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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Wigs are nothing to hide, select with pride

How to buy wigs
Wigs are no more only going to be used by those people who lost the hair as younger generation started buying wigs to periodically change their look to catch the trending fashion. It becomes a style quotient and no more a hidden thing. It often brings compliments to you as people think that you are having a stylish haircut without knowing that you are wearing a wig, thanks goes to the latest design, technology, innovation developed in wigs’ industry. Apart from giving new look and style, wigs helps to save money by having limited visit to the saloon for haircut and coloring. All these features influence people buying wigs to try new style.

Wigs are typically made from human hair to give natural look although synthetic fiber also used in some wigs. Wig has long history of use, ancient Egypt used to have their heads shaved to the scalp, and hence they started using wigs to cover up. The trend slowly caught up on other cultures and people started buying wigs to give new look for them. It took many centuries for the wig to go through the makeover to the one what we are seeing today.

Choosing wig: At the beginning, when you start wearing wigs, it is advisable to stick to your own style. It helps to select the wig with appropriate length, texture, color and style. You can slowly add on the changes over a period of time once you used to get wearing the wig. Keep the budget fixed before going for the selection. There are endless opportunities with different styles to experiment for the better look. Do all your research and plan well before buying wigs.

Get your cap-size right: This is like selecting your dress with appropriate size. You need to take correct measurement by three way approach to choose the right wigs.

  • Top circumference
  • Top front end to back end
  • Between ears

Though most of the wigs fit almost 95% of the people, it is good to go with proper measurement while selecting the wig. You can consult professional for the measurement if required. There are wigs with adjustable straps to get the required comfort and fit while fixing. The cap comes with different features like 100% hand tied, mono-filament, lace front and basic cap. This is based on the method of attaching the hair with the cap, each type having its own advantages. You need to make sure the cap size before buying wigs.

Type of hair: Both human and synthetic hair wigs having its own pros and cons. The human hair wigs are natural, hence it require lot of attention and maintenance. On the other hand, synthetic hair wigs can’t be used in hot environment, need to be more careful while using dryer. The human hair wigs are more durable than synthetic hair wigs.

Style selection: Wigs comes in different styles, you can choose wigs with short, medium and long hair to align your natural style. Similarly you can choose variety of colors and its combination based on your interest. Select the wig based on your face shape, round, oval, or square. Don’t overdone, choose carefully that suit your face and body size.

At the end, it is all about how you care your wigs. The beautiful wigs always deserves great care to keep you pleasant when you wear it. Before buying wigs, keep this in mind that wearing wigs require extra effort to maintain it.


  1. Hello, the wigs are made much nicer now. Years ago they looked awful, now they have a more natural look to the wigs. I could never wear one, my scalp would ice like crazy. Enjoy your day!

  2. Thanks for this useful info, especially as our hair thins as we age sometimes.

  3. Wigs can help by giving a rest to one's hair from coloring the grey.

  4. I have never worn a wig, but admire those who can carry the look off. And love that they are getting better and better.

  5. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx

  6. I remember my mum having a couple of wigs when I was a child I would love a nice blonde wig but they are expensive and hard to come by

  7. Thanks for some useful information here.

  8. I have thought about buying a wig to change the color of my hair and look without damaging my natural hair. Great info here!

  9. I never wore surely I will not be, unless I was forced by a situation. However, I do not have against those who wear them. Regards.

  10. I never wear a wig before. But did felt tempted to try it before as I have few friends wearing as a fashion trend.

    Maybe I will get one. Thanks for the tips on getting the right wig.

  11. I've never worn a wig WW, but I have a friend who does, she looks super in different styles.

  12. Wigs have certainly improved …
    A very interesting post, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  13. It's amazing how much better wigs look today than they used to.
    P.S.- Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  14. Good and informative post, thank you!
    I'm amazed at the wigs now, while I do not wear one,a dear friend does and you wouldn't even know it. She looks darling.

    Have a beautiful day~

  15. So enjoyed reading your article on wigs. One of my co-workers has a collection of wigs and she looks awesome!

  16. Yea ...nowadays wigs are very realistic and very stylish

  17. I've never worn a wig, but I'm glad they exist. They help a lot of people look and feel more stylish.