Saturday, 2 September 2017

Why my child grinding teeth while sleeping?

One night, I suddenly woke up middle of the night hearing a strange noise. I looked around and noticed that it’s coming from my child who is in deep sleep. To my surprise, he is grinding his teeth awfully making the strange sound. I was worried, next day I have surfed through the internet to find the reason for the grinding teeth while sleeping and how to prevent it. I have discussed with my friends in medical profession to find the cause. I decided to write a post with my findings on teeth grinding and how we can help the child to overcome it.

In medical terminology the teeth grinding is called ‘Bruxism’. This word may sound new to us, but most of us aware of the behaviour among children and adults. It is common for the upper and lower jaws come together when we chew our food. But if this happens unnaturally without our control, it is Bruxism. This occurs among children and adults when they sleep. Mostly, children outgrow this habit over a period of time. But, it is highly advisable to have close parental observation and dentist visit to help them to overcome Bruxism. It should be taken up with medical professional at appropriate time as the prolonged teeth grinding may impact the tooth structure and it will have below effects.
  • Jaw pain
  • Broken Teeth
  • Jaw disorder
  • Frequent headache
  • Weak gums
  • Enamel damage
There are many causes child develops teeth grinding habit while sleeping, it could be physical and mental reasons. Dentist visit helps to find out the primary cause for Bruxism and prevention plan, listed below the major causes of teeth grinding and possible solution.

Improper jaw alignment – This has to be examined by experienced dentist who specializes in jaw alignment. The dentist can suggest jaw exercise to strengthen the jaws or advice appropriate treatment if it can’t be treated by simple exercise.

Stress and Anxiety – Parents plays a major role to overcome child’s stress and anxiety. They have to maintain close relationship with their child and spend quality time with them every day. This helps the child to open up their concern with their parents for help. Parents can approach professional child counseling for guidance.

Ear pain – This need to be examined by a ENT specialist to find out if there are any abnormalities on the ear and advice for appropriate treatment.

Hyper activeness – There are children born with hyper activeness and it goes as normal when they grow up. But if there are any abnormalities and difficult to handle, parents has to consult the professional for advice and counseling to overcome the hyper activity. Parents play a major role here to help their child to control their behavior and become normal.

Breathing via mouth – There could be various reasons for breathing via mouth among children, early detection and consultation with ENT specialist helps. If this is not been treated at appropriate time, it will affect the tooth structure and spoil the aesthetic look of the child.

Nutrient deficiency – It is obvious, parents should feed their children with all nutritious foods. It is must to add calcium rich foods in their daily diet.

After identifying the precise cause for the Bruxism by close parental observation and medical professional help, we need to work on the solution to address the issue for prevention. The solution may not be a single approach, could be multi-fold for a defined period of time. Parents should exercise patience while helping their child during this period by ensuring the follow-up with dentist with prescribed schedule and implement his advice as it is.

There are custom night guard available in the market to safe guard the teeth from the grinding habit while sleeping. It is like a mouth guard to be worn before going to bed, it gives little discomfort but it is one of the best solutions to save the teeth from Bruxism.
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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Work from home to earn your money

Work from home
It’s true, there is a way to earn money by simple online activities such as completing surveys and doing micro tasks during your free time. I have experienced and benefited out of this, thought of sharing here for others to make use of it. I’m going to talk about Clixsense, an online portal where you can spend your free time to do small task to earn money. It’s simple and easy, all you need to do is register and start doing simple surveys, tasks to earn money. The registration is free and you can start earning money immediately.

Surveys:  There are daily surveys loaded under your login where you can share your opinion to get paid. You can try these surveys multiple times during different hours to increase the chances to get through. As these surveys are from researchers, you need to share true and honest views, it helps to get more surveys allotted for you.

Tasks: There are simple tasks for members to complete to get paid. These tasks added daily and the more tasks you complete, you earn more money. The tasks are the opportunity to earn extra cash for the members. You can choose the task which interest you and able to meet the advertiser requirements. You can see the payout value for each task before you begin the work.

Clixsense has excellent technical support team, if there are any issues you can simply raise a ticket and they will get back to you within the given timeline. They have multiple payout options like Check Payments (US), Paytoo, Tango card, Payoneer and you can raise the electronic cash-out request once your balance reached the required threshold for releasing the payment.

