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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Simple steps to financial freedom for your family

Simple steps to financial freedom for your life
What is financial freedom? In simple terms, it is the stage when a person no need to work to cover-up their family’s daily expenses and keeping their lifestyle intact. But, is that possible for everyone? How can one attain this stage? Is there a systematic way to achieve this level? Yes, there are ways to achieve, if one follows certain discipline from their early age, Financial freedom for your family can be achievable in a defined period of time if you are determined. All you need to take simple disciplined steps to save and invest consistently during your earning period.

Simple steps to financial freedom:

Start Investing Early:

The one important step towards financial freedom is "Start investing early". The earlier you start the gain will be more. This is simply due to the power of compound interest. I don't say start saving early, because mere saving is not going to help you in the long run. Inflation will eat away all your savings. Investing is the key word where one should be ready to take risk and put their money in potential stocks at periodic intervals. If you identify high worth stocks and keep invested, then your money will start working for you. Just believe every business exist in the world to earn profit. If you invested in the right business (stocks) then you are one among them going to share the gain.

Monitoring the investments:

The next big step is "Monitoring the investments". Why monitoring? As I said earlier, every business exists to earn profit. If they don't earn profit, they will be out of track and get buried in the competitive market over a period of time. On this journey you will get lost if you invested in loss making stocks. You need to track your stocks and play the game wisely to keep yourself in the profit layer. It is vital to watch, watch and watch your money everyday, every week and every month throughout the year, the same way you watch if someone works for you. Here the difference is, money is working for you.

Move to safer zone:

You have started early, invested wisely, monitored closely, moved the coins and gained profit. Now this is the time to move your eggs to the safer zone. How to move and where to move? This is the important decision for wealth creation as a result you are going to get financial freedom for life. You need to move your gains to the safer zone in a systematic way as you did while investing at periodic intervals. Again, its’ all depends on how much you accumulated, your age and risk appetite. I would suggest choose multiple assets such as real estate, Govt. bonds, gold, FD, debt funds etc.

When to Start?

The ideal time to start investing is from your 20's, if you could start earlier it is great. Invest systematically at periodic interval till your 40's. Start moving your eggs to safer zone from your 40's till you attain 45. Yes, you reached your goal, the financial freedom for life.

How much to Invest?

This is again depends on your requirements and life style quotient. Think, forecast, plan and decide. Set targets for yourself and review at periodic intervals.

Not Good at Stock Picking:

If you are not good at stock picking, then fine, leave the job to experts. There are number of good mutual funds available from leading fund houses. Analyze the funds, choose some of them and invest. Be aware, even you invested in mutual funds still you need to track your investments. Because it’s all your money, the step stones for your financial freedom.

Start investing today and let your money works for YOU and YOUR family forever....

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How simple makeover helps to boost your confidence

How simple makeover helps to boost your confidence
It is proven that personal look plays a key role to improve the self confidence level. Better appearance has psychological impact in creating positive waves across inner mind which gives self esteem and pride when you move around. It is vital to take extra care, time to look at the mirror to see how you look like, posture and see how it can be better managed. It also helps you to avoid excessive make-up, over grooming and spending unnecessary personal care products.

Though there are many ways to improve the appearance, the better approach to improve personal look is to keep it simple, suitable and affordable. This keeps away the stress while going through the makeover. Always remember that the physical features (genetics) are only a part of better appearance and it has limited role in boosting your self esteem. Improving the self confidence by having better appearance is all about how you take care of your health, grooming and positive posture.

Think about it: Why you need better appearance? Are you trying to influence someone by having better look? Take some time to reflect your mind to see the real trigger for this makeover and the outcome, what you want to gain by improving your personal look.

Look at the mirror: This is to evaluate how you appear now, what you don’t like in your present look and what you want to improve. When you do this self evaluation, keep it realistic on what can be changed and what cannot.

List down the actions: Prepare the list of actions as an outcome of self evaluation. Go through the list and prioritize the items which are simple and easy to adopt. This helps to get quick result which gives you the required motivation to go for more.

On this makeover exercise, do not try to alter the genetic factors such as height, skin color etc. but always to try to improve the appearance by way of grooming, dressing, make-ups, and personal accessories. When do so, keep it simple, suitable and cost effective.

Dressing: Go for tailor made clothes to fit your size and comfort. Choose appropriate color and design after careful selection. Dress up to suit the occasion and culture.

