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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Wearing Wig is no more a hidden thing, select with pride

10 Inch Wavy Lace Front Cap 120% Remy Human Hair
Gone are the days people bought WIG only when they lose hair, nowadays wigs are sold to give new look for young generation. No more it’s a hidden factor as Wigs are become a style quotient. It’s a pride moment when you receive compliment for new haircut without your friends knowing that it’s made up of wig. They can’t easily make out that you are wearing a wig, thanks to latest trend and innovation in the industry. There are many ways to buy the wigs online and physical store, choosing the right one from a online store is one among them. There are many latest trendy wigs available for you to choose by a simple click from your convenient place.

Wigs are having endless benefits as it comes in different color, length, size and style. It helps you to avoid repeated visit to saloon for hair coloring, cuts and maintenance, thus saving your money. It’s a simple addition to your beauty and your day starts with quick convenient makeup in your busy schedule. However, there are certain steps to be followed in choosing and maintaining the wigs. The selection of the wig primarily based on your needs and style requirement. The checklist below helps to choose the right WIG in simple steps.
  • Type of Hair
  • Style
  • Color
  • Cap size
Type of Hair: There are two major hair types in wigs, made up of Human and Synthetic hair. Both hair types are having their own pros and cons. The Human hair looks more natural, but requires careful maintenance and styling to upkeep the look. On the other hand, the Synthetic hair wigs are not made up from human hair though high quality synthetic wigs looks no difference from natural one. The flip side, it can’t be used in heat environment and should be careful while using hair dryer.

Select the Style: There are many types of wigs available to meet your style quotient. You can choose from short, medium and long hairstyles from a huge collection available online. You can start with your existing natural style till you get familiar with wigs then slowly you can change the style based on your mood from limitless options available. You can have a look at the cheap African American wigs and discount wigs for women offered by cocowig to see the various styles available. Remember to choose the wig style that suits you, whether you have round or oval face the wig you choose should fit and enhance your face.

Choose the Color: The style and color goes hand in hand, there are plenty of color combination available to choose for your wig. You may be attracted by a different contrast color but you need to make sure it suits your skin color.

Cap size: The Capsize is the wig size, choosing the right one is exactly like how you select your outfits. The exact measurement has to be taken in three way approach, the top circumference, top front to back end, and between Ears. This will helps to choose the appropriate wig size for you. It is important to consult with professional to measure and find the right size.

The above guidelines not exhaustive in choosing the right wig, but this helps to begin your search and expand the criteria to meet your requirement. After selecting the wig, it’s important to maintain it to keep its beauty. I believe this post helps choosing the right wig for your pride moment.


  1. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  2. I have a student that wears wigs all the time. I love them. Each one gives her a new look.

  3. Totally agree. If you just want to change your look, or go out and feel different, wigs and extensions are the answer. This brand is great. It's gorgeous.

  4. Hello, great post and info. It is nice to see the nowadays wigs, they look so natural. Have a happy Monday and new week ahead!

  5. my issue with wigs is I would get so hot. lol I have noticed they're in style now.
    happy Monday!

  6. Wigs have become an important fashion item.

  7. awesome post and great information!!! i have short hair that requires constant styling and i often wish i had a wig!!!

    and yes, what a time and money saver on trips to the salon!!!!

  8. Interesting, thanks for the information.

  9. I love seeing people in the various types of wigs, and it can really give a person confidence or the excitement of trying something new. Thanks for such a great post! Hugs...RO