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Thursday, 10 May 2018

All about Canvas Printing

All about canvas printing
I’m super excited to get the canvas printing done using my favorite picture that we captured during our last family vacation. As this picture is bright and colourful, I can imagine how beautiful it will be if I get it canvas printed and hang the frame in our living room. But, I was reluctant to find the store to get the printing done as it involves lot of efforts to find the reliable one. This was until I found the online store Canvas Factory, the professional printing expert in canvas printing. They made the entire process simple and easy on their website, all can be done by a click sitting conveniently at home. After selecting the size and style at Canvas Factory online store, just upload your favorite picture and check the preview online before confirming the order. They are reliable and have LiveChat support if you have any queries with your order. To help my readers of this blog, I would like to share few pointers on canvas printing as I learned from various sources.

What is Canvas Printing?

In simple words, canvas printing is to get the picture printed on the stretched canvas and fixed within a frame to display. The eye-catching canvas print gives the aesthetic look, mostly used in interior design to decorate the houses, commercial establishments. The canvas used for this printing is made up of highly durable cotton or polyester fabric. The cotton prints comes with high quality and polyester is more affordable for bold and colourful prints.

Choosing the photos

The quality of the canvas printing is highly depends on the photos we select to print. The photos should have high pixel count, bright and sharp. The higher pixel count per inch (300 dpi) helps to get better print. Always go with digital photo with large size, do not go for canvas printing using photos from Facebook, Whatsapp or photos taken using mobile phone with low resolution. Remember, the selection of photo is always subjective and check the background, focus and composition while selecting the photo for canvas printing.

Selecting the size and style

There are various sizes available to choose for canvas printing, broadly under square, rectangle and panoramic. Also, you can choose various styles such as single canvas print, split, wall display and collage form. The collage form is nothing but combining the related photos under one theme into a single layout. As you go for bigger size, make sure to have better quality photos with high resolution. 

Perfect framing

After getting the photos printed in the stretched canvas, time to select the choice of wrapping to display the canvas printing. There are two types of wrapping frames namely gallery and museum. In gallery wrapping, the canvas is stretched to the edges and pinned at the back. This way, we can see the image front and from the sides. The museum wrapping has the canvas stretched and fixed within the frame, the image can be seen with front view but not sideways.

This is all about canvas printing, I believe these tips helps you to choose the right photos, frame, size, and style to get your desired canvas printing done. The Canvas Factory online store makes your job easy by giving step by step options to select the photo, size and style to order the print and get the canvas print delivered at your doorsteps. Canvas print is the perfect gift for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, valentines’ day and any other special days you count on. You can get the gift directly delivered to your loved one by ordering in Canvas Factory online store.

Disclosure: This is the sponsored post and views expressed in this post are my own, please refer this blog’s full Disclaimer here


  1. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx

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    I have seen canvas printing here too! Thank you for sharing!
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