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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Why my Kids hate school and become adamant?

Is your Kids adamant to go to school? Are you putting hard efforts to prepare your Kids to school every day? How to develop interest in studies? Why they are not attentive in the class? Is there any reason for your Kids not going along with other children in school?

As a parent these are the worries we are having while bringing up our Kids. But, we don’t have time to observe and listen to our Kid’s mind and we do always focus on our own priorities. Over a period of time, our Kids end with a title “disobedient Children” and then we start scolding them and worrying about their behavior. What we need to do to bring up our Kids in right direction?  There are three major causes to make your Kids hate school and becoming adamant.

Parents should understand that School is the medium which brings Children from different environments together and prepare them to face the future challenges in life. Again, it is not the end of life. There are outside World where our Kids have to play their game throughout the life. School is the trial playground to prepare them for future.

Forcing them to study at the early age:

Do not force your Kids on studies at the beginning of schooling. You need to bring natural interest on studies. I know parents who force their Kids to study for 2 hours at the age of 3. This is the age of playing and Kids easily start hating studies if you force them to sit in one place for homework. Let them play and you need to teach them through games.

Performance comparison with other Children:

Parents used to compare the performance of their Kids with other Children. This will create competitive mindset and insecure feeling at the early age. It develops fear and Kids start hating other children and do not go along with them.

Improper handling on their inability:

Some Kids doesn’t have much listening skills and they might have wavering mind. This can be identified at early stage and can be get corrected by proper guidance. In other way, if you start scolding them, it won’t give any result and your Kids will turn adamant.

Parents should plan their time in such a way to spend an hour a day with their Kids. If you start working closely with them, you will learn to read their mind which helps you to bring them as you wish.

Remember, you can make Elephants to dance, Kids are not an exception. It’s all in your hand, but the approach will make the difference.


  1. We spent much time with our three daughters as they were growing up, and they maintained healthy attitudes toward school and education in general. When one becomes a parent, priorities change!

  2. Have to tailor an approach to each one individually indeed

  3. This is very good advice - I wish all parents could read this! I had 4 children close in age and it was a challenge to keep them motivated throughout the school years, but I did practice these things and now they are happy, successful adults. Thank you for sharing this good advice! xo Karen

  4. Great post... It goes back to parents and to teachers. Parents can make 'study time' as creative and fun as playing.... Teachers also can teach creatively --making kids yearning to keep learning more and more. It's all about attitude---of the adults around these children. So many parents think that the teachers should do it all --and that they (parents) don't have any responsibilities in these areas (which they do)...


  5. Very good advice. My 4 kids are all grown up and have families of their own.

    If kids have caring teachers, they should do well. There are rotten teachers out there and if your kid is being misunderstood by the teacher, it's important to stand up your kid and support him or her. They need someone on their side.


  6. This is all good advice. The problem I'm having now, is that my daughter, who used to love school, hates it because the teachers are incompetent. Unfortunately, from what I can see, she's right.

  7. Hi John,

    I hope that my son wouldn't wear this tee too as I'm too scare to handle this school-hating truth. He has been in school for 1 week now and so far so good... Got your advices and fingers crossed!


  8. It's definitely in the approach and we as parents need to be involved in the early years so that we can be there for them in the difficult teenage years... :)

  9. Great post...My son loves to go school til now.....

  10. Sound advice and I wish all young parents could and would take heed to your words. As a grandmother of 7, I have seen 3 different approaches (2 via step children and one in my son)...the oldest 3 boys the approach used was unsuccessful. We'll see what happens to the last four girls! As a grandparent, it's difficult to tell them, so I try to "show" instead...:)JP

  11. I have to agree with the comparing your children to others part. Kids are already comparing themselves to other people, we don't need parents to remind us that so and so is better than us at something.

  12. My kids love school. I actually used to threaten them for being bad- keep that up and you aren't going to school tomorrow lol.

  13. Excellent advice on every point! I fear for the products of the full five day Kindergarten that my grandchildren face. Since this is a mandate, I hope teachers will have the sense to plan plenty of open play time between academic sessions.
    Thanks for being an advocate of those of us who believe in the kid-friendly style of learning that has proven results!