Haircut: Visit saloon to have a suitable hair style for your face with the help of profession hair stylist. This may not be in latest style, but it should suit your face. Apply hair color as appropriate.

Make-ups: Apply make-up as suited to your face, keep it light. Select right color of lipstick to improve the overall look. Learn simple techniques of make-ups and keep improving.

Grooming: Keep your teeth clean, nails cut and apply deodorant. Always use good natural oils to keep your skin moisturized. 

Accessories: Buy appropriate accessories to suit your dressing and grooming.

If you take care of the above simple list and keep improving, it will give you 80% of improvement in your appearance irrespective of your genetic look. The rest 20% depends on your posture and behaviour.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Creating good environment for children

Parents responsibility in creating good environment for children
In general, the characters of our children are not by birth, but it has been built by environment where they are growing. They learn the habits from whom they are closely associated. As they spent more than 70% of the time with parents, obviously they take them as role model and try to replicate what parents do. Hence, it is very important for parents to behave properly in front of their children. They need to be very careful on the words they speak and the actions they perform.  There are certain DO's and DONT's parents should aware during their parenthood and act in more responsible way. This helps to lead a happy family and let children grow in more positive environment. It is each one of the parents' responsibility to create a good environment for their children to enjoy their childhood.

I’m busy – Your children are not your office colleagues to say ‘I'm busy’ when they come to you for anything. They don’t understand however busy you are, simply they need your time. If you keep using this phrase often, it will hurt them and they start distancing themselves from you. If you are really busy, take couple of minutes, tell them that you have to finish certain task and will get back to them in sometime. This makes them feel that you are listening and supporting them. Try to avoid this word ‘I'm busy’ as much as possible.

Never compare with other children – There is a famous saying 'The five fingers are not same'. Yes, each finger has unique purpose and value. Your children too have unique skills which you need to identify and make them excel. No point comparing them with other children and make them feel degraded. Your children could be good in studies or sports or playing music, it’s your responsibility to identify those interests and get them nurtured from early stage.

Listen to them – This is one of the clear miss from most of the parents, I noticed. When the child says something, don’t nod your head just as a custom of hearing. Listen to your children, they may need your guidance and support. There is a great difference between hearing and listening. If you truly listens them, they will be happy and they come close to you. You can see the bonding between you and your children growing thick over a period of time.

Parents fighting in front of children – This is strict no-no in front of your children. If you do, it will develop more aggressive and adamant behaviour in them. If there are any differences between spouses, you both have to find some private space to discuss and sort out the issues. Parents have to show them happy in front of their children. This makes them feel they are in safe and secure environment at home.

False commitments – This is again parents should never do with their children. If you are promising them anything, make sure you fulfill that promise. It will be good if you think twice before committing anything. For any reason, if you are not able to meet the promise, spend quality time with your children and explain them the situation to make them understand. Initially, they may feel disappointed, but they will understand.

Never discourage, always encourage – Encouraging children is always important, it is vital to develop self confidence in them. Parents have to keep feeding positive thoughts into their children. They need to feel the positive wave if you are around. It really helps them when they face this competitive world when they grow up. The discouragement should be completely avoided, if they are trying to do something really impossible, against the nature, then you need to spend quality time to explain them to understand.
Image Credit: Pixabay

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018

All about Canvas Printing

All about canvas printing
I’m super excited to get the canvas printing done using my favorite picture that we captured during our last family vacation. As this picture is bright and colourful, I can imagine how beautiful it will be if I get it canvas printed and hang the frame in our living room. But, I was reluctant to find the store to get the printing done as it involves lot of efforts to find the reliable one. This was until I found the online store Canvas Factory, the professional printing expert in canvas printing. They made the entire process simple and easy on their website, all can be done by a click sitting conveniently at home. After selecting the size and style at Canvas Factory online store, just upload your favorite picture and check the preview online before confirming the order. They are reliable and have LiveChat support if you have any queries with your order. To help my readers of this blog, I would like to share few pointers on canvas printing as I learned from various sources.

What is Canvas Printing?

In simple words, canvas printing is to get the picture printed on the stretched canvas and fixed within a frame to display. The eye-catching canvas print gives the aesthetic look, mostly used in interior design to decorate the houses, commercial establishments. The canvas used for this printing is made up of highly durable cotton or polyester fabric. The cotton prints comes with high quality and polyester is more affordable for bold and colourful prints.

