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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Thinking Out of the Box – Your way to success

"Thinking Out of the Box" - I’m sure we all heard this phrase often, but how far we used this in our life. Is that thinking out of the box really leads to success that we foresee? Why certain people tasting success in almost all their attempts, but others couldn’t?

Success is very much influenced by the differential thinking which otherwise called “Thinking out of the Box”. All the inventions are triggered by these thoughts. You might seen, some business grown to the sky level in short period of time. This is only because the businessman got the differential thoughts or idea which he used in right channel.

What are the qualities required to develop this skill? Can it be learned by reading? Yes, but we should have courage to learn and experiment the same in our daily activities. Over a period of time, our attitude will get changed and all our activities will have definite meaning and goal. This is how we are challenging and taking up with the conventional wisdom.

Creativity plays an important role in thinking out of the box. This is how we can imagine different ideas and experiment the same to get the desired result. One should have the ability to take risk and should strive for results by trying the same activity in different ways.

Listening to others – this is the one important attitude we must possess to develop the out of the box thinking ability. Thus, we are able to learn from others’ experience and mistakes. We will have the chance to try in different ways and no need to try the same in which others already tried and failed.

You must be ready to get into uncomfortable zone if you want to think differently. This is because, people won’t accept your thoughts at first sight and you, yourself left alone to try hard to show the success. You should get into the unknown World to find the solution which may get huge success. Be ready to face new challenges on the way.

We all are going to live each moment only once, we shouldn’t take it up as granted. We need to strive for best results by out of the box thinking everyday, every activity we do. By practice, we can fine tune our brain for out of the box thinking.

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Monday, 18 May 2015

It’s summer time friends, protect your health

Yes, it’s summer time again. The temperature at 40 + degrees affecting all walks of life, from kids to grown-up children, working professionals to stay at home moms. The sunstroke is the one we all needs to be very cautious during this time. Read on some tips to protect your health from the scorching sun.

Stay away from direct sunlight, avoid sun rays as much as you can. Plan your work well in advance.

Clothing will have an important place during this summer time. Choose the cloths which permit the sweats to evaporate.

Alcohol and flavoured beverages are strictly prohibited. Instead, drink plenty of water, fruit and vegetable juices. This helps to replace the lost fluids.

Avoid spicy and salty foods during summer.

It is good to have frequent cool baths whenever you can.

Don’t ignore if you feel dizziness and fatigue, visit the doctor on time.

Do exercise in a better way, go for swimming and get dual benefits.

In other way, summer brings happiness and joy to everyone. For an example, kids love summer for holidays and working professionals plan their annual vacations. Business will boom in resorts and hill stations thus summer has good effect too. It is the time to buy swim wear, fancy goggles, new cotton cloths and stylish hats.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

My Airtel App – One touch experience for great solutions
As I always write in my blog, technology has changed our lives today, especially the Internet. Last decade we all thrilled using Internet to explore the World through desktop and laptops. Later, the birth of smartphone and continuous innovation in mobile technology has completely changed our lifestyle by having everything by simple touch on the smartphone.

The two leading mobile operating systems IOS and Android brought lot of Apps for us to make our life easy. There are free and paid apps to download in the smartphone and we can read, play, buy, communicate through these apps. Pay by mobile is the latest trend catching up across the World.

I usually recharge my mobile to get talk-time, data plan and activate other features through online by using my credit card. At times, I find it difficult because it takes time to log into my laptop or find a computer to get this done, can’t be done while roaming in remote area. Recently I have come across a mobile app in android My Airtel App, it’s simple, easily downloadable and has come up with many features. I have downloaded My Airtel App into my smartphone and amazed experiencing the benefits it has for their customers. Listing down it’s three key features which makes our life easy and can get the Airtel services on the go.

My Airtel App has simple, but very insightful design which helps to manage all Airtel services like Broadband, Postpaid and Prepaid services and DTH in one place by having simple touch on your smartphone.

Airtel Surprises: While recharging Airtel services through My Airtel App, it gives “Airtel Surprises” Coupons which we can redeem across different categories like food, wellness, entertainment and shopping. All these coupons from very popular brands like Cafe Coffee Day, Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, Myntra, Archies, VLCC etc. Also, its really amazing to see the exclusive offers like cashback, free data and full talk-time pouring into your smartphone screen when you shake the phone. It’s really an exciting experience

Customized Home Screen: We can customize the home screen of the “My Airtel App” by simply saving most frequent tasks and keep it as shortcuts under “I want to” tab. This is very useful to have the key tasks like bill payments, data consumption status, recharge, view balance in the home screen. This helps to pay the bills easily, recharge DTH, track account usage, track service requests, buy products and much more. It’s simple and easy way to manage all Airtel services through the handset.

Safety and Security of Payments: This is one of the key areas, we all concerned when we make payments online. My Airtel App has taken enough care to ensure the security of payments as they got PCIDSS certifications and it comes with features like real time bill tracking, storing card details for faster checkout, friendly interface to feel personalized user experience.

Apart from these key features, My Airtel App has lot of other smart elements like add or remove services, one touch internet, Airtel Live, get alert on low balance, low data, bill payments, due date reminder and more. I invite all Airtel customers to download this App to experience the services in one place, one touch for great solutions.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Online Grocery Shopping – Buying groceries simplified

Technology revolution in IT industry especially on the Internet changed the way we are living today. Lot of things become easier and can be done at our finger tips with the help of Internet. It has played a vital role in Banking and Retail segments to bring innovative changes in the way it works. The wide gap between end customers and business has been reduced; every transaction can be closely monitored to bring down the cost for both customer and business entity.
I would like to write about online grocery shopping which is one of the significant improvements we are experiencing in today’s high tech Internet World. It all started with selling books online which has seen exponential growth within short period of time. Then the entrepreneurs realized the potential of doing business through Internet and they started building businesses to sell everything through online medium and the latest one is Online Grocery Shopping. There are numerous benefits for customers to buy grocery online if they choose reliable online shop like BigBasket.

Convenience:  It is very easy to compare and choose groceries through online shopping portal. It is available 24/7; buy anything from your comfort zone. We can avoid going to physical store in our busy schedule, thus saving our time and energy. No more queues, physical efforts carrying the groceries back home, parking hassles, and toll flee while driving car to physical shop to buy groceries.

Cost Effective: Online grocery shopping helps to compare products from different brands, its price and discounts if any. This will save customers to choose right products at right price, thus saving considerable amount of money. Also, good online grocery portals like BigBasket offers great discount from MRP of the products. Customers can look for seasonal discounts or sale in online grocery shopping to save more money. Apart from this, we can save the travel, delivery, parking cost while going to physical shops. The shopping can be done at relaxed phase, so we can avoid over spending on unnecessary items.

Quality and Freshness: This is one of the big concerns when we go for grocery shopping. Always, we look for fresh products with long shelf life. Online grocery shops takes utmost care in choosing their products as their whole reputation depends on the quality and freshness of the products they deliver. Hence, we can browse through products and buy groceries from reputed online stores with confident. Even we can buy mangoes online and can order fresh vegetables from trusted online shopping portals like BigBasket.

I feel these are the key benefits driving today’s customers towards online grocery shopping, I’m sure we as a customer going to enjoy more and more benefits in coming days.
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