Saturday, 21 January 2017

Why I’m not losing weight after undergoing dreadful diet?

Weight lossThis was the question in my mind after going through stringent diet plan for about four weeks and not seen any remarkable change in my weight. I couldn’t simply ignore or digest the fact that I haven’t lost any weight after following the controlled diet. To find out more, I have read through many reliable articles, books and sharing here a consolidated view on what I learned and experienced. I believe this post helps the readers to get more insight if they are into weight loss effort.

On the outset, when we think about weight loss it evolve around diet plan and exercises. But, it’s all depends on our virtual internal engine known as “Metabolism”. In other words, the result highly based on our metabolism rate. Metabolism is nothing but a collective chemical action which breaks down the food into small particles, converts into energy and burning them. This energy measured by calories. The speed of burning calories by our body in a given time is knows as Metabolism Rate. If this is slow, then the energy gets stored as a fat leading to weight gain. Hence, we will not get expected outcome merely following a diet plan. There are many types of Metabolic Rate based on when and how the calories get burned. To get desired result, it is vital to understand our metabolic rate and how we can improve it to keep our weight under control.

Though the metabolic rates are highly influenced by our gene and hormones, we can take few steps to increase the metabolism which leads to improved result in weight loss effort. First, let’s see when our body burn calories.
  1. Deep rest – This is when we are asleep or in complete rest, our body burn calories to keep our breath, lungs, heart and brain alive. Even when we sit idle, the calories are burnt to run the internal organs.
  2. Processing food – The digestive system process the food and converts them into energy. In this process, our body burn calories.
  3. Exercise – When we do exercise, our body burns calories.
  4. Non-exercise – All other body movements need energy, our body burns calories whenever we move our body parts.
Some of us have slow metabolic rates and others have fast metabolic rates. If we have slow metabolic rate, this is the reason that only diet plan not helping us to get rid of excess fat. The good news is we can improve the metabolism by taking few steps. Though we can’t do much on the calories burnt during “Deep rest” mode, we can concentrate on other areas by taking actions as listed below. If we combine all these actions during our weight loss effort, we can get much better result than solely depending on diet restriction.
  1. Eat right food at right time – Do not get into starvation mode, it leads to lack of energy in our body which results in slow metabolic rate. Our body accommodate the low energy level by slowing down the calories burnt. Drink lot of cold water, this helps to burn more calories as our body try to keep us warm.
  2. Exercise regularly – Plan your workouts at least five days a week, it should be consistent and regular. The interval training will increase the metabolic rate considerably. This is nothing but high intensity workout followed by normal one. For example, during jogging, go for 30 seconds high speed jogging followed by 30 seconds normal running.
  3. Non-exercise activities – Concentrating on all our non-exercise activities will play a considerable role in our weight reduction. We ignore this part most of the time, but it has high level of influence in burning calories. This could be as simple activities as, 
    • Choosing stairs instead of lift or escalators.
    • Completing household stuff by ourselves.
    • Not always sitting in front of desk, prefer to stand whenever possible
    • Walking as much as we can
    • Doing all simple stuff by ourselves everyday.
  4. Choice of food – There are certain foods like whole grains, berries, egg whites, lentils, peppers, chillies, fish, cinnamon, caffeinated coffee, green tea helps to improve the metabolism rate. Always watch out calories where it comes from and make sure we get calories from fibre rich foods rather from sugary dessert.
After getting a customized diet plan from a professional if we can make these little steps to boost our metabolism rate, I’m sure we will get the desired result at the earliest and can keep our body weight under control.
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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Relationships and Finance: How to Get 2017 Started Off Right

Many couples have a difficult time learning how to manage finances as a couple, especially if they spent the last several years budgeting only their own income. Even experienced couples can get off track in their management of money. With 2017 barely begun, this is a terrific time to sit down with your significant other and look over your financial situation, make money decisions, plan for financial freedom and long-term goals. Some of the topics that come up repeatedly in couples’ financial planning are student debt, credit card debt, and general budgeting. This post is going to dispense advice on all three topics to give you a starting place for the first financial conversation of the new year.