Choosing the photos

The quality of the canvas printing is highly depends on the photos we select to print. The photos should have high pixel count, bright and sharp. The higher pixel count per inch (300 dpi) helps to get better print. Always go with digital photo with large size, do not go for canvas printing using photos from Facebook, Whatsapp or photos taken using mobile phone with low resolution. Remember, the selection of photo is always subjective and check the background, focus and composition while selecting the photo for canvas printing.

Selecting the size and style

There are various sizes available to choose for canvas printing, broadly under square, rectangle and panoramic. Also, you can choose various styles such as single canvas print, split, wall display and collage form. The collage form is nothing but combining the related photos under one theme into a single layout. As you go for bigger size, make sure to have better quality photos with high resolution. 

Perfect framing

After getting the photos printed in the stretched canvas, time to select the choice of wrapping to display the canvas printing. There are two types of wrapping frames namely gallery and museum. In gallery wrapping, the canvas is stretched to the edges and pinned at the back. This way, we can see the image front and from the sides. The museum wrapping has the canvas stretched and fixed within the frame, the image can be seen with front view but not sideways.

This is all about canvas printing, I believe these tips helps you to choose the right photos, frame, size, and style to get your desired canvas printing done. The Canvas Factory online store makes your job easy by giving step by step options to select the photo, size and style to order the print and get the canvas print delivered at your doorsteps. Canvas print is the perfect gift for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, valentines’ day and any other special days you count on. You can get the gift directly delivered to your loved one by ordering in Canvas Factory online store.

Disclosure: This is the sponsored post and views expressed in this post are my own, please refer this blog’s full Disclaimer here

Monday, 7 May 2018

Monday, May 07, 2018

Top 10 must have accessories for Women

Chose these 10 must have accessories for women
In this growing market competition, there are many new trends coming up in the market under fashion and accessories for women with variety of colours, designs and styles. You can see eye catching, tempting advertisements whenever you open up any web pages, while watching television or reading newspapers. Before you jump into shopping, it is good to take stock of what you have and what you can add up in your accessories list. Here are the top 10 must have accessories for women to keep in the wardrobe, a simple list for great makeover for women.

Sunglasses – It is good to invest in quality sunglasses to safeguard your eyes and stylish at the same time. As this is the one people notice as soon as they see you, choose with care, go with branded one.

Watch – This is an accessory you can wear every single day whether going to office or party. Therefore, it is a good investment to buy branded, quality watch to suit your style. Nice design craftsmanship combined with traditional look suits for all occasions.

Footwear – Select good pair of footwear, look for comfort, design and colourful one. Make sure you have different pair of footwear to wear based on the occasions. It could be a range of sneakers, sandals, high heels or formal shoes. In general, women feel that high heels footwear gives them the level of confidence to look better.

Wallet – You may have started using wallet as soon as you began handling money. If it is cheap and worn out, this is right time to upgrade to a branded quality one. Choose with care as it is going to showcase your brand. Go with colourful

Handbag – This is for everyday use, should be good enough to stuff all your necessities when you go out. Keep two or three different models to take out appropriate one while going to office or parties.

Jewellery – Basic jewelleries like necklace, studs, and bracelet are good to buy. While buying jewellery spend good amount of time, check multiple pricing options, designs online before taking the buying decision. Always remember that the well chosen jewellery enhance the look of any attire. The collection of jewelleries is one of the must have accessories for women.

Travel Bag – This bag should not be too large or too small, but capable enough to carry your essentials during travel. Go for branded quality one as it has to withstand during luggage transit.

Scarf – The blend of cotton and silk scarf not only gives you the better look, but protects you during winter, cold chill wind. Go for colourful one with digital prints and wear the one that suits your outfit.

Classic belt – Buy a classic one to fit your jeans and T-shift. Keep multiple sets to wear for casuals and formals. Belts that fit perfect in your waist also help to keep your posture straight.

Umbrella – You may be thinking that it is not worth spending on buying umbrella, but it saves you during critical rainy days on the street. Go for black one with light design, it looks good.

Go for these simple steps on the makeover that gives the desired better look. If women choose carefully all these 10 must have accessories to suit their taste and comfort, it gives them better confidence level on their appearance.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Monday, April 30, 2018

Cardamom County Resort, Thekkady

Cardamom Country resort review
During our vacation in Thekkady, we have booked our stay in Cardamom County Resort, one of the star properties in Thekkady located at the heart of nature. It is about three kilometers away from the Thekkady boat-house, the cottages are well placed on the sloping hills facing the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The Cardamom County cottages built amid of a natural retreat surrounded by beautifully landscaped garden in multiple levels and giving an excellent view to the aesthetic swimming pool centrally located. The cottages have large, spacious bedroom and a private sit-out to relax in the cool weather listening to the chirping birds. This property has a long walkway with ups and down for a pleasant morning and evening walks.

