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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Let best Corporate deals follows you even on the move

Let corporate deals follows you
In today’s competitive World, most of us are workaholic to stay competitive and retain the job. We have very limited time to take care of our lifestyle, spend time with family. Meet Jennifer, who is an IT professional and a mother of two wonderful children, loves shopping, follows fashion trend in her busy schedule. She often use online deals for discounts and ease of shopping through websites and mobile apps. If she comes to know any exclusive tie-ups by her Corporate, she follows diligently. But, she misses some exclusive offering with her favorite brands during weekends where she couldn’t search through her over loaded mailbox.

To help professionals like Jennifer, Offer Monger (OM) has an amazing platform to save time and ease of use. This intelligent and simple to use mobile app lists exclusive corporate deals from different merchants and brands. OM offers perfect mix of Global, local online brand partners to help Corporate users to save time and money spend. It has wide range of Brands coupled with best Corporate offer and location based deals which makes Offer Monger is a one stop solution for Corporate employees at their finger-tips. Often, it is difficult to keep memory of all deals we receive in enterprise mail boxes and we couldn’t log into Corporate mailbox during weekend at times. With OM, you no need to worry about all these, you can view the best deals in and around your locality even when you are on the move. Being employed in bigger Corporate, Fortune 500 Company is a privilege. If your Corporate has OM tie-up, it is an added benefits that you can get the special treatment by using OM to redeem the offers, save money and time spend in shopping.

Offer Monger gives very lucrative deals in different categories like Wellness and Fitness, Online Shopping, Restaurants, Electronics and many more in their list. It has tie-up with leading Brands such as Reliance Digital, Zoomcar, Peppertap, Mainland China and so on. The eClerx Services Ltd deployed OM in July 2015, loved by the employees. There are 5000 Corporate users enjoying OM deals covering Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh and some across India. OM has the vision to serve other Corporate companies with their Technology Platform & Discount Offers. For start-ups in this new age business World, OM is the modern platform to help them get introduced with potential Customers. Offer Monger mobile App can be downloaded for IOS and Android versions.

By offering best deals, Offer Monger envisioned to Revolutionize the Employee Engagements among Corporate companies.


  1. Hello, sounds like a great app. Sometime soon, I will have to buy a smart phone. Thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

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