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Sunday, 17 June 2018

How to choose your perfect wedding dress?

How to choose perfect wedding dress
Marriage is a memorable event and choosing perfect wedding dress is one of the tough tasks that every bride undergoes prior to that special occasion. The wedding dress purchase has to be planned carefully as the bride’s wedding attire going to be the center of attraction on the event day. The wedding dress should look rich, but it is important to buy the wedding dress at affordable price to keep the marriage budget within control. Marriage shopping is a time consuming task, should begin early and it is good to have adequate knowledge on the wedding dress that helps you to make right purchase decision.

Top 5 tips to choose your perfect wedding dress:

Though buying your dream wedding dress consume time, effort and cost, if you plan well and start shopping early, it helps to buy good one at affordable price. Decide if you want to go for traditional or trendy one before begin your search.

Start early: Start your search well ahead of the time to see through various options, design, colours before finalizing your dream wedding dress. Go through various magazines, online portals, and visit physical shops to visualize how you want yours. Learn basics about fabrics. If you delay your search then your choices may get limited.

Consult professional: During your search for the perfect wedding dress, get an appointment with consultant to get their view. They will have more ideas to suit your body shape, be open to receive their advice and consider them in your final selection. Don’t bind your search within a set of rules, always be flexible. There are dresses which don’t looks great on hanger but looks good when you wear on and vice versa. Don’t just go with latest trend or fashion, if it not suits you. Don’t be hesitant to ask all questions in your mind on wedding dress to the consultant.

Keep the budget: Always keep a budget for your wedding dress, it is not necessary to spend big amount to find your perfect wedding dress. Many stores have big discount sales once or twice in a year to push the inventory, if you can accommodate those dates then try out. Visit online stores and signup to get new design arrivals and discounts. Finally, ask for discount, nothing harm in asking fair price.

Forget the numbers: Don’t go by the numbers for the size but look for the fit. The size differs with different models and brand, you may need to buy higher size then your normal dress. Don’t select tight fit because you want to reduce weight before the event day. Keep it simple, ignore the numbers and go for the one that fits when you buy your wedding dress.

Take the crew: The crew could be your friends, cousins, mom, sisters or any well wishers, take them with you when you go for the shopping. Make sure to do the trials multiple times, walk around to see the comfort and get their views before finalizing your wedding dress. Though you seek advice from your crew, make sure you 100% love it before making the payment.

If you are going to wedding boutique to buy your wedding dress, make sure the sales team do not influence your buying decision. Get the professional take the measurement. As there are many online shops coming up selling wedding dress, try them to get higher discount, variety of models and option to see the designs from across world. If you are going to buy online, read through their refund policy, delivery timeline and availability for trials.
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  1. Hello, I have no plans on getting married again. So no dress for me. My son is engaged and I may go dress hunting with my future DIL. Thanks for the info, great post. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  2. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day

  3. Definitely take the crew. It helps to get multiple opinions on how each dress looks from the eyes of others.

  4. Reminiscing of my wedding! Haha. Every women's dream to find that right dress.

  5. My wedding dress was a white summerdress I can still wear, and I love doing so. I bought the same one in blue, too (it was rather cheap, but still right for the occasion, I think).

  6. Oh no, wedding dress, I can't stand it again. Why in white?

  7. Just recently celebrating 50 yrs. of marriage, I am no need of shopping for a wedding gown, sorry.

  8. I was so lucky WW, my mum was a fabulous seamstress, she made my wedding dress 😀

  9. Every bride loves choosing her wedding dress.

    All the best Jan

  10. So many pretty dresses to choose from. If I could've I would've had one for the ceremony, one for the cocktail hour and yet another for the reception! If only...