs, bankruptcy are the buzzwords rattling our life frequently. As it is unavoidable in today’s World, are we prepared to survive these effects? What precautions we took in our daily life to face these crises? Are we simply blaming our leaders and sit without taking any actions in our lifestyle? What differential thought we brought to survive in these turbulent times? Remember, this is a cyclic effect which happens once in every 10 – 25 years around the World. It is our responsibility to take actions to ensure early financial freedom in life.

I believe, people those who have the habit of saving at least 10% of their paychecks can easily get rid of these crisis. The only challenge for them is how they are going to stick their jobs to meet the daily expenses. These are the people who have no mortgage / car / personal loans, liability in credit cards etc. Just they need to live on with their sliced out income due to the economic impact without much impact on their early financial freedom plan. But for others, this is really a difficult time. I hope the below tips helps to pass through the crisis times.

Stick on to your current job: This depends on how you are making yourself more valuable in your office. Share more workloads and create an impression that you can be employable in one or other ways. Simply, you need to market yourself in such a way that you are the last one to wipe out from your office during extreme difficult times.

Look for extra income: Even though you have a job, look for a part-time job. This will help you to pay back your debt in fast track and it will help you as a prime source of income if you lose your primary full time job. Learn new skills especially any technical / language skills. Remember, this is the one makes you always employable.

Discuss with spouse: Speak to your partner and make her / him to find a suitable job if they currently don’t. This will ease your burden at difficult times. As a thumb rule, both of you won’t lose the jobs at the same time unless otherwise you are both employed in the same office and it gone for bankruptcy. Both should work, but at the same time learn to live with one’s income.

Spend less, save more: This is the key word to have better and consistent life style all the times. Plan your finance and find ways to cut down the cost. Learn to invest and reap the benefits at right time. The early planning helps to achieve financial freedom in your life before retirement.

Shop in discount stores: Find out discount stores in your area and try to buy everything at discounted price. You can get the items at cheaper rate if you buy bulk in these stores. Start using prize coupons wherever possible. Don’t shy away going to crowded malls to buy the items at cheaper price.

Track down your spending: This is the simple way to cut down your unnecessary bills. Avoid using credit cards, new loans etc. Remember, if you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you need.

Sell if you don't need: Clean-up your home and list out the items you never used in the last one year. Bring them into your living room and take the stocks. You will get amazed, how much things you bought without any use. Sell them immediately and pay-off your debts. Yes, if you haven’t used for the last one year then you never going to use it in future.

Develop a reading habit: Cultivate the habits of reading / listening news everyday. This will help you to know what’s happening around the World and you can take timely action. Get involved in group gatherings in your area and start building good networks to discuss financial planning. Learn to use internet for networking. Who knows, the help you need might come from anyone.

Most importantly, don’t get panic and get into stress. Be confident, plan ahead and execute well, I’m sure you will survive and surpass any kind of economic crisis in life.