Friday, 18 November 2016

How to earn free Gift cards and cash with Swagbucks?

Swagbucks to earn money online
Yes, it’s a free money you are going to get by spending few minutes in a day. I don’t want to exaggerate this online opportunity, but I have tried, tested and benefited out of it. Hence, I thought I can write about a post for others to make use of it.

I’m talking about Swagbucks, way to earn your Free Gift cards or cash online. It’s an online medium which rewards its members with free cash, gift cards for the task they do online. This includes simple tasks such as watching videos, searching the internet, doing surveys, finding great deals and shopping online. All these tasks help members to earn points in Swagbucks, which they can redeem for free gift cards from leading retailers like Walmart, Amazon, or get paid through Paypal.

This is amazing, isn’t it? Let’s see how Swagbucks works.

Sign Up: It’s simple and free, register in Swagbucks Website to become a member. You can complete the signup process in a minute.

Shop Online: There are 1500+ retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks in Swagbucks for members to shop online and earn SB points (SwagBucks Points). Added to this, members will get exclusive deals and coupons for cash back from the retailers.

Online Surveys: Your opinion counts, companies are thriving for consumer data for their product analytics. These data will be turned into information for companies to develop their marketing strategies. The Marketing research companies looks for all possible ways to get these data from consumers. As the internet getting penetrated into all corners, they are using online survey to collect these data from different regions for variety of products. In Swagbucks, members will get many surveys to answer and they can earn SB points to redeem gift cards and cash.

Watch Videos: It’s really fun to watch entertaining videos and earn points. This is one of the cool ways to earn SB points in Swagbucks, you can de-stress yourself and earn money at the end.

Offers: Swagbucks having tie-up with certain brands where members can earn SB points when they buy from these brands. These SB points can be used to redeem gift cards and cash, this is like getting the original purchase at discounted value.

Web Search: All of us search online in almost all the days. Swagbucks offer its members SB points for the search using Yahoo powered search engine. This is like adding pennies in our kitty every day for the task we do anyway.

Play Games: I love playing games online, it’s one of the cool ways to get myself engaged to pass the leisure time. Swagbucks members earn SB points when they purchase games or play online games. These points can be redeemed for gift cards and cash.

I found Swagbucks is one of the fair medium to earn online money and gift cards. I invite you to try and share your experience. You can download their mobile app as well to do the shopping, watch the videos and answer the surveys on the go.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Why Children should go early to bed and have sound sleep?

Children goes bed early
Children should go to bed early to have sound sleep, but it would be a great challenge for parents to make it happen. Kids always find one or other reasons to delay going to bed. The moment you ask them to go to bed, they pretend to be busy as they have to complete homework, studies etc. As a parent, we need to make sure they get enough sleep otherwise, they will end up in lack of concentration, not having adequate physical and mental growth, feeling tired, and no interest in taking food. To overcome these issues, parents have to develop a regular bed time for their kids and should be practiced all days including holidays.

How can we make this into practice?

Schedule a bed time: Going early to bed to have sound sleep can be done by scheduling a bed time. It’s simple as it sounds but difficult to practice. Yes, we need to set up a time for our children to go to bed and make sure they stick to that schedule. To begin with, parents should accompany them when their kids go to sleep. We need to tell bed time stories, so that our children will get motivated and they look for this bed time.

Practise them to do regularly: It would be good to make them practise to go to bed at same time everyday. After couple of weeks, subconsciously they will feel sleepy by this time. This will helps to increase the sleeping time for the kids as they should have minimum 10 hours sleep a day.

Early dinner: Parents has to make sure to feed their kids at least two hours before bedtime.  The dinner should not be heavy, so it helps them to feel light before going to bed. It is advisable not to have water immediately before going to sleep to avoid any disturbance during sleep.

Avoid watching TV and Computer: It is advisable not to view TV or computer prior to the bed time. This helps kids to keep their mind free and calm for sleeping. They can read bedtime stories, pray, and talk before going to bed.

Have comfortable night dress: Parents has to ensure their kids wearing comfortable night dress based on climate condition before going to sleep. It helps to have sound sleep throughout the night. The sleeping environment should be quiet, dark and no noise around.

Let’s see the key benefits of having sound sleep...

Improved physical growth: Research has found that when kids have a deep sleep their growth hormones start to secrete more which helps them to get proper growth. Going early to bed helps our children to get enough sleep before they wake up next day.

Helps to have healthy heart: The sound and deep sleep helps to keep our kids’ heart healthy and safe. It protects the heart by avoiding damage from stress hormones on the arterial wall.

Avoid overweight: Kids who has less sleep seems to be overweight and obese. This is based on the hormonal change happening during night. To avoid overweight, we need to make sure our children gets adequate sleep.

Increased attention: When kids had a good sleep they feel fresh when they wake up in the morning. It helps to have increased concentration and improved brain power. Kids having sound sleep will have improved memory over a period of time.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Know about the plastics you use, especially for kids

Using Plastic Bottle
Plastics, it’s everywhere in today’s World. We use plastic bottles, utensils, and lunch boxes in our day to day use. The plastic bottles are common among children to carry water. As it’s useful in many ways, it has side effects if we don’t use the right kind of plastics for carrying consumable items. It is must to know about the type of plastics and the number code mentioned in plastic bottles. I would suggest avoiding plastics container to carry foods or drinks for kids, if it’s unavoidable use the approved one to carry the eatables.