We were offered with traditional welcome by the front office upon reaching the resort after long drive. They briefed on various facilities within the resort, in-house activities, garden walk and booking assistance for outdoor activities. We were impressed by the well planned professional approach of the reception staffs on receiving the guest. Every other staffs we interacted within this resort during our stay know how to create positive impact by simple gesture; they all well trained on customer friendliness.

In Cardamom County resort there are three types of cottages namely Periyar cottage, County cottage, and Suites having views to bamboo forest, spice gardens. The cottages has spacious bedroom with A/C, Suits have living and bedrooms with wide range of views. The cottages have all basic amenities such as Wifi connectivity, safety locker, coffee maker, hair dryer, dental and shaving kits. The Cardamom County resort offers various leisure activities like spice garden walk, spa, swimming pool, and indoor games. The restaurant within this resort provides multi-cuisine tasty foods with complimentary breakfast. We enjoyed traditional Kerala food prepared using the vegetables grown in the garden within this resort. It has own wellness centre named “Ayura” introducing ayurvedic way of healthy living. The time spend in this wellness centre rejuvenate the body and soul.

As the Cardamom County resort located very near to Thekkady market centre, we walked to the town in the evening for shopping, it is a good place to buy species and chocolates. The Kerala traditional martial arts program Kalaripayattu and Kathakali Dance shows are within short walk from this resort. The front office in Cardamom County provides booking assistance for these shows. The elephant ride and elephant bathing, the two main attractions in Thekkady are easily accessible from this resort, transportation can be arranged through front office. Though the resort located nearby town, the place is very quiet and peaceful away from noises.

Cardamom County resort is ideal for families, safe place for peaceful vacation. It is a great place to stay for holidays with easy access to key locations nearby Thekkady. There are plenty of options available to book this resort with deep discount.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Short break at HP Petrol Station, Shoolagiri

HP Petrol station in Shoolagiri is one of the landmarks on Bangalore – Salem highway frequented by most of the travelers going to Chennai, Salem from Bangalore. It is located in Shoolagiri Taluk in Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu State, India. It is around 50 KM, placed on the left side while traveling from Bangalore by road. This HP Petrol station is managed under COCO model, that is Company Owned, Company Operated which is one of the primary reason most of the cars, bikes stops here to fill the Petrol or Diesel. It remains open for 24 hours, 365 days. It has separate terminals for heavy vehicles like trucks, buses and light motor vehicles such as cars.

This HP Junction has water wash facilities, air filling pumps with both normal air and Nitrogen (N2), clean restrooms, vehicles’ trouble shooting workshop, recreation club, dormitory, children’s play area and ATM to meet the various needs of the travelers. Also, it has number of eateries in this campus.

CAFE Coffee Day
Sri Krishna Inn – Vegetarian Restaurant
Chinnaswamy Naidu Biriyani - Non Veg Restaurant

All these facilities make HP Pump station as an excellent place for a halt for those travelling on this highway.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Friday, April 20, 2018

Visit to Padmanabhapuram Palace

Visit to Padmanabhapuram Palace
It was a pleasant experience for us visiting the Padmanabhapuram Palace which is located in Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu. It was a family trip planned for a day during our vacation and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the historical monument and get to know the Travancore Kingdom. The Padmanabhapuram palace was built around 1601AD by then ruler Iravi Varma Kulasekhara Perumal and then rebuilt by the King Marthanda Varma. Though this palace is situated within Tamilnadu state, it is owned and maintained by the Kerala Government. We spent about 5 hours going around the Padmanabhapuram Palace and listening to the briefing by the tourist’ guide within the palace. After seeing the rosewood carvings, sculptures we realized that the Padmanabhapuram palace is the true reflection of Kerala’s unique marvellous of architecture. There is no particular dress code required to visit this palace, but we need to leave our footwear outside.

Padmanabhapuram Palace Photos:

Location: Padmanabhapuram palace is located nearby a small town named ‘Thuckalay’, about 20 KM from Nagercoil in Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu, India. This place ‘Padmanabhapuram’ is known as formal capital of Kingdom of Travancore.

