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Friday, 7 September 2018

How to stop Bedwetting?

How to stop bedwetting
Bedwetting is an unintentional passage of urine while sleeping, it is not a big concern for kids until they attain 5 years old. Most of the children manage to achieve some level of bladder control once they are 5 years old. If the children continue bedwetting after growing up beyond 5 years, then this has to be looked into by parents to help the kids to get out of this habit. A study found that 15% of kids at the age of 5 have the habit of bedwetting, 5% at the age of 10, and 2% at the age of 12. At early age, bedwetting is most common among boys than girl children. This is because girl children get matured faster than boys.

Bedwetting is normal: First, parents should be clear on this fact – bedwetting is normal for kids, don’t make them feel embarrassing in front of others. When a kid comes and tells about their bedwetting, parents should not get tensed, scold and punish them. To make it worst, parents shouldn’t compare them with other children. If they do, it makes the situation bad. Instead, they have to console their child, listen to them and make them comfortable.

Causes of bedwetting: Bedwetting happens during sleep when the brain doesn't recognise the signal sent from the bladder when it is full. Hence, kids unaware of the situation they relaxes the bladder to start urinate without realising that they are on bed. This usually happens during deep sleep as children has smaller bladder. Also, bedwetting run in families and it could be genetic. There is a misconception among parents that bed-wetting is due to emotional, but there is no proven evidence to support this.

How to help children to overcome bedwetting?

Practise children to urinate: At times, children don’t go to restroom if they are busy in playing, watching television or anything they got engaged with. This is unhealthy which may result in pain over a period of time. When kids are growing up, parents should practice them regularly to go to restroom to urinate. Similarly, parents should make sure that children urinate before going to bed at night, this helps to clear the bladder before going for long sleep during night. This may sound childish, but this is one of the habit parent should teach their children during initial days while they are growing up.

Don’t wakeup children from deep sleep: Some parents go overboard by waking up their children during their deep sleep to take them to restroom to urinate. This is not advisable, because over a period of time, children may lose the sensation to urinate and they don’t listen to the natural call from brain when the bladder gets full. Hence, they couldn’t realise while sleeping and they start depending on someone to wake them up during night otherwise they continue with bedwetting. Also, they lose sleep at night which may cause other health issues. Remember, children should get sound sleep during night, parents should make sure on this from their early days.

Help them to get rid of fear: Sometimes children feel scared to use the toilet during night since it is dark everywhere or restroom is far from their bedroom. Hence, they may not feel comfortable to get out of bed to go to restroom during night. To help the children to get away from this fear, parents should talk to them and make them understand, may provide proper lighting if required.

Less fluids intake before going to bed: In general, drinking plenty of water is good for health, hence parents advice children to drink more water as it helps to stay healthier. It is good to drink plenty of water during the day time. But if they consume lot of water or fluids during night before going to bed the bladder get full and it may leads to bedwetting for children if they are not sensing the urge to urinate during their sound sleep. Hence, parents should make sure their children drinks enough water during day time, but limited fluids before going to bed.  It is good if they stop drinking water at least two hours before going to bed. Foods like coffee, tea, chocolates may cause irritation in the bladder which may causes bedwetting for children.

Constipation: Constipation may be one of the reasons for bedwetting. A rectum is located behind the bladder. When this rectum is filled with thick poop it puts pressure on the bladder, this weakens the bladder which results in bedwetting. If parents noticed that their children not poop properly or the stool is hard then they have to make sure to feed their children with more fluids and fibre content foods to get rid of constipation.

Bedwetting alarm: Bedwetting alarm is a device used to check the moisture level, it helps the child from bedwetting. It is a small device which is attached to the underwear of the child. If this device senses any moisture it starts to vibrate or gives a sound which makes the child to wake up and go to rest room for urination.

Give them reward: Parents should find innovative ways to encourage their children to avoid bedwetting. It could be giving gifts, taking them to their favourite shows or anything which makes them happy. This motivates children to be conscious and take all preventive steps to avoid bedwetting.

Consult a doctor: If nothing of the above works even after trying for considerable period of time, then parents should consult a doctor for advice.

These steps help parents to guide their children to get away from bedwetting. I encourage you to share your experiences, learning in comments below as it helps young parents.
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    Agreed that girls do mature earlier and have better control.

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