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Monday, 7 May 2018

Top 10 must have accessories for Women

Chose these 10 must have accessories for women
In this growing market competition, there are many new trends coming up in the market under fashion and accessories for women with variety of colours, designs and styles. You can see eye catching, tempting advertisements whenever you open up any web pages, while watching television or reading newspapers. Before you jump into shopping, it is good to take stock of what you have and what you can add up in your accessories list. Here are the top 10 must have accessories for women to keep in the wardrobe, a simple list for great makeover for women.

Sunglasses – It is good to invest in quality sunglasses to safeguard your eyes and stylish at the same time. As this is the one people notice as soon as they see you, choose with care, go with branded one.

Watch – This is an accessory you can wear every single day whether going to office or party. Therefore, it is a good investment to buy branded, quality watch to suit your style. Nice design craftsmanship combined with traditional look suits for all occasions.

Footwear – Select good pair of footwear, look for comfort, design and colourful one. Make sure you have different pair of footwear to wear based on the occasions. It could be a range of sneakers, sandals, high heels or formal shoes. In general, women feel that high heels footwear gives them the level of confidence to look better.

Wallet – You may have started using wallet as soon as you began handling money. If it is cheap and worn out, this is right time to upgrade to a branded quality one. Choose with care as it is going to showcase your brand. Go with colourful

Handbag – This is for everyday use, should be good enough to stuff all your necessities when you go out. Keep two or three different models to take out appropriate one while going to office or parties.

Jewellery – Basic jewelleries like necklace, studs, and bracelet are good to buy. While buying jewellery spend good amount of time, check multiple pricing options, designs online before taking the buying decision. Always remember that the well chosen jewellery enhance the look of any attire. The collection of jewelleries is one of the must have accessories for women.

Travel Bag – This bag should not be too large or too small, but capable enough to carry your essentials during travel. Go for branded quality one as it has to withstand during luggage transit.

Scarf – The blend of cotton and silk scarf not only gives you the better look, but protects you during winter, cold chill wind. Go for colourful one with digital prints and wear the one that suits your outfit.

Classic belt – Buy a classic one to fit your jeans and T-shift. Keep multiple sets to wear for casuals and formals. Belts that fit perfect in your waist also help to keep your posture straight.

Umbrella – You may be thinking that it is not worth spending on buying umbrella, but it saves you during critical rainy days on the street. Go for black one with light design, it looks good.

Go for these simple steps on the makeover that gives the desired better look. If women choose carefully all these 10 must have accessories to suit their taste and comfort, it gives them better confidence level on their appearance.


  1. Thank you for your visit to my blog. I have most (but not all) of these things. And tend to mix and match them.
    I rarely wear a watch any longer though. And never scarves.

  2. ...I travel a lot lighter, just a camera!

  3. I have nine out of the ten. I no longer wear a watch since retirement.

  4. I have 8 out of 10. No belt. And I don't wear a lot of jewelry.

  5. Thanks for posting this ...
    I just love a roomy handbag, to keep essentials in!

    All the best Jan

  6. Hello! Great post!
    Thank for visiting my post and for your kind comment!
    I have 8 of 10 and always with me my camera!
    Wishing you a lovely day!

  7. I have all of them! But these few are important to me whenever I go out -sunglasses, wallet, and watch. And another important stuff is headphone. Cannot go out without it!

  8. Just a casual bag enough for my purse, hand phone & tissue will do for me!

  9. This post is amazing and very useful. thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping at my blog and comment. i am following you. hope you follow me back and we will be in touch.

  10. I have all these things. I used to carry a big bag, but nowadays all that fits into it are my phone, wallet, small camera and a comb, no space to carry more. I also never carry my umbrella as if I suspect rain, it is easier to wear a light waterproof with a hood.
    Thanks for your visit. Have a good week Diane

  11. These are indeed must-haves but I must admit I never spend a lot of money on sunglasses and umbrellas coz I always lose them!

  12. Good list, reminds me I have to clear out my handbag it is too cluttered.

  13. Yep, I pretty much agree with all of them, except belt and scarf. Love handbags and shoes! Good post, I enjoyed reading it.

  14. Yes to all of these. I definitely use all of them!

  15. These are really great ideas, particularly the umbrella, which I always leave at home! (lol) Hugs...RO

  16. I just about had all 10, but I do not wear a belt anymore and have stopped wearing a watch since I have the time on my phone.
    I've been down sizing on my shoes as I usually wear my favorites now that I'm older.
    Fun post and do good to visit with you.
    Thank you for your sweet visit, it was good "seeing" you in my in box. :-)

    Enjoy your day in all its beauty~