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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Train your brain to have ageless memory

We always concerned about our personal appearance, and keep putting efforts to have good physique as best as possible. But, do we care our brain power? Are we trying to keep it active? Do we have adequate memory? Are we simply depending on today’s technical gadgets like PDA, Cell phone, Blackberry to remind us everything? I too realize that my memory power getting faded over the years and I’m not at all taking any steps to retrain my brain. When I sit to write a post today, I thought to write something about this to tickle everyone’s attention on this subject; appreciate your views and comments.

The research shows, human brain got amazing retention power, but if one doesn’t pay good attention while receiving the information then definitely he or she will have problem while retrieving the same later. The secret of keeping your brain young is to shape your brain everyday. The thought process plays a key role in keeping our memory active for long time. We exercise to have good shape but if we doesn’t have the mental capabilities to do things at right sense then what is the use of having great physique? Let us see some of the techniques to improve our memory power.

Visualize an object – This is one of the techniques used to remember the things for long time. While learning any subject, we need to visualize an object in which we are familiar with. Remember, our visual memory is always good than reading or listening.

Pay attention while listening – This is required to understand what others are saying. To have long retention period, first we need to understand and bring them into our mind. We need to recall the message often if we want to extend the retention period. If we don’t listen and understand others then it’s difficult for our brain to recall the message.

Mapping technique – Mapping the subject with anything you already learned. This is like a process where we are creating chain of links. This way, your brain recalls the subject in sequence when you think about it. If you create the links in whatever you already interested like picture, songs, your brain works well while recalling the message. You, yourself wonder how you are keeping everything in your mind.

Read and hear – This is required if you are studying any theoretical and boring subjects. If you are not able to follow any one of the above technique you can use this one. You need to read it aloud, record it and hear it back. This will work amazingly for you to learn fast.

Teach others – Again this will work for dump subjects where you can’t apply any of the above techniques. In this one, you need to read it and understand the concept and teach others. If you do these two or three times your brain used to record this in unconscious mind.

Participate in active discussion – I would say it might be an argument on any subject. If you do this kind of brainstorming on any subject your brain will store the abstract of the information and you can give any shape while recalling the message.

Eat healthy foods – Eating right foods helps to keep us healthy and improve our memory. Avocado, Blueberries, Walnuts and fish oil are highly recommended foods to keep your brain young and active.

Lets’ practice these techniques to keep our brain healthy to attain ageless memory.


  1. I am terrible with names, but I do read a lot, esp. things that interest me (I can read Harry Potter wiki and trivia all day, every day). Although I have to disagree with the 'putting efforts into have a good physique'. I hate exercise. All I will do is walk!!! I eat fairly healthy but I have always loathed working out.

  2. I have no sense of smell, which I'm told is one reason my childhood memories are so weak. :)

  3. I'm sorry, what were you saying? I was busy looking for my glasses. I don't know where I laid them. I can see the horse running out the window. She's playing with the dog. Now, I'm sorry, what were we talking about?
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  4. These are some great tips... My mother did crossword puzzles and math problems to keep her brain sharp... I have been thinking about picking up a couple crossword books to do on the bus ;)

  5. This is a great post. Our brains are another muscle in the body that needs to be exercised to stay fit and healthy. Great tips!! Thank you for sharing this topic.
    Think Spring!!

  6. i think it is good to exercise the brain. :)

  7. no matter what you do, you can never trust your brain. :(

  8. All this is so true. Now I just have to remember this.