How to reach: This palace is well connected by road from Nagercoil and Thiruvanathapuram via Thuckalay. The town Thuckalay is located on the Nagercoil and Thiruvanathapuram (Trivandrum) road.

  • Nearest Airport: Trivandrum International Airport, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala (65 KM)
  • Nearest Railway station: Nagercoil (20 KM)
  • From Kanyakumari: 40 KM

Visiting Hours: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM (No entry between 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM)

Holidays: Monday and all Indian National holidays

Entrance Fee:

Adult                                      - Rs. 35
Children (5 – 12 years)        - Rs. 10
Adult (Foreign National)      - Rs. 300
Children (Foreign National) - Rs. 100
Camera                                   - Rs. 50
Video Camera                        - Rs. 2500

Languages Spoken: Tamil, Malayalam and English are widely known languages

Weather: Average Temperature in a year ranging from 22 °C to 30 °C (December is the coldest and May is the hottest)

Accommodation: Various hotels and resorts available in all budgets around Nagercoil, Kanyakumari, Marthandam and Thiruvanathapuram.

Key features:

This palace is known for the traditional Kerala style architecture with rosewood carvings interiors. The beauty of this historic marvel attracts tourists from all part of the World to witness the complex wooden structures, design and style of bygone Kingdom era. This palace consists of large halls, big rooms filled with brass lamps, Chinese jars, weapons and antique wooden furniture. 

The entrance of this palace has a triangular arch which leads to other areas named Mantrasala, Natakasala, Thai Kottaram and Central Mansion.

Mantrasala – This is one of the beautiful chambers in the palace, with attractive carvings all over the room. The King takes important decisions from this chamber along with his ministers. This chamber has pleasant breeze with fresh air, the specially designed windows keeps the dust and heat away. The ceiling and beams in this chamber has fine carvings all over. 

Natakasala – This is the performance hall from where King and guest sit and watch the artist’s performance. This hall has shiny black floor, and wooden area on the top with peep holes on it. Those days the women are not allowed to come to performance hall, they sit and watch the performance through this holes attached to this wooden area.

Thai Kottaram – The oldest structure in the palace built with nalukettu style structure. The key attraction in this room is a pillar made up of single wood with fine engravings all around.

Central Mansion – This is the four storey structure well connected with each other by wooden steps. The ground floor is the royal treasury, first floor has King’s bedroom, second floor is study room and the top floor is the worship chamber. The cot in the King’s bedroom is made up of 64 types of medicinal and herbal woods.

The rare exhibits in this palace are Kuthirakaran Vilakku (Horseman lamp), a Chinese chair presented to the King by the visitors, a room filled with Chinese jars gifted by Chinese merchants, brass lamps, stone and wood sculptures, large mirrors, gallery of paintings, polished stone cot and a clock tower named Manimalika which still keeps the time even after 300+ years

This is one of the must visit place to experience the culture of Indian Kingdom in previous era, good to add in your itinerary if you are planning for a trip to India.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Thursday, April 12, 2018

How to get your hairstyle done for a makeover?

Hairstyle makeover
Neatly cut, well groomed hair always gives you that great first impression. As a first step in the makeover exercise to look better, get your hairstyle done by a professional stylist. This is going to be a good investment even a small change going to make a great impact on your overall look. Rather doing a simple haircut, if you goes to a professional saloon they know which hairstyle suits your face to look attractive. They will have many ideas and can bring combination of ideas to suits you well. Focus on the outcome, your hairstyle may not be in latest fashion, but it must fit you perfectly.

Before get into the makeover, spend some time in front of the mirror to play around with your hair. Try different type of styles like, folding the hair to have a short look, straighten the hair and curling it. This gives an idea what you like, what makes you confident on your appearance. It helps you to share your views when you go to the saloon to consult with hairstylist before staring the makeover. Always remember to keep your preferences on top that gives you confident and comfort.

5 things to look at while going for hairstyle makeover:

Hair type:

The hair type or texture are primarily genetics, natural from the time you born. Keeping the chemistry behind it apart, there are 4 major types of hair texture. They are straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair and kinky hair. Added to this, many sub categories within these major hair types. Before getting into hairstyle makeover, you need to study the type of your hair. If you are visiting a saloon, they will do it for you before suggesting a hairstyle. The hair texture plays an important role in choosing the right style for you.

