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Sunday, 3 April 2016

How to teach your Kids healthy eating habits

Teach kids on healthy eating habits
Eating is one of the habits learned by proper guidance during childhood. As a parent, if you don’t teach them as early as possible, it will spoil your kids’ health over a period of time. Then it will be difficult for them to cultivate good eating habits even in their adulthood.

In this modernized World there is greater disconnect between civilian and food sources. Cooking becomes obsolete in most of the homes. Parents find easier to buy something from a fast food chains on the way back to home from work. The giant corporate companies spending huge amount of dollars in advertisement for their artificial food products to attract children.

In the mid of work pressure, long working hours, growing economy, nuclear families, today’s parents finding difficult to feed right food to their kids at right time. Read on some tips which can help you to develop healthy eating habits for your kids.

Lead by example – Be a Role model for your kids:

“Lead by example” is not only applicable to leaders, as a parent we should follow this to develop good habits for our children. First, parents should stop getting crazy on the food advertisements and eating junk foods. Parents should read and understand the nutrition values of the foods served at their home. Don’t be lazy to cook at home, processed and frozen foods will have their own effects over a period of time.

Teach your kids to shop for healthy foods:

Now, everywhere you can see big departmental stores and malls selling processed foods. We are well away from farmers and their own natural markets. So, you need to bring your kids to the modern stores and teach them to identify healthy foods. This helps them to choose right food at reasonable price. If possible, take them to nearest farms to create interest in the natural foods.

Let them eat what they like:

Yes, it is parents’ responsibility to bring healthier foods for their kids. At the same time don’t force them to eat only particular food and don’t strictly follow the food schedule. Be flexible, and let them choose their food what they like. But make sure to provide different varieties of healthy foods.

Be creative during food time:

Bring joys and fun during food time. Keep the place comfortable and convenient for everyone. Don’t let your kids walk around while having food. If possible decorate the place to bring happiness for kids. Try to have dinner as a family get-together. Don’t make any argument with anyone during food time.

Don’t let your kids get addicted to food advertisements:

There are millions of dollars spent on advertisements to sell processed foods. It looks attractive and kids get allured with the ads. You need to create awareness on the ill effects of the processed frozen foods which get filled with chemicals and additives. You need to show them with pictures on the harms what these chemicals can create in human body.

It is not good to use foods to motivate kids:

You can use other sources to motivate your kids, but not the food. If you do so, it leads to overeating which might result in obesity. Encourage your kids to spend time in kitchen to help you out. This is a good habit you need to bring among your children. Even a small kid can help you in the kitchen just by peeling vegetables and cleaning the place. Guide them properly in the kitchen and teach them how to work in the kitchen with safe setting. Kids love to eat the foods in which they involved in cooking.

Ever let your kids to skip breakfast:

Breakfast is very important meal in a day, let kids understand its importance and make sure they take their breakfast without fail. It is the meal after twelve hours break in the night, so it is vital to re-energize the human system. We should not let our digestive system into starvation mode in the morning.

Hope this helps to bring healthier eating habits for kids. Please let me have your valuable comments if you feel anything can be added in this.


  1. I believe that kids do what they see and not so much what they hear. If the parents have healthy eating habits and care about their own health and nutrition, the kids will most likely follow. Well, it worked with one of my kids anyway. ;))

  2. I don't have kids, but I have observed that a lot of families just can't afford to buy the healthier options. A head of cauliflower is $5. A bin of Kraft mac & cheese boxes is 10 for $10. Families of modest means just cannot afford to get fresh produce & nonprocessed foods. Even in the fast food places, a salad is $5 but the crappy cheeseburger is $2, and more filling. A pop is $1 but bottled water is $3.

  3. Hello, what a great post. It is always a good decision to teach your children good healthy eating habits. Great post, thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  4. Being a farmer, I totally agree with you. I only buy basic food at the grocery store and I read labels.
    I try to stay away from food additive and chemicals in the food. It takes a little more time to read labels but we're eating healthier now. I grow vegetables in my garden when it's the growing season.
    Have a great week.

  5. Excellent post. :)) Yes kids will, "do as I do, not as i say."

  6. My parents were great examples when it came to food selections for their kids...all 9 of us! Whether they knew it or not, they instilled in all of us the importance of picking nutritious food.....fruit and veggies and fish. i still use their methods today.

  7. I have always been amazed watching French children in restaurants. You never hear them complaining or saying "I don't like that" it a loud whining voice! Their palates are quite sophisticated compared to children form other countries and they know how to behave at the table, too. I was once astonished to watch two 4-year olds tuck into tomato salad starters for their lunch!

  8. Such a wonderful post! I like your tips, especially the one that advices not to use food as motivation ... It can have unwanted effects at some point, teaching the child to reward one self with something to eat - and it is not necessary to eat, if not hungry.

  9. So many great suggestions for parents. That veggie picture should be an inspiration for all of us to eat better.

  10. It's hard with busy families to keep up with healthy eating. But if one tries, it should be possible.

  11. I've done in home care for quite a while now. One thing I notice a lot of the people who I take care of would have a better diet. Wouldn't have the health issues they have now. Or continue to.

    My hubby and I both been a veggie eater.
    When my boys was young I would let say have them help choose let say between Apple and Pear. No stress choices but they learn how to make healthy choices.
    Although they did have there candy also.

    Coffee is on

  12. Showing your children GOOD eating habits...and habits of a lifestyle period, is a must. But, when there is peer pressure and leaving the home for the day =sometimes being a latch key child- it's not always a certainty.

  13. It is a lot of pressure on the parents to give healthy home cooked food for their families especially when both parents have to work long hours. When my kids were small, our most important and most basic food is to have soups with all the other ingredients in the soup to go with their rice. And I will try to cook proper meals on the weekends. I think it is better than having fast food.

  14. How true that we should cultivate healthy eating habits as early as possible. We are role models for our kids.

  15. This is such a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. What an excellent post! Every young parent should read this.

  17. Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting... have a wonderful week :-)

  18. such an interesting and nice Blog. I am interesting and I want to follow you.
    best regards

  19. Best way to teach your children, eat properly.

  20. i didn't do this and i deeply regret it.....although both of my boys eat well now. i guess, i still need help in this area. i don't eat junk but by most standards, i guess i don't eat healthy. i do cook a lot of comfort food, probably not viewed as healthy by most people!!!!

  21. Definitely lead by example! Also, it's hard for them to eat unhealthy if you don't stock unhealthy items in the home. Always buy nutritious products and that's what they learn to eat :)

  22. We have to start with our children when they are just starting out. Eating healthy is just so important, and the sooner we can steer them in the right direction, the better. Great post, thank you for sharing it.

  23. Well said! Great tips on healthy eating, and you are so right: teaching by example is key. I always say, 'if my mouth can't pronounce an ingredient on a label, my mouth won't eat it'!