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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

How to help your children to get out of their aggressive behaviour?

How to help children to get out of aggressive behaviour
Many adults and children often gets angry and show aggressive behaviour on others. When it comes to adults they can manage the situation by focusing something else to keep them calm. But children couldn’t manage the situation as adults, so their behaviour changes to violent like kicking, biting, or hitting others.

There are some ways around to manage behaviourial changes among children.

Explain their behavioural change:

For children, it is very difficult to change their behaviour in a single day. First we need to make them understand what is right and what is wrong. If they tend to kick, bite or hit others we need to tell them that it is not the right way to do and they needs to be friendly with others. Parent has to tell this repeatedly whenever their Children try to show aggressive behaviour.

Help them to find ways to manage anger:

We need to encourage our children to use kind words. We should be polite to them when they show aggressive behaviour. We need to guide them when their friends do anything wrong to them which makes your children angry.

Move your children out of the environment:

Sometimes if we take the children away from the situation, it will help to reduce their aggressive behaviour. We need to explain them about the situation and tell them to obey properly. If not it is better to take them away from that place.

Develop self control in your children:

Parents need to develop self control among children. If they feel like kicking, hitting or biting anyone, we need to teach them how to be self controlled. Parents have to redirect their focus on different things. This helps the children forget the aggressive attitude. Parents should play an important role in this to develop self confidence among their children.

Do not encourage when they shows aggressive behaviour:

We should not encourage children when they are kicking, biting or hitting someone. If they are encouraged they think it is right to do that way to handle things.

Never punish your children for their aggressiveness:

You should not punish children for their aggressive behaviour, it makes them to show more aggressive attitude. We need to make them understand their behaviour and guide them to manage the situation

Don’t get tempered with their aggressiveness:

As parents we need to control our anger towards them, no use of shouting at them when they are aggressive. Parents should be calm, listen them carefully to manage the situation.


  1. In a perfect world. But it seems that parents these days are indulgent and don't want to break their kids' spirit by disciplining them or teaching them how to behave.

  2. Some good advice for family with kids. My kids are all grown up and compassionate. I must have done something right I hope.

  3. I think children are allowed to have bad days like the rest of us. As long as the temper isn't out of hand, we usually ride it out. I have been told numerous times how well-mannered my children are, so we must be doing something right.

  4. Really great tips here. I'm learning and taking down notes.

  5. Unfortunately it needs all parents of all children to follow your advice. A few well behaved children in amongst a hoard of angry hooligans doesn't really work. Not sure how we can fix this.

  6. I remember those days. Since I have a son, doing something very active with him always helped take his mind off things or he would talk about it. Playing basketball was a favorite of ours. :) Now he's 19! Where does the time go?!
    Happy 2016!

  7. Haven't heard from you in a while. I hope all is well.