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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Creating good environment for children

Parents responsibility in creating good environment for children
In general, the characters of our children are not by birth, but it has been built by environment where they are growing. They learn the habits from whom they are closely associated. As they spent more than 70% of the time with parents, obviously they take them as role model and try to replicate what parents do. Hence, it is very important for parents to behave properly in front of their children. They need to be very careful on the words they speak and the actions they perform.  There are certain DO's and DONT's parents should aware during their parenthood and act in more responsible way. This helps to lead a happy family and let children grow in more positive environment. It is each one of the parents' responsibility to create a good environment for their children to enjoy their childhood.

I’m busy – Your children are not your office colleagues to say ‘I'm busy’ when they come to you for anything. They don’t understand however busy you are, simply they need your time. If you keep using this phrase often, it will hurt them and they start distancing themselves from you. If you are really busy, take couple of minutes, tell them that you have to finish certain task and will get back to them in sometime. This makes them feel that you are listening and supporting them. Try to avoid this word ‘I'm busy’ as much as possible.

Never compare with other children – There is a famous saying 'The five fingers are not same'. Yes, each finger has unique purpose and value. Your children too have unique skills which you need to identify and make them excel. No point comparing them with other children and make them feel degraded. Your children could be good in studies or sports or playing music, it’s your responsibility to identify those interests and get them nurtured from early stage.

Listen to them – This is one of the clear miss from most of the parents, I noticed. When the child says something, don’t nod your head just as a custom of hearing. Listen to your children, they may need your guidance and support. There is a great difference between hearing and listening. If you truly listens them, they will be happy and they come close to you. You can see the bonding between you and your children growing thick over a period of time.

Parents fighting in front of children – This is strict no-no in front of your children. If you do, it will develop more aggressive and adamant behaviour in them. If there are any differences between spouses, you both have to find some private space to discuss and sort out the issues. Parents have to show them happy in front of their children. This makes them feel they are in safe and secure environment at home.

False commitments – This is again parents should never do with their children. If you are promising them anything, make sure you fulfill that promise. It will be good if you think twice before committing anything. For any reason, if you are not able to meet the promise, spend quality time with your children and explain them the situation to make them understand. Initially, they may feel disappointed, but they will understand.

Never discourage, always encourage – Encouraging children is always important, it is vital to develop self confidence in them. Parents have to keep feeding positive thoughts into their children. They need to feel the positive wave if you are around. It really helps them when they face this competitive world when they grow up. The discouragement should be completely avoided, if they are trying to do something really impossible, against the nature, then you need to spend quality time to explain them to understand.
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  1. Hello! Great post and very interesting article!
    It’s very important to encourage our children ,and never fight in front of them,or telling them all the time” I’m busy “!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  2. This is a great post, and you share some very valuable points! Hugs...RO

  3. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx

  4. good advise. A bit hard to do for asian parents but then the world is changing

  5. Good advice and so very true.

  6. Thanks for the advice. Sometime I do forget my responsibility "I am busy" part.

  7. are a full time job, one not to take lightly!

  8. Good advice which I wish I had before I started my family!

  9. This is all very good advice. Even when your kids are teenagers, you need to pay attention and be available and ready to listen when they want to talk.

  10. I appreciate your post very much as I am a mother
    of a teenage boy. These tips will help me a lot.
    You are right, as they say it takes a village to raise a child.
    That is why I am very particular in choosing a good school and
    environment in which he would be in...because his friends and the people that he will interact with everyday will influence him a lot.


  11. Great advice. And adults benefit from similar attention.