Face Shape:

After hair texture, you need to assess your face type. It’s not that difficult as there are only 6 types to select from. Standing in front of the mirror with a focused look on your face helps you to determine your face shape within minutes. The six types of face shape are round, oval, square, oblong, diamond, and heart shape. To determine the face type, simply tie your hair on the back and study carefully by having closure look to fit your face within these six types from what you see on the mirror.


The face shape and hair texture goes hand in hand to determine the best hairstyle for you. For example, the short hair and round face shape goes well with short layered cut. Similarly, each face type and hair texture combination has its own choice of style. This is why you need to visit a well known saloon to consult a professional hair stylist to get the right combination based on your hair texture and face shape.


After going through the assessment on hair texture, face type and finalizing the suitable hairstyle, go for the hair cut. Make sure that you are comfortable with the hairstyle suggested by the stylist before making the final call, speak to them to know the required maintenance to keep the style for long period.


This is again based on your hair texture, skin color and face type. Do the allergy test before going for coloring your hair. There are varieties of color combination available from leading brands for you to choose. Keep it simple and go with natural color to have a better look.

After all these trial, if you feel that you couldn’t get your desired hairstyle, don’t lose your faith. There are options available as new trend catching up, people buying wigs not only to cover up their bald, but to choose the right style for them. No more wigs are to hide; it is pride to wear to keep changing your look for the better and better.
Image Credit: Pixabay

Monday, 9 April 2018

Monday, April 09, 2018

Can diet helps to reduce my weight?

Can diet helps to reduce my weight
The moment you realize that you are getting overweight, you plan to go for a diet. Most of the time people tend to prepare the diet plan on their own from available sources. This is not advisable as there are various factors to look at before going for the diet to reduce weight. There is a misconception or perception that simply going for a diet reduce weight. To some extent it is, but there are set of questions that you need to consider before going for a diet plan. This helps you to prepare a well defined approach plan towards weight reduction efforts to make you look better.

Take time to genuinely answer these questions

  • Is there a common healthy diet for everyone to follow?
  • Can I start dieting without consulting a Professional?
  • Am I able to consistently follow the diet plan?
  • What best physical activities I can accommodate along with my diet plan?

There is no common diet plan which suits for everyone. The diet plan has to be customized to get the targeted benefits. Though you can find lot of tips on diet plan from Internet, it may not fit for your purpose. The diet plan highly depends on individual body type and condition. The moment you think about overweight, you decide to reduce the fat and carbohydrates in your food. But, the reality is different; it is not the fat, protein, or carbohydrates that making you fat. It is the inability of the human body cells to convert the foods into energy called metabolism. Hence, it’s getting stored as fat. To overcome this, you need to come out of ‘diet reduce weight’ perception and have right balance of food with appropriate ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates to fuel your body metabolism to work. This cannot happen by just following a common diet plan, but with highly customized diet to meet your specific need.

Getting customized diet plan is a science, you need to acknowledge this and consult experienced professional to get your diet plan done. The dietician will calculate the BMI based on your weight and height, analyze the body type, and listen carefully your current food intake, lifestyle, medical condition to prepare a detailed diet plan. This is the best way to get your diet plan customized to suit your body type and health condition. Finding the right food for your body that can convert into energy is the only way to reduce the weight. This can be done only by professional, if you try to prepare the diet plan on your own it may not help and may leads to poor health condition.

After customizing the diet plan with the help of professional, it is important to follow the diet plan consistently for the diet reduce weight. You need to take a pledge to follow the diet plan without any break to reap the full benefits. There are no shortcuts in weight reduction, you need to keep this in mind and work towards the goal with lot of patience and high level of perseverance.

Once you get the proper diet plan and you pledge to follow the diet diligently, you have to accommodate good physical activities such as walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. This could be anything related to cardio exercises and this has to be practiced at least five days in a week. If you can get your friends join you for this daily routine, it helps you to keep motivated.

To summarize this, if you go for a diet plan on your own without professional help it may not gives the desired result for you. You could be in one among the millions trying to do it on their own and failed, gained weight instead of losing. Remember, diet without scientific backing leads to food craving which results in overeating and no simple diet reduce weight to make you look better. Hence, it is advisable to follow well defined steps as outlined above,

Keep simple approach plan:

  • Evaluate the body type and health condition by expert
  • Get diet plan prepared by a professional
  • Pledge to follow the diet consistently
  • Add good physical activities to supplement the diet plan.

For a better result, keep it simple, consult professional, start with determination, and go for consistent effort to get that diet works for you.
Image Credit: Pixabay