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Friday, 18 November 2016

How to earn free Gift cards and cash with Swagbucks?

Earn online money
Yes, it’s a free money you are going to get by spending few minutes in a day. I don’t want to exaggerate this online opportunity, but I have tried, tested and benefited out of it. Hence, I thought I can write about a post for others to make use of it. I’m talking about Swagbucks, way to earn your Free Gift cards or cash online. It’s an online medium which rewards its members with free cash, gift cards for the task they do online. This includes simple tasks such as watching videos, searching the internet, doing surveys, finding great deals and shopping online. All these tasks help members to earn points in Swagbucks, which they can redeem for free gift cards from leading retailers like Walmart, Amazon, or get paid through Paypal.

This is amazing, isn’t it? Let’s see how Swagbucks works.

Sign Up: It’s simple and free, register in Swagbucks Website to become a member. You can complete the signup process in a minute.

Shop Online: There are 1500+ retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks in Swagbucks for members to shop online and earn SB points (SwagBucks Points). Added to this, members will get exclusive deals and coupons for cash back from the retailers.

Online Surveys: Your opinion counts, companies are thriving for consumer data for their product analytics. These data will be turned into information for companies to develop their marketing strategies. The Marketing research companies looks for all possible ways to get these data from consumers. As the internet getting penetrated into all corners, they are using online survey to collect these data from different regions for variety of products. In Swagbucks, members will get many surveys to answer and they can earn SB points to redeem gift cards and cash.

Watch Videos: It’s really fun to watch entertaining videos and earn points. This is one of the cool ways to earn SB points in Swagbucks, you can de-stress yourself and earn money at the end.

Offers: Swagbucks having tie-up with certain brands where members can earn SB points when they buy from these brands. These SB points can be used to redeem gift cards and cash, this is like getting the original purchase at discounted value.

Web Search: All of us search online in almost all the days. Swagbucks offer its members SB points for the search using Yahoo powered search engine. This is like adding pennies in our kitty every day for the task we do anyway.

Play Games: I love playing games online, it’s one of the cool ways to get myself engaged to pass the leisure time. Swagbucks members earn SB points when they purchase games or play online games. These points can be redeemed for gift cards and cash.

I found Swagbucks is one of the fair medium to earn online money and gift cards. I invite you to try and share your experience. You can download their mobile app as well to do the shopping, watch the videos and answer the surveys on the go.


  1. i was not aware of Swagbucks. Thank you for sharing the details.Seems interesting :).

  2. wow that sounds wonderful place .thank you for sharing dear .
    have a wonderful weekend

  3. Amazing and thank you for sharing this info. Have a great week ahead.

  4. Thanks for the information, I tend to be nervous about offers like this. It sounds very similar to ebates!

  5. Hello, Swagbucks sounds like a great opportunity for the online shopper. Thanks for sharing the info and tips!
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  6. Interesting! I haven't tried this yet.

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  8. Sounds good, thanks for sharing about them here!

  9. You know, I used to have a Swagbucks account then drifted away. I certainly liked their idea better than other things folks do to get their advertising in one's face.

  10. definitely a possibility. :) happy holidays!