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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How to be a GOOD to GREAT Husband...

“A good Husband wipes away her tears
A great Husband takes time to understand why she’s crying”

Everyone wants to lead a happy and peaceful life, especially Woman. They will be happy if they are in safe, comfortable hands. If men want to have a great relationship, they need to work towards it. They should understand what their woman wants, how he can make sure to meet their expectation to lead a enjoyable life.
Make time for your family:

Family is not a choir and it should not be treated as work. Spending time with your mates and on your hobbies is important, but time with your family is the one thing you can never get back. Spend time with your wife and kids with the same excitement and sense of anticipation as you do in a boy's night out or a day at the game.
Take the kids off your wife's hands at least once in every two weeks:

Dedicate a weekend to spend time with your kids, set it in stone and make it clear that this is Mum's day off. This is a day she can get her hair done, catch up with friends, go out for lunch or just rest at home and read a book.
Make a regular time to take your wife out:

Book a baby sitter once in a month and take your wife to somewhere you both like and special. Treat her how you did when you were first courting. Tell her how she looks beautiful and how much you still loving her. Do not forget to appreciate her at this time of meet.
Plan little surprises for her:

Leave her favorite chocolates in the fridge, bring flowers from work, or call her through the day just to say thank you. It could be thanks for the lunch she packed, for the breakfast she made. Learn to appreciate small things she does. Be thoughtful, little things such as this will count a lot to Woman.

Be spontaneous with helping around the house:

Lend your hands in household work. Do not make her feel that she is not doing a good job around the house and that is why you have stepped in. Instead, you should make her understand that you are just trying to ease her work load.

Be honest about your feelings:

If something is troubling you, or if you are not sure what to do about something, talk to your wife. Never foolishly believe that she does not know when something is bothering you.
Listen to her:

Yes, when she speaks to you, just listen.
Do not put her down in front of other people:

Never set out to embarrass your wife, it is hurtful. Never use her failures to get a laugh.
Finally guys,

Take care of her when she is sick or tired:

Treat her the same way she would treat you when you are sick or tired, with loving-kindness.
There are no tricks to a happy marriage. A good marriage is built on thoughtful, loving and kindness of each other with a little humor thrown in.
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Nellie said...

I would expand a bit on the one that says, "Do not put her down in front of other people." Rather, do not ever "put her down!" Wives should also remember to treat their husbands the same way. What is achieved by "putting somebody down?" Hurtful feelings, mostly, and that brings along time for healing. That can sometimes be difficult, and takes effort that could be better spent on moving ahead more constructively.

My husband and I have been married almost 45 years and have three adult daughters.

Excellent points, and a great post!

Christine said...

you should be a marriage counselor! good advice! Also it works the other way too.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love this post! And the quote! I have a great husband, and I think that comes from his great parents. I am a lucky, lucky lady!

Gail Dixon said...

All are wonderful words of wisdom. :)

Jacquelineand.... said...

The best advice I ever received is to remember you are married to your best friend and to treat them that way.

Buttons said...

That is an excellent book:) B

Julia said...

Sounds like good advice.

My Garden Diaries said...

This is just fantastic! I loved each example above!! Thank you for sharing this one! Nicole

endah murniyati said...

I love this post!

Stephanie said...

So nice to stop by for a visit :) Thank you for the kind comment on my blog - may you have a beautiful day! Looking forward to visiting again. Hugs!

Bob Bushell said...

Too true.

jack69 said...

Very wise, this post... Thanks...

JoJo said...

My fiance' & I have learned the hard way over time about this stuff, do to our prior relationships being liars, cheaters and jerks. I guess it makes us both appreciate what we do want in a partner. I am a very sensitive person and sometimes I get upset with his teasing...but he grew up in a large family and has a much tougher skin than I do. We love each other very much and I am trying to be the best stepmom I can be to his kids (who are in their early 20s).

Pat Hatt said...

Good advice all guys should follow

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful advice.

Monica Calangian said...

What a lovely post! Is this a book? Who is the author? To be the best husband, one must love only his woman. Be loyal and faithful.

Joy said...

Nice advices to husbands:)
I suppose we wives have to make our husbands feel loved and appreciated:)

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Really great advice! My favorite is doing spontaneous house work. Any time I get help with the chores is much appreciated.

J said...

I am really going to enjoy following you. Your site is a real treasure of worthwhile information presented with an upbeat attitude. My favorite post - so far - is the one with quotes from children about love. Very insightful!

Wendy said...

Excellent advice, which should (in a perfect world) be part of the moral fabric binding marriage or partnership anyway.

Leigh said...

I think my other half needs to read this. ;)

trishie said...

I'm sending this post to my husband!! He needs to read it. hehe

NatureFootstep said...

could be useful if I had one. :)