Sunday, 7 August 2016

How to help your Children to get rid of gadgets and Television

Children Watching TV
In the modern World, our Children are easily get addicted to gadgets and television. They find very difficult to spend time without these gadgets. At times, they forget to eat, play with other children when they are in front of them. They just get themselves fixed in front electronic devices. If Parents tell them to go and play outside, they are not interested since they got tied up to these addicts. This will lead to lot of problems in future. They will not go along with others when they grow up, loose physical fitness as they are not playing outdoors and they will not get motivated in concentrating their studies.

In old golden days most of the people lived in a joint family. Therefore the Children growing in the joint family had many advantages. They share their thoughts with their Grandparents. The elders also engage them in many ways like telling stories and their own experience in life. They spent lot of time with Children and play with them. They take a walk with them outside. Unfortunately, today's kids missing all these experiences. Parents are always busy, hence they couldn't spend time with their kids.

During childhood, Parents try to feed their Children by showing them TV and gadgets. It’s one of the primary reason Kids getting addicted with gadgets and TV. This becomes the habit for the Children to watch television when they grow up. When Parents are busy, they ask the Children to watch TV to get them diverted. This is also one of the reasons they are getting their attention to TV.

As a Parent, we need to make some simple steps for our Children to help them to get rid of these impulsive habits.
  • We should first reduce watching TVs and try to spend time with our Children.
  • While feeding our kids we can tell stories or about the food they eat or show them something outside instead of sitting in front of any gadgets.
  • If they are too fond of watching the Television or playing in the gadgets we can reduce them gradually by fixing time limits in front of these devices.
  • We can encourage them to see good programs rather than surfing through the channels.
  • We can take them for a walk outside by explaining them the good things they admire outside.
  • Encourage them to read books.
  • Make them to help us in gardening so that they feel happy to be engaged with these activities.
  • We can play with them to spend our leisure time.
  • We can take them to different places , it helps them to expand their knowledge and know more about this World.
As parents we need to try our best for the kids to get rid of electronic gadgets and television, so that they can spend their time wisely. It helps them to be active always instead of sitting in one place and watching the Television or playing with gadgets. Let them enjoy the Real World.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Do you really need Financial Freedom in life? If yes, follow the simple steps

How to achieve Financial Freedom
This is the common question everywhere in recent times, you can see many articles written in this topic. Is that everyone looking for Financial Freedom? What is tempting to get this in our early life? Is that attainable by all? Do you need to sacrifice a lot to reach the FF? There are lot of questions in our mind, but answers can’t be found easily.

To keep it simple, yes, you need Financial Freedom. Is this achievable? Yes, it is. But, how are you going to attain FF? This is where you need to work on the customized plan to suit your background, lifestyle and age. You can’t simply take a common plan to get this done. It should be tailored to meet the various needs of an individual. It doesn’t mean that you need to spend lot of money to get the plan prepared with a help of Financial Planner. Indeed it’s helpful, but not mandatory if you have the adequate knowledge.

There is a path to achieve the Financial Freedom in life. In simple term, you need to Earn more, Spend less, Save more and Invest All savings wisely. This will be a broader outline, one has to plan in detail of each phase of this cycle.

Earn More:

As soon as you complete education, it is vital to get into a well paid job. At times, you may not find the well paid job initially, but still you should try to get more at the earliest. There are many opportunities to earn multiple incomes. It could be a part time job, online earning, spouse job, Royalty bonus etc. But, you need to make sure to find some legitimate ways to earn more money from the beginning.

Spend Less:

Not only earning more is important, spending less also key to achieve Financial Freedom. Need to prepare a budget every month and you have to stick to that. No one can create wealth by spending money more than their earning. You need to keep a track of each and every expenses, it helps to bring control in spending.

Save More:

Earning more and spending less will result in more saving. It will give you the option to do what you want in life. Accumulate as much as possible to buy right kind of asset which will grow over a period of time. The systematic saving, and accumulation of money gives you confidence in life.

Invest All:

After accumulating the money, it is very important to invest the money wisely. If you keep the money in savings account, it will not yield adequate return. You need to learn and develop knowledge on investment products and choose the one wisely to invest the money you saved.

Keep repeating this for 10 to 15 years in your early career, Earn more, Spend less, Save More, and Invest All saving wisely. You will have good amount of Wealth by end of this period which gives you passive income to enjoy rest of your life. Again, this is easy to say than follow, you need to prepare your mind to do this diligently, repeatedly to reap the full benefits.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Height or Weight, get it right for your Children

As a parent we all want our children to get healthy growth when they grow up with age. It is very important that children gets nutritious food at the young age especially when they are below 10 years old. Healthy food helps them to get right mix of vitamins, minerals and proteins. In today’s fast phased World, most of the parents ignoring or not concentrating the food what they are feeding their children.

