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Friday, 5 September 2014

Fear of Failure and Desire for Success

Overcome failure
Recently I read a post on 'failure' in one of my blog network. It triggered my thoughts to write something to create awareness on this topic. This post is all about how the young generation facing their failure and ending up their life instead of facing them fearless with courage. There are increasing trend of suicide news in today’s World, people are taking this extreme decision because of the pressure this society put upon them and there is no proper guidance, moral support if they are not able to achieve.

Yes, the one to blame is our society which put lot of pressure on the next generation. It is an unwritten rule in our society that one has to pass out school with higher grade (Yes, everyone wants to become state first) at the age of 17 – 18, getting into premier Medical / Engineering institutes and coming out with colorful job(s) at the age of 22 – 24, getting married, having kids and settled down in life at the age of 27 - 29 to start pressurizing the next generation. If any of these tasks gets delayed, our society will term it as 'Failure'. Thus our children are growing with 'Fear of Failure' and they are not able to digest their set-backs. This attitude should get changed and we, the current generation should take this in other way around by guiding our children, but let them decide their future and let them live their own life. This helps to build the self confidence to face any obstacles in life.

I would always say that 'Expectation leads to disappointment and Desire brings you success'. It may be contrary to our belief that “desire is the path to sin”, but desire for reasonable goals stimulates our energy and we unconsciously work towards the success. But, mere expectation will not bring you the success and it leads to depending others for our success. Also, if the expectation is not fulfilled we loosen our heart and we get ourselves into trouble.

In real World, there is no standard definition for 'Success', its all individual perception. It might be climbing Everest, landing in Moon, peaceful retirement, become a World famous scientist, becoming a pilot, enjoying life in country yard, getting University rank etc. But, if the society starts defining the success based on others’ achievement and inducting them on the next generation, the word 'expectation' gets into place. In simple word, if a boy or girl wants to achieve the above goals it will be a 'desire', but if their parents wants them to achieve then it is termed as 'expectation'. Now you can understand why “desire” gives result and 'expectation' leads into tragedy (sometimes).

I love the quote, 'In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure'. This is the one we should induct in our mind, so that it will get practiced to desire more for success where fear has no place.
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  1. I agree so much with your thoughts. I have sons that go through this now as they have so many expectations on themselves. The competition now for jobs is incredible. I read once a list of older people and one of the things they wish they had done more was failed. It took away that fear of failure for me and turned it around to lessons to be learned. I keep trying to pass that on to the younger people out of college. Very well written.

  2. The expectations are there, but I wonder about how much young kids are shielded from even the smallest obstacles. Could it be that they are not learning to deal with disappointments, set backs, and small failures?

  3. Well i'm sure I'm seen as a huge failure in my family. I lost everything, I'm financially ruined at 50. But i've also never been happier.

  4. I understand most people do not like to fail... it isn't fun but... failure will lead to success if you never give up. It is not always easy to see this, I have had my tough times like everyone has... Deep down though, giving up, isn't an option, I hope it never is...

    Nice to see you posting again :)

  5. Thank you for writing this post. i so agree with every point you have made. It's sad that our society has come to this. Somehow we have to change the attitudes for the younger generation. We have to teach them to "fight on."

  6. Such an important topic to bring to the forefront!!! I loved your thoughts on desire and expectation. Wishing you a lovely weekend! Nicole

  7. Great thoughts. Love that last quote --and it's SO correct!!!! I think that blame does a lot of harm. People don't want to admit mistakes --so they cannot correct them and move on... All they do is BLAME.

    I also know that in order to succeed, one must have a passion for what they are doing --and have a confidence within themselves.


  8. I use to have a fear of failing but as I get older I realise that I don't fail I just have to try more than once to get things done and my way is ok even if its not ok with other people

  9. lovely blog, i found you thrue other bloggers...

  10. I love this topic! My son is attending college now, working part time and has a passion for cars. He just got sponsored and built a car page and now has people asking for stickers and shirts. Even though he's only 18 this isn't the first time he's tried, but this time it's working. I love it because he keeps going, just like I did while being a single mom for many years. :)

  11. I know what is actually the fear of loosing but if you do not loose then you will not get the pleasure of success...

  12. Failure is an important factor of success. I believe failing at something makes or breaks a person. If you fail at something you can use it to fuel your desire for success. It makes you more desperate for more and to be better.

    In failure you learn, you become better, you become wiser, which will eventually lead you to success. :)

  13. You've hit the nail on the head here. I see it all around me. I also see loved ones who anyone would say were successful but I often fear they're working themselves into an early grave. So is that success? Is failure the one who purposely chose a career that while not astoundingly lucrative allows him time with his young family?

    I also wonder if how we view the subject of failure depends on our generation niche.