Student Loan Repayment:

If you borrowed for college and haven’t paid it all off yet, student loan payments are likely to be one of your three biggest monthly expenses – the other two being rent or a mortgage, and possibly a car payment. In other words, student loan debt is something that needs to be budgeted for by couples, whether one or both of them are borrowers. The first step is to formulate a strategy for paying it off, and this depends on a variety of factors such as available income, other debts, and other financial goals. Think about, and discuss, whether each individual’s income will be used to pay down their individual student loan debt or whether income is going to be pooled together and put toward payments. If one half of a couple earns significantly more than the other then this is an even more important conversation to have. You’ll want to make sure you are each on the same page in order to avoid hurt feelings or resentment later on.

These days, many federal borrowers are on income-contingent repayment plans. Your marital status and your tax filing status may affect how large your federal student loan payments will be, depending upon the type of plan you choose. So before having the discussion about student loan repayment as a couple, first find out from your servicers which plans you are on and what plans are available. Moreover, as a couple it is going to be easier to meet the qualifications needed to refinance student debt. By refinancing and consolidating through a private company, you can expand the number of repayment options available. Part of your financial planning may involve switching repayment plans for one or both of you.

Credit Card Debt:

Almost all couples have credit card debt. Debt that is acquired during their time as a couple, and which relates to expenses for household use, mutual vacations, overspending etc., is usually not too painful of a conversation to have. When the conversation gets trickier is when credit card debt acquired prior to the start of the relationship is discussed, or debt acquired during the relationship but for the benefit of only one individual. Whether married or not, any committed couples sharing finances should discuss who is responsible for paying off one-sided debt brought into the relationship. If the couple will pay it off with pooled income, then credit card payments should be incorporated into the mutual budget. If the person who acquired the credit card debt is going to pay it off themselves, then a discussion should be had concerning which part of their income goes toward that debt versus the portion that goes into the couples’ mutual, recurring expenses.

General Budgeting:

Your budgeting conversation is going to depend a great deal on how combined your finances are. Is each half of the couple maintaining almost complete financial independence? Or have finances, both income and debt, been completely merged? Or, as many couples are, do you fall somewhere in-between these two extremes? Assuming that your finances are completely or somewhat merged, you will need to discuss and plan a general budget for your lives and household. A budget allows couples to plan for their financial priorities, such as recurring monthly expenses like housing and groceries, short- and long-term goals such as vacations and retirement, and payment of debt such as the student loan and credit card payments we’ve already discussed. Moreover, budgeting as a couple allows both people to be transparent and honest in their priorities and more accountable to their goals as a couple.

Some couples take the plunge and completely merge their finances. If you take this route, you will only need one budget for all of your needs. However, some couples choose to only partially merge their money. For instance, if you and your significant other have very different spending and saving habits, or if one or both of you feel strongly about maintaining a degree of financial independence, you might choose to keep some portion of your income as “me money” to save or spend without needing to get anyone’s approval. Again, this will affect how you budget as a couple, since you’ll first need to split your income, and sometimes debts, between individual budgets and the couple budget you both share.

If you haven’t yet had these discussions, and have been winging it so far, the start of the year is the perfect time to take control of your finances. Your relationship will thank you!
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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Why I’m saying BLOGGER is the best blogging platform?

Blogger is the best hosting platformThere are many articles written about BLOGGER and its shortcoming as a best blogging platform comparing with others. There is no question of popularity and usage of other platforms in the blogging World, but I feel no reason to downgrade BLOGGER platform in any way.

To get more clarity on choosing the best blogging platform, it is must to understand the type of bloggers. The bloggers can be broadly classified into Personal, Professional, and Business bloggers. Those writing about personal stuff, it could be anything and everything based on his / her own opinion and experience. The Professional bloggers falls into the same category, but they write on the subjects based on their knowledge, skills, experience to make money and they live by blogging to some extent. Business bloggers are the one who write about business they own or for others, this could be product reviews, promotional content, offers from their business.

