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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Simple and proven steps to shape up your body

There are plenty of websites claiming for weight loss in a week’s time or month if we join their program. They also claims, lose weight without pain, cut your fat without diet, burn your calories without efforts etc. It’s really surprising to see their claims with pictures and it’s easy to get convinced with their commentary. But, is that really possible? Is that good to give it a try? Is that fine to risk the money, health for this attempt? All these questions hit our mind and we get confused.

In reality, I would say, if there is no pain, no gain. Weight loss is a planned effort we have to work it out in consistent manner to get the result. Consistency, perseverance, never give-up attitude are vital to shape up our body. This is well proven by one of my blogger friend Launna, I’m happy to share her story how she gone through the struggle over a period of time to achieve her goal. Read through Launna’s story in her own words...
“I decided a couple of months before I turned 50 that I wanted to change my life and that I did not want to be in the same place I was at that time.  I have been a big girl for almost 30 years of my life.  I knew for me to succeed, I would have to exercise a lot and eat very healthy, very little processed foods.  My first day on June 15, 2013, I went for a walk and I used an app called Map My Walk, the first mile took me 22 minutes, within six months I had a mile down to almost 14 minutes. I lost 78 pounds in ten months, I walked anywhere between 15-25 miles per week and I tracked all my food through My Fitness Pal, these two apps are amazing, they are on my home page on my smart phone, I love them.  I also completed a 5K after 6 months.  All the food I eat are fresh, cooked by me, a lot of salads and vegetables, a ton of water.  Really, it is exactly what you have always been told, you have to expend more calories than what you put in, you can lose it by eating healthy but exercising helps it along and it became a way of life for me”

To summarize in simple steps...
  • Prepare your mind that you want to make a change and set a goal.
  • Plan well and write it down in a paper, how you are going to achieve the goal.
  • Keep it pasted in your room visible always
  • Start with little efforts a day and progress to higher level over a period of time
  • Eat healthy and make sure to churn out the calories you put in extra.
  • Keep it consistent over a period of time
  • Measure it frequently to see the improvements to get motivated
  • Keep going to live healthy
Inviting your comments by adding your views...


  1. She looks gorgeous. I have good intentions about walking more and then I gladly let anything and everything else get in the way.

  2. Thank you for posting this John... I hope people get inspired to just start moving :)

  3. Launna looks fantastic!! I made a similar pledge when I turned 49, in 2010. I used Myfitnesspal a lot, ate fresh as much as possible, but did not exercise. I still lost 40 lbs. I'm still 35 lbs. down after 4 years and I know if I added exercise to the equation, I could get down even more. Thanks for the tip on Map My Walk--I will check that out.

  4. She looks amazing! I am so inspired by her. xo Karen

  5. Hi John - Luanna looks as though she's done so much .. good for her - but interesting to know about .. health is so important as we get older .. congratulations to you both - cheers Hilary

  6. Oh Launna congratulations on a great accomplishment. Take care enjoy those walks I love mine. Incredible story of determination and strength. Hug B

  7. Great tips. I have been running for over 11 years and it keeps my weight very stable.

  8. Well done Luanna and thank you for sharing her story. It's very inspirational. My weight has gone up and down for years and now I have finally discarded the idea of 'dieting' but am 'eating healthier for a better life'. I don't buy processed foods any more, eat organic whenever its available and it is becoming more and more so, eat out less and less. I walk everywhere! I gave up on diet clinics years ago because I had to get my attitude straight or the weight would just come back and bring even more weight with it. Now, every so slowly I am losing the weight. Attitude, exercise in whatever way suits you, eating healthy.

  9. This is great advice! No fad diets here!

  10. Luanna you have done a wonderful job, this short fat middle aged woman is trying to lose weight now at the age of 51 and have lost 8 kilos since the start of the year by walking again every morning

  11. Great advice ... eat healthy and exercise. I walk every day and I only eat cooked meals. Fruits & vegetables are good for you. Nice story of success for your friend.

  12. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I really appreciate them :-D

    Anyone can be successful if they make that decision within and then commit ;-)

  13. Hi, Interesting post. I started aerobics exercise four days a week. After one year, I have lost 5kilos. And I reduce sugar,fat intake.
    Have a nice weekend!

  14. Congratulations on your commitment and awesome results! You've got great suggestions too.

  15. Launna looks great.
    And great advice.

  16. Congratulations! What an amazing journey. Making permanent changes in our lives is never easy. You are proof that it can be done, Thanks for your inspiration.


  17. Congrats on her weight loss success! I don't buy into those fad diets. The best way to keep the weight off is with proper diet and exercise, and maintaining it for as long as you wish to remain healthy!

  18. Great post... Congrats to Launna. She obviously is doing everything right... I too have struggled with weight --and now have 'conquered' it (with the maintenance being the hardest part for me)... Did you read my 'story' about my weight loss? If not here's the link:


  19. This is all such good advise. People are always looking for the 'magic pill' aren't they?
    xo Catherine