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Friday, 10 August 2018

Know your health by reading Nails

Know your health by looking at your nails
Our nails are an important organ in our body, it is a type of modified skin which helps to protect the tip of our toes and fingers. Unfortunately, we don’t take care much as we do with other parts of the body. On the other hand we do apply different chemically bounded nail polish and hide the real beauty of it. When we go to doctor for any consultation, they always see the nails and eyes. There is a saying ‘Know your health by Nails’, looking at our nails doctors can get to know the basic understanding of what is wrong in our body.

The below tips are helpful to get to know our health by reading the nails.

Pale Nails: Healthy nails don’t look pale, they have mild pinkish colour spread evenly, but non-healthy nails looks pale. If the nails looks pale, it indicates that there are lack of haemoglobin in our blood and it could leads to anaemia, liver disease, may be heart failure if we don’t consult doctor for preventive care.

White Nails: All of us have a small white patch at the bottom of the nail which is normal, but if the size of the white patch in the nails varies then we need to consult a doctor. If the white patch is over half of the nail bed then it may be the symptom of diabetes and high blood pressure. If the white patch is about two third of the nail bed then it may be the symptom of liver failure. This type of nail is said to be Terry's nail, sometimes this type of nails may be due to aging.

Yellow Nails: This type of nail appears due to fungal infection. It looks in yellow colour, occurs primarily due to the frequent usage of nail polish and smoking. It may be the symptom of diseases such as thyroid, diabetes, psoriasis, or respiratory issues.

Blue Nails: Blue nail is the symptom of lack of oxygen in our body. It says that the body parts are not receiving enough oxygen for normal functioning. This may be caused due to improper function of lungs and heart in our body.

Rippled or Pitted or Dent Nails: This type of nails looks like dent and small craters on them. This is an earlier symptom for psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis which may affect the joints. This may also trigger itching and scaly rash on the skin. Pitted nails are also known as rippled nails.

Cracked or Split or Brittle Nails: If we frequently immerse our hands in water during cleaning vessels, washing clothes, swimming etc. we may get this type of nail. Also, if we are crazy in applying nail polish like first applying one colour then removing them using nail remover, applying another colour then it leads to brittle or split nails. This happens due to the chemicals present in the nail polish, detergents etc. This type of nail is common among many people, better to consult a doctor for preventive care. The cracked nails are linked to thyroid disease and if it has yellow colour along with crack then it is the symptom of fungal infection. This may also caused due to vitamin A, B, and C deficiencies.

Black colour on the Nails: If there are black or brown colour stripe or patch on the nails then we need to immediately consult a doctor because this may be caused by melanoma, which causes a dangerous skin disease.

Gnawed Nails: Gnawed nails occur due to nail biting habit. The nail biting habit to be stopped gradually otherwise it leads to stress.

Puffy Nail fold: We may find redness and puffy on the skin around the nails which may be caused due to inflammation. This may affect the healthier tissue around the nail.

Round or Clubbed Nails: Clubbed nails looks like round in shape or enlarged finger tip with the curved nail downwards. This occurs due to improper lung function which causes lack of oxygen in the blood. It may also be the symptom for inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular or liver disease.

Spoon Nails: Spoon nail is also known as concave nails since the nail becomes soft and gets a concave shape like when we place a drop of oil on the nail it will not pour down from the nail. The medical term for the spoon nail is called as Koilonychia. The shape of the nail looks like spoon and the nail is curved at the upper edge. This type of nail may be a sign of iron-deficiency anemia, hemochromatosis (excess of iron), heart disease, or hypothyroidism (thyroid gland releasing too many hormones into our body)

Nail separated from nail bed: If the nail gets separated from its nail bed without any pressure, it may be due to the hormonal imbalance and hypothyroidism.

Overgrown Nails: If the nail grows fast and thicker than normal it may be due to fungal nail infection. The colour of the nail also gets changed. This type of nails may be the symptom for psoriasis or arthritis.

White lines on the Nail: People who undergo dialysis have white lines on the nails. It may be the symptom for anemia, kidney diseases.


  1. My doctor always checks my nails during the annual physical.

  2. Very helpful tips!
    Several years ago I had a toe nail fungus infection after visiting the pedicurist. I soaked my foot into water with vinegar for a couple of weeks and it seemed to help.I'm still in trauma about going to a pedicurist and I do the job myself, which is not easy.

  3. Interesting to read about nails and health, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  4. nails are a mess. They have been cut and smashed over 50 years of working with my hands!

  5. Wow! Some really interesting information about our nails in your post today. Amazing really!

  6. Hello, great info on healthy nails. I would say mine are pink. Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend to you!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Now I know the symptom and cause.

  8. I have notices that my doctor has great nails, but he's never checked mine. I do get a blood test every three months and I think he feels that's good enough. But I will check with him next time.

  9. Very interesting information! Amazing how one's nails can tell so much.

  10. Great health tips. So far I think my nails look quite normal. No nail polish for me.

  11. Good tips here! My nails are so brittle and split probably because I always wear polish and they're in water cleaning a lot and yard work. Thanks for all the info!

  12. I've always heard that the nails tell a story of our health, but your information with all the colors and possible diseases is fantastic and I thank you so much! Very important info Hugs...RO