As long as the blogger belongs to Personal Blogger category, they have to do cost effective way of blogging. All they want a medium to communicate their thoughts to the World and the medium should be reliable and secure. I feel the Professional bloggers also consider the inexpensive way of blogging unless otherwise they are making huge amount of money in blogging. All they need the template for the blog to publish the post, custom domain, option to place the widgets for Affiliate links, Adsense, Banner ads and providing links for their social media for subscription. I don’t think anything else required as claimed by most of the articles written in many blogs on the Internet in support of self hosting sites. If you read through these blogs, I’m sure you can find a link pointing towards a self hosting site with a share of affiliation. They claim that you can host a website less than $5 per month, but the catch is it’s applicable only for the first year and subsequent renewal charges will be high. They may increase the charges year on year, you don’t have a choice. I think I may end up with minimum $100 per year if I opted for self hosting irrespective of the offer on the first year subscription.

On the other hand, I’m using BLOGGER just for $10 per year for my custom domain, hosting is absolutely free and enjoying all the benefits as a Personal blogger and Professional blogger to some extent. I don’t think I need to switch to self hosting sites for my blog unless I’m seeing real visible impact in near future. I would like to list down the 8 key reasons why I’m saying BLOGGER is the best blogging platform for me.
  1. Google owns BLOGGER, I can use many of its built-in features like Analytics, Adsense and can connect all my accounts easily for tracking. All I need a Google account, it’s simple.
  2. It has robust security systems provided by Google, I no need to spend additional money on separate security plug-ins for protection.
  3. BLOGGER is almost live all the time, not much downtime reported for maintenance or for any other major issues.
  4. There are plenty of theme templates available and I can customize the appearance with my limited technical skills.
  5. I no need to worry about bandwidth, it has unlimited bandwidth and can get as much as traffic to my blog. I can keep adding images to my post without looking at storage space, there is no limitation.
  6. It has option to take back-ups anytime, many times without any restrictions.
  7. It is cheap, blog with blogspot extension is absolutely free, and I have opted for custom domain for USD 10 per year and the hosting is free. Good deal, isn’t it?
  8. I feel the BLOGGER dashboard is simple, easy to navigate and control.
There are many arguments against BLOGGER on the Internet, but again if I look at the blogging category where I belong to there is nothing to worry. I’m listing down 3 key points against BLOGGER claimed by the self hosting promotional blogs.
  1. It doesn’t look professional – As I mentioned earlier, if you go for custom domain and customize the template it looks professional, nothing can pull down BLOGGER in this front.
  2. SEO disadvantage – This is the one all self hosting blogs highlight as a major drawback, but there is no valid proof that blog hosted in BLOGGER has SEO disadvantage.
  3. Google will shut down BLOGGER at anytime – Again, this is an assumption used as a key selling point against BLOGGER. I’m wondering, if Google having millions of blogs in BLOGGER platform and promoting Adsense through these blogs why they are going to stop that revenue?
I would like to conclude that as long as you are comfortable and meeting your blogging objective, nothing wrong continuing with BLOGGER platform as its’ cost effective. The blogging objective could be your self-satisfaction, revenue numbers or simply sharing your thoughts. If you come across any self hosting promotional blogs, read through the lines for any affiliation link to ensure there is no bias in the article and take your decision weighing pros and cons considering above points.
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Monday, 19 December 2016

Can I simply go on a Diet to reduce weight?

Diet Plan for Weight Reduction
The moment we realize that we are getting overweight we plan to go for a diet. We often prepare this diet plan on our own from available sources. But, there are couple of questions that we need to consider before going for a diet plan. We need to take time to genuinely answer these questions.

  • Is there a common healthy diet for everyone to follow?
  • Can I start dieting without consulting a Professional? 
  • Am I able to consistently follow the diet plan?
  • What best physical activities I can accommodate along with my diet plan?
There is no common diet plan which suits for everyone. The diet plan has to be customized to get the targeted benefits. Though we can find lot of tips on diet plan from Internet, it may not fit for our purpose. The diet plan highly depends on individual body type and condition. The moment we think about overweight, we decide to reduce the Fat and Carbohydrates in our food. But, the reality is different; it is not the fat, protein, or carbohydrates that making us fat. It is the inability of our body cells to convert the foods into energy called metabolism. Hence, it’s getting stored as fat. To overcome this, we need to have right balance of food with appropriate ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates to fuel our body metabolism to work. This cannot happen by just following a common diet plan, but with highly customized diet to meet the purpose.

