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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Optimism – The stimulator for the future

Optimism – This is the one buzz word keeps me moving with hope in this fast paced competitive World. Technology changed the way business runs, today's innovation becomes obsolete tomorrow, its ever ending lookup for opportunities to survive, change is not only constant but its mandatory now, research is the part of everyday function in any business. All this evolved with a hope, looking future with optimism, planning for success with positive mindset.

When I look at my life, I have surpassed many challenges with positive approach and creating optimistic environment. One such event was moving to a foreign country with my family. It was new job, different culture, advanced education system, new environment, diversified people and housing setup.  I planned everything carefully to make this shift, have done detailed study, connecting with friends, learned the culture, and prepared my son for new education system. This helped me to create a positive environment, mindset within ourselves for smooth transition to get settled. Though I have planned for everything, finding a house was real challenge during that time as it involved lot of procedure, money, limited resources to find a suitable house. It was a struggle, but we have managed to find a house with the help of friends. I’m happy that today, we have a good option to find reliable Housing wherever we go. The other challenges we faced were on food and going along with culture. Though as an adult we managed, but preparing our son was entirely different. It took us good amount of time and efforts, but it really paid off and he was very happy with the new environment and friends.  When I think about this experience, struggle we gone through, it was learning and it gives us the strength to face the challenges with positive approach. For our son, it was an opportunity to go through this experience at early stage of his life which is going to help him to build optimistic approach throughout his life. Now we are back to our home country, but those memories, learning always cherish my mind when I think about it.

This is one event I would like to recollect, but all such experiences taught me to lookup life with positive approach to get succeed. When we encountered with a problem and if we optimistically approach the problem in detail, it not only guides to find a solution but it reduces the unwanted stress. It gives inner strength to lookup various options to get rid of the issue. I would say optimism is the skill which we need to learn and nurture in ourselves to get it stored in our unconscious mind.

Innovation evolved upon optimism, without positive approach, no research can happen, no life changing products invented for mankind, and no breakthrough development in healthcare. It is a base for everything in today’s business and service. Let’s move on with optimism, lookup the World for better future and healthier life for everyone.


  1. Bonjour,

    Une très jolie publication... avec une belle leçon de vie.
    Une note très optimiste pour débuter la journée...

    Gros bisous ❤︎

  2. I think it is great to have a positive outlook on the changes that occur in our lives... it is not always easy as sometimes it feels like one challenge after another comes... trying to see them for the trials they are helps to get through them... Have a great rest of the week :)

  3. One of my friends regularly lives in foreign countries due to her husband's job which I assume is a government one. She's had to prepare her kids for all sorts of new adventures and cultures. I think they've lived in Poland, Japan, various places in the USA and now they are in Russia for a 2 year stint. Kids are surprisingly adaptable and resilient.

  4. You have a winning attitude toward life. It will make everything so much better than a pessimist attitude.
    I'm glad that you are adapting to a positive life style with your family with great results.

  5. I think relocating to a different country teaches you a whole lot. I am glad you had an enriching experience.

  6. I think relocating to a different country teaches you a whole lot. I am glad you had an enriching experience.

  7. So very true. Life is all about the attitude we take. We cannot control the rest of it, but we can work on seeing what is available to learn.

  8. Optimism help you get through all of life's challenges.

  9. You have such a great attitude! Great post!! Thanks! :)

  10. Yes, it's the perspective from which one looks at life and living, one self and fellowmen, that does make a difference. I relate to your reflections, seeing the cup half filled makes truly a difference in my life - well written article!

  11. I don't know where I'd be if I wasn't optimistic enough.

  12. Hi, I try to be optimistic most of the time and my motto is: "Surround yourself with Positive People".... I try to stay away from those who are negative --or else they will bring me down to their level. NOT GOOD.

    Being optimistic keeps us healthy.


  13. It is really good to know about the positive streak in you. Yeah, all our planning cannot really make us be prepared for some unexpected things to happen. Instead of feeling depressed and giving up, we can get over them by changing our attitude, changing our way of looking at things.
    I remember, how many times we we got transfered to various places all over India, every time new places, new people , new local language, new schools and a lot of adjustments. But everything happens for a reason, and finally it benefits us in some good ways.