Registration is free and simple, go for it to start earning extra money.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Wearing Wig is no more a hidden thing, select with pride

10 Inch Wavy Lace Front Cap 120% Remy Human Hair
Gone are the days people bought WIG only when they lose hair, nowadays wigs are sold to give new look for young generation. No more it’s a hidden factor as Wigs are become a style quotient. It’s a pride moment when you receive compliment for new haircut without your friends knowing that it’s made up of wig. They can’t easily make out that you are wearing a wig, thanks to latest trend and innovation in the industry. There are many ways to buy the wigs online and physical store, choosing the right one from a online store is one among them. There are many latest trendy wigs available for you to choose by a simple click from your convenient place.

Wigs are having endless benefits as it comes in different color, length, size and style. It helps you to avoid repeated visit to saloon for hair coloring, cuts and maintenance, thus saving your money. It’s a simple addition to your beauty and your day starts with quick convenient makeup in your busy schedule. However, there are certain steps to be followed in choosing and maintaining the wigs. The selection of the wig primarily based on your needs and style requirement. The checklist below helps to choose the right WIG in simple steps.
  • Type of Hair
  • Style
  • Color
  • Cap size
Type of Hair: There are two major hair types in wigs, made up of Human and Synthetic hair. Both hair types are having their own pros and cons. The Human hair looks more natural, but requires careful maintenance and styling to upkeep the look. On the other hand, the Synthetic hair wigs are not made up from human hair though high quality synthetic wigs looks no difference from natural one. The flip side, it can’t be used in heat environment and should be careful while using hair dryer.

Select the Style: There are many types of wigs available to meet your style quotient. You can choose from short, medium and long hairstyles from a huge collection available online. You can start with your existing natural style till you get familiar with wigs then slowly you can change the style based on your mood from limitless options available. You can have a look at the cheap African American wigs and discount wigs for women offered by cocowig to see the various styles available. Remember to choose the wig style that suits you, whether you have round or oval face the wig you choose should fit and enhance your face.

Choose the Color: The style and color goes hand in hand, there are plenty of color combination available to choose for your wig. You may be attracted by a different contrast color but you need to make sure it suits your skin color.

Cap size: The Capsize is the wig size, choosing the right one is exactly like how you select your outfits. The exact measurement has to be taken in three way approach, the top circumference, top front to back end, and between Ears. This will helps to choose the appropriate wig size for you. It is important to consult with professional to measure and find the right size.

The above guidelines not exhaustive in choosing the right wig, but this helps to begin your search and expand the criteria to meet your requirement. After selecting the wig, it’s important to maintain it to keep its beauty. I believe this post helps choosing the right wig for your pride moment.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

How to choose affordable Wedding dresses online?

 Scoop Winter Garden Natural Lace-up Fall Ball Gown Wedding Dress
Marriage is a special occasion in our life which we all thrive to make it a memorable event. At the same time we need to plan carefully to keep the wedding budget under control. Wedding dresses are one of the centre of attraction in a marriage, it’s important to choose the right outfit at affordable price as it has significant portion in the wedding budget. There are many occasions I have seen that brides and their family are struggling to choose the right wedding gown within the budget. The shopping for wedding starts a month before and they go shop by shop to buy the dresses and accessories. This is time consuming task, hence it is important to have adequate knowledge to make right purchase decision.

One of my cousin marriage planned next month, she has been going around shopping to buy suitable wedding dress for her but couldn’t finalize one. After going around shops in her city, trying multiple collections, nothing she found attractive. I was talking to her last week, she looks tensed as the marriage date nearing and not ordered wedding outfit yet. I told her that there are many options available online than traditional shopping by going shop to shop for buying the wedding dresses. I have shared one of the prominent online wedding shops and asked her to go through the wedding collections.

She got amazed looking at this online wedding dress portal as she can see many designs which she didn’t come across in the physical shops she visited in her city. Apart from the wedding dresses, she found wedding accessories and wedding party dresses for her family in this portal. This website has various options to choose the colour and size before ordering with remarkable discounts. She was extremely happy to see the wedding collections online with amazing discounts. Those who all looking for wedding dresses in Australia and cheap wedding dresses online, this website is the right choice to find their wedding dresses.

I had a look at this website, it has the wedding collections under broad categories like wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, formal dresses and wedding accessories. There are plenty of pictures under each category by models wearing the wedding collections. There are options to sort the dresses by Silhouette, Neckline, back details, customer rating, low and high prices. This really helps to sort the handful of collections which meets our requirements. After finalizing the wedding dress among the choices, we can choose the colour, size and read through the detailed specifications before ordering. We can see the tailoring period and shipping time on the ordering page to ensure timely receipt of the product. They have multiple payment option like credit cards, western union and bank transfer to ease buying experience. The good part is they ship all over the World.

