Monday, 24 October 2016

Know about the plastics you use, especially for kids

Using Plastic Bottle
Plastics, it’s everywhere in today’s World. We use plastic bottles, utensils, and lunch boxes in our day to day use. The plastic bottles are common among children to carry water. As it’s useful in many ways, it has side effects if we don’t use the right kind of plastics for carrying consumable items. It is must to know about the type of plastics and the number code mentioned in plastic bottles. I would suggest avoiding plastics container to carry foods or drinks for kids, if it’s unavoidable use the approved one to carry the eatables.

There are seven categories of plastic bottles, PETE(1), HDPE(2), PVC(3),LDPE(4), PP(5), PS(6), This classification is based on its usage and impact. 

PETE (1): This is known as Polyethylene Terephtalate . This type of plastic bottle looks thin and clear and has #1 at the bottom. Studies have found that PETE (1) plastic is safe for one time usage, best suitable for disposable water bottles. As a safety measure, these bottles should not be heated, it contains porous surface which allows flavour of the drink and bacteria to get accumulated, so it is best advised not to reuse these types of bottles. 

HDPE (2): HDPE is known as High Density Polyethylene. This type of plastic looks thick and opaque. The bottles made up of using this plastic will have #2 at the bottom. These types of bottles are safe when they are reused one time, juice bottles, shampoo and milk jugs use these types of plastic bottles.

PVC (3): PVC is known as Polyvinyl Chloride. This type of plastic looks rigid or flexible, PVC bottles has #3 at the bottom. Food wraps, cooking oil uses these types of plastic bottles. This type of plastics is not safe to use as it contains phthalates which is used as a softening agent. This type of plastic should not be recycled; continuous usage may affect the hormone development in human.

LDPE(4): LDPE is known as Low Density Polyethylene. It looks soft and flexible, mainly used in making bread bags, grocery bags, and food wraps. This type of plastic is considered to be safe for usage.

PP(5): PP is known as Polypropylene. It looks hard but flexible. Yogurt containers, drinking straw, syrup bottles are made using this type of plastics. These plastics are very safe and can be recycled when needed.

PS(6): PS is known as Polystyrene Styrofoam. It looks rigid and solid. Disposable cups and plates are made using this type of plastics. It’s been found that this type of plastic gives potentially toxic chemicals when it is heated, so it is advisable not to use this type of plastics.

Others(7): This means rest of all plastics which includes Polycarbonate, a  harmful Synthetic Estrogen made from BPA. Plastic items such as computer case, five gallon water bottles are made using this type of plastics. The usage of this type of plastics is at our own risk since no one knows the side effect yet. Things made of BPA plastic need to be disposed since it is very harmful.

The Plastics #2, #4 and #5 are considered to be safe. But we need to be careful while using them particularly when heating it and using in microwaves. It is better to avoid using plastics and use glass bottles or any silver container especially for kids. It is the responsibility of the Parents to choose right containers to ensure the safety of their children.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Do you need Water? Yes, but why?

Drink water for healthly lifeWater is an essential one for all living kind in this World. It is must for survival not only for human, but for plants and animals as well. Our planet has been made up by 70% of water, same way human body has 70% of water. It’s unbelievable to know that our brain is made up by 90% of water. The water in our blood helps to carry the oxygen to all the cells in our body. If it stops, the human system will get collapsed. Hence, water is very much essential for our organs to function properly. Now, you may get an idea of why we need water. On the outset, we can see our body covered up by flesh and skin but water is the real driving force inside. Therefore, it is very important to drink plenty of water to keep our body healthy and we should not let it get dehydrated.

Boost energy: As human brain consist of 90% water, drinking water helps to keep our brain healthy and active. It boosts all our organs to function properly as required. This leads to keep our mind fresh and gives lot of energy to do our tasks.

Control weight: Water helps to reduce the fat present in our body and increases the metabolism. It is good to drink a cup of water before having our food, hence the intake will be less which leads to weight loss. Water doesn’t have calories to increase the weight, but at the same time it helps to prevent excessive intake of solid food.

Removes the unwanted: Sweating is one of the way out to get rid of unwanted particles from our body. Likewise, our kidney segregates unwanted salt from our body and flushes it out by urination. Drinking plenty of water is very important to keep our sweat glands and kidney function properly. It helps to prevent lot of health hazards.

Beautify skin: Water act as a moisturizing agent to keep our skin to look fresh, soft and smooth. It helps to have wrinkle-less skin as we ages, thus serving as a wonderful anti-aging agent. 

Increased Immunity: Water stimulates our immunity system to function properly. If we drink adequate water, our immunity gets increased which helps to get rid of diseases at the earliest with minimal medication.

Prevent headache: If we drink less and less water, it leads to dehydration. This is the primary cause for lot of health issues in human body. Headache is the immediate effect of dehydration as the oxygen will not flow properly to brain. It is very important to drink water to prevent headaches.

Avoid constipation: Water helps our digesting system to digest the food. If we take plenty of water, our digestive system works properly. This will avoid constipation issues.

How much water we need to take in a day? It depends on lot of factors like the climate in our location, age, nature of work etc. It’s advisable to drink 5 litres of water every day to have healthy life and keep us active. To live a happy and healthy life, let’s ensure drinking plenty of water in a day, everyday.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

How to behave with your Children?

