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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Why Children should go early to bed and have sound sleep?

Children should sleep early
Children should go to bed early to have sound sleep, but it would be a great challenge for parents to make it happen. Kids always find one or other reasons to delay going to bed. The moment you ask them to go to bed, they pretend to be busy as they have to complete homework, studies etc. As a parent, we need to make sure they get enough sleep otherwise, they will end up in lack of concentration, not having adequate physical and mental growth, feeling tired, and no interest in taking food. To overcome these issues, parents have to develop a regular bed time for their kids and should be practiced all days including holidays.

How can we make this into practice?

Schedule a bed time: Going early to bed to have sound sleep can be done by scheduling a bed time. It’s simple as it sounds but difficult to practice. Yes, we need to set up a time for our children to go to bed and make sure they stick to that schedule. To begin with, parents should accompany them when their kids go to sleep. We need to tell bed time stories, so that our children will get motivated and they look for this bed time.

Practice them to do regularly: It would be good to make them practice to go to bed at same time everyday. After couple of weeks, subconsciously they will feel sleepy by this time. This will helps to increase the sleeping time for the kids as they should have minimum 10 hours sleep a day.

Early dinner: Parents has to make sure to feed their kids at least two hours before bedtime.  The dinner should not be heavy, so it helps them to feel light before going to bed. It is advisable not to have water immediately before going to sleep to avoid any disturbance during sleep.

Avoid watching TV and Computer: It is advisable not to view TV or computer prior to the bed time. This helps kids to keep their mind free and calm for sleeping. They can read bedtime stories, pray, and talk before going to bed.

Have comfortable night dress: Parents has to ensure their kids wearing comfortable night dress based on climate condition before going to sleep. It helps to have sound sleep throughout the night. The sleeping environment should be quiet, dark and no noise around.

Let’s see the key benefits of having sound sleep...

Improved physical growth: Research has found that when kids have a deep sleep their growth hormones start to secrete more which helps them to get proper growth. Going early to bed helps our children to get enough sleep before they wake up next day.

Helps to have healthy heart: The sound and deep sleep helps to keep our kids’ heart healthy and safe. It protects the heart by avoiding damage from stress hormones on the arterial wall.

Avoid overweight: Kids who has less sleep seems to be overweight and obese. This is based on the hormonal change happening during night. To avoid overweight, we need to make sure our children gets adequate sleep.

Increased attention: When kids had a good sleep they feel fresh when they wake up in the morning. It helps to have increased concentration and improved brain power. Kids having sound sleep will have improved memory over a period of time.
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  1. Hi,
    my children always went to bed early and I do think this is definitely what they need.
    They also need good boundaries, structure as well as routine, and then they feel safe.
    My 3 children went to bed at 7.00PM every night when they were younger.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Very ound advice. As a teacher I often had classes full of sleepy and bad tempered kids who were too tired to learn. Valerie

  3. Hi Jeno, I just found your blog thanks to the kind comment you left on mine. Wow, your blog is quite amazing. Very professional looking! I'm adding you to my reading list. Your scope of content is quite impressive. Lots of good information here! Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope to see you again often! Wishing you a fine weekend ahead!

  4. My youngest GRANDSON is 21! It's been a long time since we've had youngsters. But this is sound advice, I agree.

  5. Wonderful to read ~ good advice ~ used to teach Developmental Psychology and worked as psychotherapist with families many of whom could use your advice ~ thanks!

    Wishing you a week of your choice ~ ^_^

  6. Kids need it on time, feeding, sleeping, etc.

  7. Great advice for kids, and also for grownups :-)

  8. Good points! My parents never had any trouble enforcing my bedtime as I was always ready to sleep after a very busy day. I think perhaps children who aren't physically active but spend too much time on computers and smartphones and video games don't get sufficiently tired out.

  9. Sticking to routine is key! My girls know that 9:30 is bedtime here for them and never have an issue getting there on time since we made it routine ever since they were babies.

  10. I agree with the comment before me. My son had a bedtime and I read to him every night before he went to sleep. :) I don't think a lot of people realize the importance of sleep for children and adults. :)

  11. That's a very good advice !!
    Happy weekend !

  12. These are really helpful tips. Sleep is often taken for granted but it's important in the child's development.

  13. You can't beat a good nights sleep be you young, old or in-between!
    Interesting to read the points here. Thank you.

    All the best Jan

  14. I don't have children yet but these are good advices to remember. I think many of them are good for us as well -- no computer/TV before going to bed; following a schedule and so on.

  15. I had a set bedtime for my daughter, she liked the routine. It only took me about 2 weeks of sticking to it and she knew there was a bedtime she never argued with. Childen do need their sleep.

  16. I have had sleep problems my entire life...this was interesting for me

    Have a Merry Christmas :)