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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

CHANGE – The real constant propelling me through betterment of life

CHANGE – This acted as a great propeller in my life at various stages. Now, when I look back my life, feel astonished on the changes I sailed, survived and succeeded in the last 15 years. I would say, its a result of cheer consistent efforts, perseverance and grace of GOD which helped me to reach this stage in life.

After my education, I started working in Mechanical Industry as specialized machines, automobiles was my passion those days. With great expectation I entered into working life, quite surprised at the challenges it posed on me during initial days. It took me considerable amount of time to understand various nuances of work environment to achieve the result.

After gaining valuable experience in engineering and management, fair advancement in the IT industry attracted me to try my brain to excel. I would say this is the voluntary change I brought myself to drive into different career. Though it was considered as a risk shifting my career into different stream, I was very confident that I can prove myself. It helped me to travel across countries, learn and explore myself into unknown skills, interacted with many people, if otherwise I wouldn’t. It may looks like smooth transition, but it was difficult phase in my life considering the everyday challenges I faced as a result of changes in the new environment.

Marriage brought cheer happiness in my life, everything appeared as a new beginning and we together started taking baby steps in the family life. It was a dream to buy our own House in the city where we are living now. It was completely unknown territory for us, we slowly learned how to identify the best location, builder, and various technical aspects of construction.  It was very time consuming exercise those days, because there were very limited resources in finding House and trustworthy consultants. It took us almost one year to find the suitable house and we happily finalized the deal.

When we think about the hassle we gone through in finding our House, happy to see that today’s technology brought lot of positive change in this process. Recently I have come across a website on finding suitable Housing, which has plenty of options to see, analyze and choose the best house based on the needs at their own convenience. I wish everyone has to make use of this website to buy a house to start a new life.


  1. cool video! your career caught my attention because my son is in pre-engineering. his passion is and more cars! people ask me how does he know so much about cars and I tell them because he loves them! he was torn between mechanical & electrical engineering, but now his engineer teacher at the community college is telling the students to prepare themselves for a rough ride to get into the universities here, especially NCSU because there is great competition and only so many openings. this has brought him down a little and he's thinking maybe to switch to computer engineering because to the technology in the world and then yesterday he tells me he's looking into Physician Assistant requirements. LOL do you have any advice for him? :)

  2. I had a fabulous house out in Washington. It was so pretty with a great yard. But I lost it after the divorce and now I have to rent.

  3. Congratulations on getting your own house and changing your life to suit you and your family.

  4. It is always best to view change as an opportunity. But it still can be hard.
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  5. Change is inevitable, but the choices we make in dealing with it define our lives.

  6. I applaud you, I think it's great you were able to change your life.

  7. Nice sharing, & congrats on your achievement! xoxo

  8. Yeah I liked th clip too just saying, change and me do not go together very well