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Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Golden Drink – Turmeric Effect

Golden Drink
Turmeric, the one of the highly beneficial species used in Indian cooking. The various research studies shows proven health benefits of Turmeric. This shapeless ancient root can be found as one of the key elements in Ayurveda. Let’s see some of the benefits of Turmeric and the best way to consume it.

The anti-oxidant property in Turmeric helps to strengthening the immunity system in human which leads to natural healing. The chemical composite known as curcumin presents in Turmeric is the reason for all the health benefits. This is the component which makes Turmeric very special.

One of the best ways to consume Turmeric in our food is adding it with Milk which makes the Golden Drink. Naturally, drinking milk is good for health. When we add the Turmeric with milk, it helps to get all the benefits from this wonderful root. The curcumin in Turmeric has the property to absorb the fat tissues in our body. When we drink milk with Turmeric, it helps curcumin to reach out these fat tissues easily to absorb them. We need to be cautious while adding Turmeric, having pinch of turmeric with large glass of milk is good, but not more than that. It is advisable to have this with proper guidance.

Golden Drink – Health Benefits:

It helps to keep our skin out of infections, prevents allergies.

It keeps our bones strong to avoid any joint issues leading to Arthritis.

It has anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties which keeps our immune system strong.

The internal healing property of Turmeric helps speedy recovery of wounds, especially post surgery.

Having milk at night gives us good sleep, when turmeric added it becomes health tonic.

Add black pepper in this Golden drink to get double benefits.

It has good effect on curing depression as well.

Let's start adding this natural medicine in our food to get the benefits in the long run, Happy Living....

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Let best Corporate deals follows you even on the move

Best Corporate deals follows you
In today’s competitive World, most of us are workaholic to stay competitive and retain the job. We have very limited time to take care of our lifestyle, spend time with family. Meet Jennifer, who is an IT professional and a mother of two wonderful children, loves shopping, follows fashion trend in her busy schedule. She often use online deals for discounts and ease of shopping through websites and mobile apps. If she comes to know any exclusive tie-ups by her Corporate, she follows diligently. But, she misses some exclusive offering with her favorite brands during weekends where she couldn’t search through her over loaded mailbox.

To help professionals like Jennifer, Offer Monger (OM) has an amazing platform to save time and ease of use. This intelligent and simple to use mobile app lists exclusive corporate deals from different merchants and brands. OM offers perfect mix of Global, local online brand partners to help Corporate users to save time and money spend. It has wide range of Brands coupled with best Corporate offer and location based deals which makes Offer Monger is a one stop solution for Corporate employees at their finger-tips. Often, it is difficult to keep memory of all deals we receive in enterprise mail boxes and we couldn’t log into Corporate mailbox during weekend at times. With OM, you no need to worry about all these, you can view the best deals in and around your locality even when you are on the move. Being employed in bigger Corporate, Fortune 500 Company is a privilege. If your Corporate has OM tie-up, it is an added benefits that you can get the special treatment by using OM to redeem the offers, save money and time spend in shopping.

Offer Monger gives very lucrative deals in different categories like Wellness and Fitness, Online Shopping, Restaurants, Electronics and many more in their list. It has tie-up with leading Brands such as Reliance Digital, Zoomcar, Peppertap, Mainland China and so on. The eClerx Services Ltd deployed OM in July 2015, loved by the employees. There are 5000 Corporate users enjoying OM deals covering Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh and some across India. OM has the vision to serve other Corporate companies with their Technology Platform & Discount Offers. For start-ups in this new age business World, OM is the modern platform to help them get introduced with potential Customers. Offer Monger mobile App can be downloaded for IOS and Android versions.

By offering best deals, Offer Monger envisioned to Revolutionize the Employee Engagements among Corporate companies.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Earn Money by Blogging, is that for everyone? Can you make money?

This is a straight forward question in everyone’s mind who all into blogging in recent times. Yes, blogging opened the space for all of us to write, share our views and opinions. But, there are few who are claiming that they earn good amount money by Blogging. Can we do that? Is that possible to turn our passionate skill into Income? If yes, how we can go about it? I tried to figure out answers for these questions to earn money through blogging. Explore your options to expose yourself into Money Blogging.

Define what you want:

Simple powerful thoughts, coupled with careful planning brings success. Of course, executing the plan is the key. First, think through what you want to achieve by Blogging. The self satisfaction of writing our views is the starting point. If you have plans to make money then choose the topics what people search, seek information using Internet. In general, people search something or other related to money, health, gadgets, education, tourist places etc. Do some research and find out your interests related to those topics, therefore you can write more and more articles on that.

Embark your place:

Appearance matters; choose the blogging platform, template carefully. Blogger and Wordpress gives good beginning for new bloggers. Spend sometime to build, tweak your blog template to suit your interest, compatibility and to give aesthetic looks to attract readers. Make sure your blog viewable in widely used browsers such as Chrome, IE and Firefox and enable the option to read in mobile version as well. Test and tweak the appearance more frequently in all these browsers to ensure good, error free appearance of your blog.