There may be varied reason for not feeding right food for the children at their early age, but it is vital that parents have to correct this. We can’t compromise our child health for whatsoever reason in our life. There is no point getting anxiety seeing them not getting enough growth with age as other children. Parents have to look at how they can help their children to get the right mix of food.

How to identify that your children are not healthy? To make it simple, parents have to monitor their children activities closely such as,
  • How are they active in the playground?
  • Are they getting tired often?
  • How is their food intake?
  • Any lack of interest in studies?
  • What feedback they are getting from school?
  • Is there any weight loss recently?
  • Are they falling sick frequently?
  • Is there any progress in their height?
These are some of the basic questions parents have to ask themselves and closely observe their children for the answer. The findings can’t be ignored with compromising answers, but needs to be taken for further investigations and remedial. It is always better to prevent than cure later. As soon as parent finds anything abnormal with reference to the above questions they need to see, consult experts to overcome the findings.

If your findings are leading to any abnormality for these questions, most of the time the reason could be lack of growth. To my opinion, it is very important to get this identified at very early age and parents have to help their children to catch up their lost growth. This is a primary responsibility of each parent as they are the one who brings their children into this World and they need to make sure their children growing up healthy with age. Parents have to guide their children to lead healthy and balanced life both physically and psychologically for better future.

Food and health supplement drinks plays a key role in growth of our children. There are many scientists and paediatric experts around the World involved in research to discover right product to gain the loss of growth among children.  The International Pediatric experts designed a product Horlicks Growth+ which is a specialized nutrition product for the children who are lagging behind in height and weight in the age group of 3 – 9 years. It contains added nutrients and high quality whey protein that are known to enable children regain the lost growth. The result has been clinically proven, have seen visible growth in 6 months among children.

Horlicks Growth+ contains ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals which are normally found in natural food to enhance the growth. The rich proteins and nutrients present in this supplement drink helps children to get healthy weight gain. The high quality whey protein helps to get the growth. Horlicks Growth+ comes in Chocolate and Vanilla flavours to enhance the taste, can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Let’s focus on the health of our children, spend enough time to make sure they are getting right food to leads healthy and balanced life. Height or weight, let us get it right for our children for Happy Living.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

How to protect our skin this summer?

How to protect our skin from hot sun
When we hear the word summer we get frightened of it, considering the hot sun and its impact on our skin. When we go out under the sun we soon get tired due to dehydration. It makes our skin dry, wrinkles, marks, and rashes. We need to overcome all these and make ourselves active. Here are some tips to be followed to keep our skin healthy during summer.

Be aware on the impact of Sun to our skin:

Sun exposure is not completely bad and unhealthy. We get Vitamin D from it. But too much of exposure will spoil our skin. The maximum time you can spend under the sun to gain vitamin is about 15 minutes. The time can be before 10 A.M. and after 2 P.M. Over exposure of skin to sun leads to difficulties.   
Using sunscreen lotions:

Nowadays we get many sun screen lotions. We need to carefully check the chemical added to it before we start using them. Many lotions may cause damages to the skin. First we have to notice the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) before applying them. SPF means they allow withstanding the skin for some more time that before. It is better to use the lotion which has SPF 15. If you have oily skin don’t use lotion having SPF greater than 20 and buy lotion which has oil free.

Wear proper clothing:

Clothes which we wear during summer should be cotton cloths which help us to be cool. It absorbs the sweat from our body and makes us to feel good. We can wear sunglasses to protect our sensitive eyes. We can also close our face with small cloth so that it does not get exposure to sun.

Give skin a break:

During this season it is good to get rid-off applying make-up. Wash your face often to make you feel cool. Avoid applying powders or any chemical based creams which can close your skin pores and make you feel itching.

Shower after swimming:

Always have shower before and after swimming which makes your skin to be good. Chlorinated water in the swimming pool may make your skin feel dry. It may also cause rashes in the skin. It is good to have showers twice a day during summer.

Avoid using perfumes directly on the skin:

It is better to avoid using perfumes directly on the skin which may affect the skin when it gets exposed with the sun. So during summer it is better to use some fragrance liquid on the clothes instead of spraying perfumes on the body.

Drink plenty of water and eat healthy food:

Due to heat our body may get dehydrated and feel tired. To overcome this we need to drink plenty of water than the normal time. Eat healthy foods during summer to be fit. It is good to add watery vegetables and curd regularly in your food.
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