I can say that buying wedding dress is a huge task as it involves time and cost, but if we plan it carefully we can make it easy and cheap. If we follow simple tips as listed below, it helps to buy the right outfit for the bride to ensure the centre of attraction on the big day.
  • Start the search early, minimum three months in advance from marriage.
  • Read through reliable articles to learn about wedding collections, materials, and designs.
  • Consult with friends and relatives for suggestions.
  • Plan a realistic budget considering all the options.
  • Don’t carry away with latest fashion, how it fits you matters.
  • Visualize yourself how you want to be seen on the marriage day.
  • Finally, choose the right shopping partner to buy your outfit.
I believe this post gives you a fair idea about wedding dress purchase experience and the simple tips to follow while preparing for wedding dress shopping. Always keep it simple, give time and search through various options to get the best collections at affordable prices.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Why I’m not losing weight after undergoing dreadful diet?

Weight loss
This was the question in my mind after going through stringent diet plan for about four weeks and not seen any remarkable change in my weight. I couldn’t simply ignore or digest the fact that I haven’t lost any weight after following the controlled diet. To find out more, I have read through many reliable articles, books and sharing here a consolidated view on what I learned and experienced. I believe this post helps the readers to get more insight if they are into weight loss effort.

On the outset, when we think about weight loss it evolve around diet plan and exercises. But, it’s all depends on our virtual internal engine known as “Metabolism”. In other words, the result highly based on our metabolism rate. Metabolism is nothing but a collective chemical action which breaks down the food into small particles, converts into energy and burning them. This energy measured by calories. The speed of burning calories by our body in a given time is knows as Metabolism Rate. If this is slow, then the energy gets stored as a fat leading to weight gain. Hence, we will not get expected outcome merely following a diet plan. There are many types of Metabolic Rate based on when and how the calories get burned. To get desired result, it is vital to understand our metabolic rate and how we can improve it to keep our weight under control.

Though the metabolic rates are highly influenced by our gene and hormones, we can take few steps to increase the metabolism which leads to improved result in weight loss effort. First, let’s see when our body burn calories.
  1. Deep rest – This is when we are asleep or in complete rest, our body burn calories to keep our breath, lungs, heart and brain alive. Even when we sit idle, the calories are burnt to run the internal organs.
  2. Processing food – The digestive system process the food and converts them into energy. In this process, our body burn calories.
  3. Exercise – When we do exercise, our body burns calories.
  4. Non-exercise – All other body movements need energy, our body burns calories whenever we move our body parts.
Some of us have slow metabolic rates and others have fast metabolic rates. If we have slow metabolic rate, this is the reason that only diet plan not helping us to get rid of excess fat. The good news is we can improve the metabolism by taking few steps. Though we can’t do much on the calories burnt during “Deep rest” mode, we can concentrate on other areas by taking actions as listed below. If we combine all these actions during our weight loss effort, we can get much better result than solely depending on diet restriction.
  1. Eat right food at right time – Do not get into starvation mode, it leads to lack of energy in our body which results in slow metabolic rate. Our body accommodate the low energy level by slowing down the calories burnt. Drink lot of cold water, this helps to burn more calories as our body try to keep us warm.
  2. Exercise regularly – Plan your workouts at least five days a week, it should be consistent and regular. The interval training will increase the metabolic rate considerably. This is nothing but high intensity workout followed by normal one. For example, during jogging, go for 30 seconds high speed jogging followed by 30 seconds normal running.
  3. Non-exercise activities – Concentrating on all our non-exercise activities will play a considerable role in our weight reduction. We ignore this part most of the time, but it has high level of influence in burning calories. This could be as simple activities as, 
    • Choosing stairs instead of lift or escalators.
    • Completing household stuff by ourselves.
    • Not always sitting in front of desk, prefer to stand whenever possible
    • Walking as much as we can
    • Doing all simple stuff by ourselves everyday.
  4. Choice of food – There are certain foods like whole grains, berries, egg whites, lentils, peppers, chillies, fish, cinnamon, caffeinated coffee, green tea helps to improve the metabolism rate. Always watch out calories where it comes from and make sure we get calories from fibre rich foods rather from sugary dessert.
After getting a customized diet plan from a professional if we can make these little steps to boost our metabolism rate, I’m sure we will get the desired result at the earliest and can keep our body weight under control.
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