Content is the key: 

Blog content, I call it as the Juicer for your money through blogging. It matters a lot, after choosing your blog topics, create the content carefully. After completing the content read it multiple times, edit as applicable to bring best out of it. Publish such writings as a post under different headings in your blog frequently, and connect with fellow bloggers by enabling comments. If possible add suitable picture to your post, it will be an eye catcher for your blog visitors. Optimize your blog in leading search engines such as Google, yahoo, Bing etc. To write best content, you need to read a lot, keep your eyes open what is happening around the World related to your chosen topics.

Is that enough to earn money by blogging? Most of us think we are not lucky enough to earn money though we have a blog for long time. The reason is simple; the money through blogging is not a passive income, it’s an active income. You need to be active throughout the lifetime of your blog. These all basics, opening a blog in blogging platform, creating content, publishing a post, connecting with fellow bloggers, optimizing the blog through search engines. What makes the difference? It is “consistency”, we need to be consistent in these activities to keep our blog floating in the top of the search engine World. This is the key for earning money by blogging; this is the one which can bring us close to those few who earns money through their blog among the millions of the bloggers today.

We need to have lot of patience, perseverance, sustainability to keep doing the above said activities repeatedly such as writing, publishing frequent posts, connecting, networking, commenting fellow bloggers, optimizing search engines techniques for our blog. This will get our blog good visibility, bring lot of visitors, helps to gain good page rank such as Alexa, Google Page Rank, helps to establish wider social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Feed subscribers. This will be the first milestone in our goal to earn money by blogging

Yes, there are lot of efforts required to reach this first milestone, hence we can move forward making our blog earning money. I have listed out some of the approach at high level to earn money after crossing this first milestone.
  • Google Adsense (Advertising)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid posts
  • Banner Ads
  • Selling Products and Services
I will be writing in detail about these options in my next posts with appropriate link for further readings, Affiliate Marketing and Paid Posts aggregators' links for you to explore the options after crossing the first milestone. Looking forward your comments...

Sunday, 3 April 2016

How to teach your Kids healthy eating habits

Eating is one of the habits learned by proper guidance at the childhood. As a parent, if you don’t teach them as early as possible, it will spoil your kids’ health over a period of time. Then it will be difficult for them to cultivate good eating habits even in their adulthood.

In this modernized World there is greater disconnect between civilian and food sources. Cooking becomes obsolete in most of the homes. Parents find easier to buy something from a fast food chains on the way back to home from work. The giant corporate companies spending huge amount of dollars in advertisement for their artificial food products to attract children.

In the mid of work pressure, long working hours, growing economy, nuclear families, today’s parents finding difficult to feed right food to their kids at right time. Read on some tips which can help you to develop healthy eating habits for your kids.

Lead by example – Be a Role model for your kids:

“Lead by example” is not only applicable to leaders, as a parent we should follow this to develop good habits for our children. First, parents should stop getting crazy on the food advertisements and eating junk foods. Parents should read and understand the nutrition values of the foods served at their home. Don’t be lazy to cook at home, processed and frozen foods will have their own effects over a period of time.

Teach your kids to shop for healthy foods:

Now, everywhere you can see big departmental stores and malls selling processed foods. We are well away from farmers and their own natural markets. So, you need to bring your kids to the modern stores and teach them to identify healthy foods. This helps them to choose right food at reasonable price. If possible, take them to nearest farms to create interest in the natural foods.

Let them eat what they like:

Yes, it is parents’ responsibility to bring healthier foods for their kids. At the same time don’t force them to eat only particular food and don’t strictly follow the food schedule. Be flexible, and let them choose their food what they like. But make sure to provide different varieties of healthy foods.

Be creative during food time:

Bring joys and fun during food time. Keep the place comfortable and convenient for everyone. Don’t let your kids walk around while having food. If possible decorate the place to bring happiness for kids. Try to have dinner as a family get-together. Don’t make any argument with anyone during food time.

Don’t let your kids get addicted to food advertisements:

There are millions of dollars spent on advertisements to sell processed foods. It looks attractive and kids get allured with the ads. You need to create awareness on the ill effects of the processed frozen foods which get filled with chemicals and additives. You need to show them with pictures on the harms what these chemicals can create in human body.

It is not good to use foods to motivate kids:

You can use other sources to motivate your kids, but not the food. If you do so, it leads to overeating which might result in obesity. Encourage your kids to spend time in kitchen to help you out. This is a good habit you need to bring among your children. Even a small kid can help you in the kitchen just by peeling vegetables and cleaning the place. Guide them properly in the kitchen and teach them how to work in the kitchen with safe setting. Kids love to eat the foods in which they involved in cooking.

Ever let your kids to skip breakfast:

Breakfast is very important meal in a day, let kids understand its importance and make sure they take their breakfast without fail. It is the meal after twelve hours break in the night, so it is vital to re-energize the human system. We should not let our digestive system into starvation mode in the morning.

Hope this helps to bring healthier eating habits for kids. Please let me have your valuable comments if you feel anything can be added in this.

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