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Monday, 28 October 2013

Constructive Principles for Peace of Mind

In our life there are various reasons which pulls our mind down often and we couldn’t enjoy sustainable happiness. It spoils our health and shortens our life span as well. Is there a way out to live in Peace of Mind? Yes, it is if we follow few simple steps, its all about modifying our lifestyle.
Do not get into others’ business, unless called for help

We tend to get into others' personal life without being invited. Thus we are creating our own problems by ourselves. This is because, we think that we know everything and we could give right direction to others. We often forget that God has created each individual with unique skills and capacity. It is always good to mind our own business; it helps to keep us happy.

Learn how to Forgive and Forget 

This is one of the very important guidelines to live in peace of mind. We should know how to forgive and forget. It happens that we get insulted by others in one way or other. But if we turn the insult into revenge mode, we will lose our peace. Love develops and gets flourished in forgiving others.

Don’t look for recognition always

We cannot expect others to appreciate us always. It won’t happen and everyone has their own merits and demerits. Don’t believe in the appreciation which comes due to power. It won’t last for long. Deliver your duties with utmost sincerity and God will take care of the rest.

Being Jealous won’t help

Don’t be in jealous at any point in time. You might work harder than your colleagues, but they may get all the benefits. Even in this situation, don’t get jealous. Take it everything as God’s wish. If you are jealous, peace of mind stays away from you. Keep your attitude straight all the times.

Change is the only constant, nothing else

You need to understand that Change is the only constant in our life. You should learn how to adopt yourself to suit the environment. If you don’t change, you cannot stand along with the crowd.

Pray to GOD to give strength

In this World, we cannot prevent everything on our will. There are unfortunate things, inconveniences, irritations, natural calamities and accidents which are beyond our control and we need to be prepared how to bail them out with the help of GOD.

Pray to GOD, Give us strength to change things which are harmful or give us the wisdom to understand that we couldn’t change them. This helps.

Don’t take more than your capacity

You should know how to delegate and how to say “no” on certain things. If you start taking everything which comes on your way, you will find it hard at one point in time. This prevents you from moving forward in your life. Thus know your capacity and take the load only as much as you can.

Keep your health fit, Yoga helps

Learn Yoga and practice it regularly, it helps to keep us fit. Exercise makes our mind calm and keeps our bones healthy, so we can focus our energy more efficiently into constructive ideas.

Don’t keep your mind vacant

If you keep your mind empty, devil will find it as his residence. You need to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Practice a hobby and actively follow it, develop the habit of reading. This helps to learn new things in life from others’ experience. Indulge yourself in social work, this may not earn you money but it brings you peace of mind. Keep your brain engaged all the time.

Remove the word “Procrastinate” from your dictionary

Do not procrastinate on anything. You need to plan, take a firm decision on your activity and once you get it right don’t put off, and do it right away. Don’t bother about failure, you can learn from your mistakes. If you sit back and keep procrastinating it will leads into nothing. But, it will make you regret at the end.

Follow these simple steps to lead a happy, peaceful life...


  1. Good principles to remember! Sending you wishes for peace of mind!

  2. Very wise recommendations. I just recently started taking Yoga and it certainly does help me to focus and relax. Loving it. :)

  3. I have done most of these... still working on a few... I would like to be happy for a little longer than a day or two... working on that though:)

  4. I love the peacocks and agree with you about your peace of mind principles. I have to admit to having a hard time not giving people advice - solicited or not. :P

    Thanks for your good wishes on Julie's blog about my cover reveal. I appreciate them!

  5. Super tips! I like to think that I follow most of them already. Though I am horrible about procrastinating. I really need to work on that one!

  6. important thoughts, words to live by!!

  7. Some good points here.
    Procastination is my biggest problem.

  8. What wonderful tips! I need to work on several of them.

  9. very good advice - and very difficult, too.

  10. Loved everything that was listed..
    YOGA? I should do but I just can't seem to get the stretch...ha ha.
    I try and walk 1 1/2 miles a day..
    Good for my strength and heart.. It's too easy to set in the recliner and I have to actually boost myself out of the chair like a rocket..get on my shoes coat/hat/mittens now that it's cold outside..
    Thanks for stopping by...I especially loved your blog because you have God in your life.. What would we do without him...
    Have a Tiggeriffic Day..ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  11. Good advice. I think we would all be happier if we consistently followed these rules of living.

  12. I agree with everything you put here. Some are harder to do than others - but I always keep trying! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I enjoyed your blog and followed you - hope you follow me back!


  13. I shall join myself with the above procrastinators. I have so much to do, it's easy to prioritize the things I don't mind doing over the ones I don't like doing.
    Lots of good points in this post!

  14. Very good tips! I especially agree on minding your own business and realizing that change is constant. It's hard for me to accept change sometimes, but I'm trying to learn that it is a natural part of life.

  15. Great post.

    I'm trying to be better at giving it over to God and stop the worrying.

    Thanks for stopping by :), I'm your newest follower.

  16. Every single one of these is worth remembering and practicing with diligence!

  17. Some very good points! Love the peacocks! Have a happy week!

  18. This is great advice and I have to work harder on many of these......

  19. I need to work on forgetting and forgiving. That's definitely a hard one for me but so important. It's the key to being a good and loving person, I think.

  20. Hello :)

    Thanks for stopping by! Love the peacocks . So beautiful.

  21. So beautiful peacocks and good principle to follow in life..

  22. Nice Points! Agree!
    Easy to bring things under our control following this!
    For those out of control, there's Prayer- "Give us strength to change things which are harmful or give us the wisdom to understand that we couldn’t change them" :)

  23. Nice post. I must keep all those principles in mind.

    Thanks for dropping by and pen a comment in my blog post.

  24. Lots of good suggestions here. But sometimes my brain tells me to do the opposite! :)

    Thanx for stopping by our blog and for your nice comment!

  25. Useful advices for life. Great one..

  26. Nice suggestions that are uplifting and helpful. Thanks for sharing them.

  27. So many great principles to live by. It's taken years, but I am learning the forgive and forget thing. Most helpful, but especially reliance on God for wisdom, strength and peace. :)

  28. Quite sound advice. I need all these, but especially the one about not feeling that I know best for someone else. A hard lesson to learn if you're a fulltime caregiver for another adult.

    Meanwhile, if we could only be as beautiful as this peacock!

  29. Being jealous certainly won't help, you will just make yourself miserable and affect others negatively.

  30. nice....solid principles to live by...glad cici pointed me back for this one....

  31. To be peaceful means to have thoughts filled with peace and power.