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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Weekend Trip To Yercaud, Salem

All of us love to spend our vacation in Hill station under greenery trees and moving clouds. But, it becomes more expensive year on year as demand increases. It’s very difficult to find affordable vacation surrounded by natural paradise. Yercaud is one among the affordable hill station where people can enjoy the climate with their loved one, best suited for a weekend vacation.

Yercaud is located in Salem district, Tamilnadu, India. The entire hill area is known as Shevaroy Hills. It is around 5000 ft above sea level. The temperature stays between 13 0C (55 0F) to 29 0C (84 0F). Coffee plantations, Jackfruits, Oranges, and Pears are grown in plenty in this region. This is an excellent weekend outing for those who love trekking. The drive through 30 KM by road from Salem to Yercaud is amazing with scenic view, it has 20 hairpin bends. There are lot of monkeys on the way waiting for food from tourists. As there are steep hairpin bends, good driving skills required to drive through this roadway.

Weather: Yercaud gets average rainfall during July to September. Summer starts from March and goes till end of June. Winter season falls between November to February, temperature varies from 13 0C to 25 0C during this period. This is the best time to visit Yercaud to enjoy good weather.

Languages: Tamil is the widely spoken language, and tourist can manage with English as well.

How to reach Yercaud: The nearest city is Salem, which is 36 KM from Yercaud. Tourist can come by Air, Train or Road transport till Salem city. They have to travel only by road to reach Yercaud hills, driving through 20 Hairpin bends. The average distance from major cities are, Chennai 350 KM, Coimbatore 200 KM, Bangalore 240 KM approximately by road.

Accommodation: There are plenty of hotels available to stay ranging from budget to luxury resorts. During peak season, one has to book the hotel in advance to ensure the availability.

Weekend trip to Yercaud

Places to visit in Yercaud:

Yercaud Lake, Pagoda Point, Botanical Garden, Kiliyur Water Falls, Lady’s seat, Bear’s Cave, Servaroyan Temple, Montfort School, Rose Garden, Holy Trinity Church, 32-KM Loop Road, and Anna Park

Yercaud Lake – It’s otherwise known as Emerald Lake, one of the key attractions for tourists in Yercaud. It is located at the middle of the town, just opposite to the Anna Park in Yercaud. It’s a natural pond, not too big or small for boating. There are lot of shops, small eateries and ample walk-way around this Lake. The boating house in Yercaud Lake has pedal, motor and row boating to meet the interest of the tourists. Pedal boat can accommodate 2 – 4 people, maximum 5 in row boat and 8 people can be seated in motor boat. There is an entry fee for the Lake and they charge boating fee separately based on the type of boat you chose, it varies from 100 – 500 Indian Rupees. The wait time is longer during peak crowded season. Except pedal boat, a boatman will accompany you during the ride. Other than boating, tourist can enjoy the scenic beauty around the Yercaud Lake and a small deer park nearby. There is plenty of parking facility available next to this Lake with small fee. It is real fun spending couple of hours in Yercaud Lake during vacation and it would be a great experience.

Weekend getaway in Yercaud

Pagoda Point – It is located around 8 KM from the Yercaud town centre, will take 20 minutes drive by car. It is well connected by road, but one needs to be careful while approaching the spot as there is a steep narrow road to reach the Pagoda Point. There are plenty of Autos available to hire from Yercaud town if you don’t prefer own drive. Pagoda Point is the highest tip in Yercaud on the Servarayan hill at 5300 feet from the sea level. It provides good panoramic view of scenic beauty, best time to visit this place is during sunset and sunrise. There are small shops in this place selling toasted corns, biscuits, fruits, water and games for children. A small watch tower with telescope is available to see the view from this spot. Pagoda Point is one of the must visit places in Yercaud. The best time to visit this place is during September – January to experience the cloudy nature.

Weekend vacation to Yercaud

Botanical Garden – This is just 2 KM away from Yercaud Lake, well connected by road. Yercaud Botanical Garden is a lovely place to see the beautiful plants and large trees. There are wide ranges of plants labelled with their botanical names. But this place can’t be compared with Ooty Botanical garden as Yercaud Botanical garden is primarily to research rare plants, herbs and trees in natural surroundings. This is a good place for botanical students to study various plants and trees. Tourist visiting this place should keep the expectation minimal as there are lot of room for improvements and maintenance.

Killiyur Falls – The best time to visit nearby Killiyur falls in Yercaud is just after rainy season, mostly after October, otherwise there won’t be any water in the falls. Good to check with localities on the water flow before planning a visit. Be prepared for a good walk towards downhill from Yercaud to reach the Killiyur falls. It it’s worth for fitness freak to try this long steep stretch in forest like environment. It is not advisable for elders and children as there are around 300 steps to climb down and up. It is advisable to carry a bottle of water as climbing up from the Killiyur Falls is very exhaustive and tiring. Be careful if you are carrying any food items as there are lot of monkeys around.


  1. Affordable accommodation can be so difficult to find but a holiday is generally a nice thing, I like getting away and having a break

  2. Alas, my poor driving skills rule me out on this one. Nice post though. Seems like a great place to visit.

  3. Good to read your post and information.

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  4. That is a beautiful place! Your love for the travel is evident.

    Like L.Belle above, I can't drive. I got lost in Rite Aid once.