There are seven categories of plastic bottles, PETE(1), HDPE(2), PVC(3),LDPE(4), PP(5), PS(6), This classification is based on its usage and impact. 

PETE (1): This is known as Polyethylene Terephtalate . This type of plastic bottle looks thin and clear and has #1 at the bottom. Studies have found that PETE (1) plastic is safe for one time usage, best suitable for disposable water bottles. As a safety measure, these bottles should not be heated, it contains porous surface which allows flavour of the drink and bacteria to get accumulated, so it is best advised not to reuse these types of bottles. 

HDPE (2): HDPE is known as High Density Polyethylene. This type of plastic looks thick and opaque. The bottles made up of using this plastic will have #2 at the bottom. These types of bottles are safe when they are reused one time, juice bottles, shampoo and milk jugs use these types of plastic bottles.

PVC (3): PVC is known as Polyvinyl Chloride. This type of plastic looks rigid or flexible, PVC bottles has #3 at the bottom. Food wraps, cooking oil uses these types of plastic bottles. This type of plastics is not safe to use as it contains phthalates which is used as a softening agent. This type of plastic should not be recycled; continuous usage may affect the hormone development in human.

LDPE(4): LDPE is known as Low Density Polyethylene. It looks soft and flexible, mainly used in making bread bags, grocery bags, and food wraps. This type of plastic is considered to be safe for usage.

PP(5): PP is known as Polypropylene. It looks hard but flexible. Yogurt containers, drinking straw, syrup bottles are made using this type of plastics. These plastics are very safe and can be recycled when needed.

PS(6): PS is known as Polystyrene Styrofoam. It looks rigid and solid. Disposable cups and plates are made using this type of plastics. It’s been found that this type of plastic gives potentially toxic chemicals when it is heated, so it is advisable not to use this type of plastics.

Others(7): This means rest of all plastics which includes Polycarbonate, a  harmful Synthetic Estrogen made from BPA. Plastic items such as computer case, five gallon water bottles are made using this type of plastics. The usage of this type of plastics is at our own risk since no one knows the side effect yet. Things made of BPA plastic need to be disposed since it is very harmful.

The Plastics #2, #4 and #5 are considered to be safe. But we need to be careful while using them particularly when heating it and using in microwaves. It is better to avoid using plastics and use glass bottles or any silver container especially for kids. It is the responsibility of the Parents to choose right containers to ensure the safety of their children.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Do you need Water? Yes, but why?

Drink water for healthly lifeWater is an essential one for all living kind in this World. It is must for survival not only for human, but for plants and animals as well. Our planet has been made up by 70% of water, same way human body has 70% of water. It’s unbelievable to know that our brain is made up by 90% of water. The water in our blood helps to carry the oxygen to all the cells in our body. If it stops, the human system will get collapsed. Hence, water is very much essential for our organs to function properly. Now, you may get an idea of why we need water. On the outset, we can see our body covered up by flesh and skin but water is the real driving force inside. Therefore, it is very important to drink plenty of water to keep our body healthy and we should not let it get dehydrated.

Boost energy: As human brain consist of 90% water, drinking water helps to keep our brain healthy and active. It boosts all our organs to function properly as required. This leads to keep our mind fresh and gives lot of energy to do our tasks.

Control weight: Water helps to reduce the fat present in our body and increases the metabolism. It is good to drink a cup of water before having our food, hence the intake will be less which leads to weight loss. Water doesn’t have calories to increase the weight, but at the same time it helps to prevent excessive intake of solid food.

Removes the unwanted: Sweating is one of the way out to get rid of unwanted particles from our body. Likewise, our kidney segregates unwanted salt from our body and flushes it out by urination. Drinking plenty of water is very important to keep our sweat glands and kidney function properly. It helps to prevent lot of health hazards.

Beautify skin: Water act as a moisturizing agent to keep our skin to look fresh, soft and smooth. It helps to have wrinkle-less skin as we ages, thus serving as a wonderful anti-aging agent. 

Increased Immunity: Water stimulates our immunity system to function properly. If we drink adequate water, our immunity gets increased which helps to get rid of diseases at the earliest with minimal medication.

Prevent headache: If we drink less and less water, it leads to dehydration. This is the primary cause for lot of health issues in human body. Headache is the immediate effect of dehydration as the oxygen will not flow properly to brain. It is very important to drink water to prevent headaches.

Avoid constipation: Water helps our digesting system to digest the food. If we take plenty of water, our digestive system works properly. This will avoid constipation issues.

How much water we need to take in a day? It depends on lot of factors like the climate in our location, age, nature of work etc. It’s advisable to drink 5 litres of water every day to have healthy life and keep us active. To live a happy and healthy life, let’s ensure drinking plenty of water in a day, everyday.
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