Parents behaviourIn general, the characters of our Children not by birth, but it’s been built by environment where they are growing. They learn the habits from whom they are closely associated. As they spent more than 70% of the time with Parents, obviously they take them as role model and try to replicate what Parents do. Hence, it is very important for Parents to behave properly in front of their Children. They need to be very careful on the words they speak and the actions they perform.  There are certain DO's and DONT's Parents should aware during their Parenthood and act in more responsible way. This helps to lead a happy family and let Children grow in more positive environment. It is each one of the Parents responsibility to create a good environment for their Children to enjoy their childhood.

I’m busy – Your Children are not your office colleague to say ‘Im busy’ when they come to you for anything. They don’t understand however busy you are, simply they need your time. If you keep using this phrase often, it will hurt them and they start distancing themselves from you. If you are really busy, take couple of minutes, tell them that you have to finish certain task and will get back to them in sometime. This makes them feel that you are listening and supporting them. Try to avoid this word ‘Im busy’ as much as possible.

Never compare with other Children – There is a famous saying “The five fingers are not same”. Yes, each finger has unique purpose and value. Your children too have unique skills which you need to identify and make them excel. No point comparing them with other Children and make them feel degraded. Your Children could be good in studies or sports or playing music, it’s your responsibility to identify these interests and get them nurtured from early stage.

Listen to them – This is one of the clear miss from most of the Parents, I noticed. When the Child says something, just don’t nod your head just as a custom of hearing. Listen to your Children, they may need your guidance and support. There is a great difference between hearing and listening. If you truly listens them, they will be happy and they come close to you. You can see the bonding between you and your Children growing thick over a period of time.

Parents fighting in front of Children – This is strict no-no in front of your Children. If you do, it will develop more aggressive and adamant behaviour in them. If there are any differences between spouses, you both have to find some private space to discuss and sort out the issues. Parents have to show them happy in front of their Children. This makes them feel they are in safe and secure environment at home.

False commitments – This is again Parents should never do with their Children. If you are promising them anything, make sure you fulfil that promise. It will be good if you think twice before committing anything. For any reason, if you are not able to meet the promise, spend quality time with your Children and explain them the situation to make them understand. Initially, they may feel disappointed, but they will understand.

Never discourage, always encourage – Encouraging Children is always important, it is vital to develop self confidence in them. Parents have to keep feeding positive thoughts into their Children. They need to feel the positive wave if you are around. It really helps them when they face this competitive World when they grow up. The discouragement should be completely avoided, if they are trying to do something really impossible, against the nature, then you need to spend quality time to explain them to understand.

Monday, 29 August 2016

5 great ways to earn your extra money

Earn your extra money onlineAs there are growing uncertainties in today’s job market, it is always advisable to have multiple ways of Income. We should not depend on single source of income to meet our living expenses. It looks good as it sounds, but you may wonder how to get that extra money. It is true that our full-time job completely eats our time and it will be difficult to find another employer to take up part-time job. But, today’s Internet opened up multiple avenues to earn additional income for working, retired people or whoever wants to stay at home to be their own employer. I’m happy to present 5 great ways to earn your extra money. But yes, it requires lot of planning and consistent efforts from your side to implement and enjoy the outcome.

Money Blogging: This is one of the highly recommended, proven ways of earning the additional income. This is easy, simple to start, but need lot of patience, consistent effort from your side to create the regular income. Blogging is nothing but creating your own space in the Internet World and posting regular content of your interest to attract like minded people around the Globe to visit your blog and read, exchange comments. In turn, you can have Google Adsense Advertisements, Affiliate Marketing, Banner Ads in your blog and sell any products or services. These all brings you money over a period of time, remember perseverance is the key to get succeed in money blogging.

Online surveys: To succeed in today’s competitive Word, Businesses needs lot of information about consumer and their buying behaviour. There are research companies who gather data to analyze to get the required information for businesses to formulate their strategies. These research companies continuously look for data from consumer through online surveys. Earlier they used to collect these data through printed forms, but now they go with Online surveys. There are many Internet companies like Swagbucks where you can register yourself to do these surveys during your free time. In turn, you will get paid through gift cards from leading retailers like Amazon, Walmart etc. which you can use for your purchases.

Get paid to click: Advertisements brings sales to businesses, hence always there will be a need for advertisements to run the profitable business. Online advertisements are catching up very fast in ever growing Internet World. There are many companies like ClixSense making use of this and bringing opportunities to people like us. You can register in these websites and spend sometime regularly everyday to earn your share of extra money.
Teach a Foreign Language: As businesses are going global, there is high demand for language specialists. You can make use of these opportunities arising across the World. If you are native speakers of English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese or any other languages, you can find learners online and teach them during your weekend or free time. Yes, you can get paid to get your extra money.

Do Freelancing: All of us having one or other saleable skill, it could be writing, accounting, proof reading, editing, photoshop, preparing presentation, designing, writing computer programs, excel reporting etc. You can make use of these skills by enrolling yourself in any of the Freelance websites which act as intermediaries between employers and freelancers. You can bid for the work that match with your skills and complete the task during your free time to earn your extra dollars.

Is there anything to add? I invite you to share in comments if you have any other known ways to earn that extra money during our free time. By sharing, it helps all of us to get benefited.
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