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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Singapore - Vacation for lifetime memory

Singapore Zoo
Vacation brings out the meaning of living for many of us. The moment I think about vacation, can feel the instant happiness. The joy of planning for vacation, counting the days, preparation, booking flight, and packing – can’t be expressed in a single word. My family gets into cheer happiness when the days getting closure for vacation.

We planned for a Singapore trip during summer holidays. We have decided to go to Singapore for our vacation as it is one of the top attractive destinations in the World, tourist visit this country throughout the year. There are more than twenty ‘must see’ places in Singapore to enjoy with family. We can try different varieties of foods from all over the World and can do shopping till we get tired. All these interests triggered us to plan a trip to Singapore.

Careful planning and preparation are very important for any vacation. As it was an International travel, we gone through the flight schedule of all International Airlines from our city. We compared various travel sites for the best price, availability, convenient departure time to finalize our travel schedule. Next comes to the hotel booking in Singapore, the travel site we have chosen helped us to book the World class accommodation with deep discount.

Our son got too excited about this vacation, he started collecting as much as information about Singapore, places to see, metro transportation within the country, Zoo, Universal studio and Museum. I have surfed through internet to check the shopping outlets, and prepared the list of items that I can buy from there. It’s all fun, joyful moments we enjoyed for a month before our travel.

Finally, the D-day comes, we all thrilled and excited for our departure. We have chosen Singapore Airlines for our travel as it offers World class safety and great in-flight experience. We booked a car to reach the Airport, we left home four hours earlier to avoid traffic and other unforeseen hurdles at the last moment. We ended up spending two hours in the Airport, going around the shops, eateries inside. Yes, should be counted as happy moments.

It was about four hours travel, we landed at the destination. We all got down from the flight thanking Singapore Airlines for the wonderful and safe journey.  After all Airport formalities, we came out and took a taxi to reach our hotel. My son suggested going by Metro train as he prefers travel by train always. I convinced him that we can try metro after sometime as we are going to spend a week there.

We enjoyed all five days visiting places, tried various foods, and shopped till mid-night in Singapore. We spent two days in Universal Studio, one of the landmarks and must see places in Singapore. I must mention about Singapore Zoo here, one of the marvellous of attraction in this Country. We thoroughly enjoyed a whole day going around this inbuilt nature. My son enjoyed the rides and gone around Singapore in his favourite Metro train. It was a great experience spending time with people from different regions, culture and language.

Finally, time to travel back home after a week. We all boarded the flight with loads of memories and experience in a different country. Those experience flash back our memory whenever we heard about Singapore, it stays in our memory forever.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Simple steps to motivate your children to concentrate on studies

Motivate children to study well
Most of us find difficult to motivate our kids to concentrate on studies. It is Parents’ responsibility to bring interest in studies when they are young. There are simple steps to take from the beginning.

Create fun environment:

A young child likes to see pictures rather reading through text. Parents have to spend time and buy attractive books with colourful pictures. This makes your Children to get interested in these books. Also, you can make interesting objects to resemble the actual pictures. This will give real time experience for your Children.

Teach through games:

Do some research and introduce new games to read tricky subjects, especially Mathematics. This really helps instead of telling them to read through books. Keep finding new games to stimulate their brain and learn.

Spend time with Children:

It is very important to spend time with Children when they are studying, more importantly during their early days of schooling. This will make them to understand importance of studies, motivate them to read and concentrate in their studies.

Help them to overcome their mistakes:

It is very common to make mistakes, nothing wrong in making mistakes. Learning from mistakes is important. If your Children make any mistakes, correct them with kind words, explain them the implications of the mistakes. Teach them how to overcome and avoid such mistakes in future. This will bring confidence in them to explore the unknown.

Take them to places to explore:

Children loves travelling, visiting new places. Parents have to make use of this interest by taking them to various places like Museum, Zoo, Historical places to enhance their learning. During this visit, explain them relevancy to their subject what they are learning in School. Motivate them to ask questions to explore more.

