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Welcome to WEEKEND-WINDUP, a personal blog on Family & Living for a healthy and happy life.

I bought this domain in the month of October, 2011 and established this personal blog. This blog is all about taking small steps for a happy, healthy and peaceful life with family & living. In this blog, you can find posts related to healthy lifestyle, parenting, family vacation, shopping, deals and discounts. I’m sharing my knowledge gained by reading and personal experiences. Therefore, treat this blog ONLY as information sharing, and do your own research before making any decision

We all wish and want to have a relaxed peaceful life. But thanks to the fast paced world, we are not taking effort to spend time with family, as a result our carefree busy lifestyle messed up the happiness in our family. Therefore, it is necessary to take time to learn, unlearn the ‘things of the past’ and act upon the required changes to rejuvenate our family & living. I’m trying to explore myself into this topic to share my thoughts in this blog. In nutshell, this is what you will find on Weekend-Windup:

    • Simpler, smarter tips for a happy & healthy family
    • Frugal, but comfortable living by careful planning
    • Post with an objective to solve a problem – A kind of ‘How To’
    • Relevant product highlights for informed shopping experience for lifestyle requirements
    • All about Parenting, a key contributor to build a sound family

    To talk about myself, I’m passionate about the things I’m interested and strive to make best use of what I know. I try to make a difference by adding value in my activities every day, finding my own path that takes me to the joy of personal fulfillment.  Get excited to surf on the Internet, especially working on this blogging platform. I look at this blog as a medium to influence positive change by way of sharing information. Always thrive to be in positive environment surrounded by people with love, forgiveness, belief and compassion.

    Thanks for your visit, encourage you to visit Disclaimer page as well. If you have any comments or if you feel that any of the information provided in this blog is inaccurate or not appropriate in any way and want the blog owner to amend it (subject to satisfaction of the blog owner with your claim), feel free to reach through this  contact form [OR] email