Getting customized diet plan is a Science, we need to acknowledge this and consult experienced Professional to get our diet plan done. The dietician will calculate the BMI based on our weight and height, analyze the body type, and listen carefully our current food intake, lifestyle, medical condition to prepare a detailed diet plan. This is the best way to get our diet plan customized to suit our body type and health condition. Finding the right food for our body that can convert into energy is the only way to reduce the weight. This can be done only by Professional, if we try to prepare the diet plan on our own it may not help and may leads to poor health condition.

After customizing the diet plan with the help of Professional, it is important to follow the diet consistently. We need to take a pledge to follow the diet plan without any break to reap the full benefits. There are no shortcuts in weight reduction, we need to keep this in mind and work towards the goal with lot of patience and high level of perseverance.

Once we get the proper diet plan and we pledge to follow the diet diligently, we need to accommodate good physical activities such as walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. This could be anything related to cardio exercises and this has to be practiced at least five days in a week.

To summarize this, if we go for a diet plan on our own without Professional help it may not give desired result for us. We could be in one among the millions trying to do it on their own and failed, gained weight instead of losing. Remember, diet without scientific backing leads to food craving which results in overeating. Hence, it is advisable to follow well defined steps as outlined above,
  • Evaluate the body type and health condition by Expert
  • Get diet plan prepared by a Professional
  • Pledge to follow the diet consistently
  • Add good physical activities to supplement the diet plan. 
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Friday, 18 November 2016

How to earn free Gift cards and cash with Swagbucks?

Swagbucks to earn money online
Yes, it’s a free money you are going to get by spending few minutes in a day. I don’t want to exaggerate this online opportunity, but I have tried, tested and benefited out of it. Hence, I thought I can write about a post for others to make use of it.

I’m talking about Swagbucks, way to earn your Free Gift cards or cash online. It’s an online medium which rewards its members with free cash, gift cards for the task they do online. This includes simple tasks such as watching videos, searching the internet, doing surveys, finding great deals and shopping online. All these tasks help members to earn points in Swagbucks, which they can redeem for free gift cards from leading retailers like Walmart, Amazon, or get paid through Paypal.

This is amazing, isn’t it? Let’s see how Swagbucks works.

Sign Up: It’s simple and free, register in Swagbucks Website to become a member. You can complete the signup process in a minute.

Shop Online: There are 1500+ retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks in Swagbucks for members to shop online and earn SB points (SwagBucks Points). Added to this, members will get exclusive deals and coupons for cash back from the retailers.

Online Surveys: Your opinion counts, companies are thriving for consumer data for their product analytics. These data will be turned into information for companies to develop their marketing strategies. The Marketing research companies looks for all possible ways to get these data from consumers. As the internet getting penetrated into all corners, they are using online survey to collect these data from different regions for variety of products. In Swagbucks, members will get many surveys to answer and they can earn SB points to redeem gift cards and cash.

Watch Videos: It’s really fun to watch entertaining videos and earn points. This is one of the cool ways to earn SB points in Swagbucks, you can de-stress yourself and earn money at the end.

Offers: Swagbucks having tie-up with certain brands where members can earn SB points when they buy from these brands. These SB points can be used to redeem gift cards and cash, this is like getting the original purchase at discounted value.

Web Search: All of us search online in almost all the days. Swagbucks offer its members SB points for the search using Yahoo powered search engine. This is like adding pennies in our kitty every day for the task we do anyway.

Play Games: I love playing games online, it’s one of the cool ways to get myself engaged to pass the leisure time. Swagbucks members earn SB points when they purchase games or play online games. These points can be redeemed for gift cards and cash.

I found Swagbucks is one of the fair medium to earn online money and gift cards. I invite you to try and share your experience. You can download their mobile app as well to do the shopping, watch the videos and answer the surveys on the go.
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