Appreciate and Reward them for small success:

Rewards are the visible outcome of appreciation. Learn to appreciate their small success in studies and make sure you reward them with their favourite gifts. This will motivate them to do well in their studies.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Golden Drink – Turmeric Effect

Golden Drink
Turmeric, the one of the highly beneficial species used in Indian cooking. The various research studies shows proven health benefits of Turmeric. This shapeless ancient root can be found as one of the key elements in Ayurveda. Let’s see some of the benefits of Turmeric and the best way to consume it.

The anti-oxidant property in Turmeric helps to strengthening the immunity system in human which leads to natural healing. The chemical composite known as curcumin presents in Turmeric is the reason for all the health benefits. This is the component which makes Turmeric very special.

One of the best ways to consume Turmeric in our food is adding it with Milk which makes the Golden Drink. Naturally, drinking milk is good for health. When we add the Turmeric with milk, it helps to get all the benefits from this wonderful root. The curcumin in Turmeric has the property to absorb the fat tissues in our body. When we drink milk with Turmeric, it helps curcumin to reach out these fat tissues easily to absorb them. We need to be cautious while adding Turmeric, having pinch of turmeric with large glass of milk is good, but not more than that. It is advisable to have this with proper guidance.

Golden Drink – Health Benefits:

It helps to keep our skin out of infections, prevents allergies.

It keeps our bones strong to avoid any joint issues leading to Arthritis.

It has anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties which keeps our immune system strong.

The internal healing property of Turmeric helps speedy recovery of wounds, especially post surgery.

Having milk at night gives us good sleep, when turmeric added it becomes health tonic.

Add black pepper in this Golden drink to get double benefits.

It has good effect on curing depression as well.

Let's start adding this natural medicine in our food to get the benefits in the long run, Happy Living....

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Let best Corporate deals follows you even on the move

Best Corporate deals follows you
In today’s competitive World, most of us are workaholic to stay competitive and retain the job. We have very limited time to take care of our lifestyle, spend time with family. Meet Jennifer, who is an IT professional and a mother of two wonderful children, loves shopping, follows fashion trend in her busy schedule. She often use online deals for discounts and ease of shopping through websites and mobile apps. If she comes to know any exclusive tie-ups by her Corporate, she follows diligently. But, she misses some exclusive offering with her favorite brands during weekends where she couldn’t search through her over loaded mailbox.

To help professionals like Jennifer, Offer Monger (OM) has an amazing platform to save time and ease of use. This intelligent and simple to use mobile app lists exclusive corporate deals from different merchants and brands. OM offers perfect mix of Global, local online brand partners to help Corporate users to save time and money spend. It has wide range of Brands coupled with best Corporate offer and location based deals which makes Offer Monger is a one stop solution for Corporate employees at their finger-tips. Often, it is difficult to keep memory of all deals we receive in enterprise mail boxes and we couldn’t log into Corporate mailbox during weekend at times. With OM, you no need to worry about all these, you can view the best deals in and around your locality even when you are on the move. Being employed in bigger Corporate, Fortune 500 Company is a privilege. If your Corporate has OM tie-up, it is an added benefits that you can get the special treatment by using OM to redeem the offers, save money and time spend in shopping.

Offer Monger gives very lucrative deals in different categories like Wellness and Fitness, Online Shopping, Restaurants, Electronics and many more in their list. It has tie-up with leading Brands such as Reliance Digital, Zoomcar, Peppertap, Mainland China and so on. The eClerx Services Ltd deployed OM in July 2015, loved by the employees. There are 5000 Corporate users enjoying OM deals covering Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh and some across India. OM has the vision to serve other Corporate companies with their Technology Platform & Discount Offers. For start-ups in this new age business World, OM is the modern platform to help them get introduced with potential Customers. Offer Monger mobile App can be downloaded for IOS and Android versions.

By offering best deals, Offer Monger envisioned to Revolutionize the Employee Engagements among Corporate companies.
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