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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Gifting is an Art - Choose gifts with care

I’m sure all of us give and receive gift at one occasion or other. Have you ever noticed the blooming face of your loved ones after unwrapping your gift pack? Is that happening every time whenever you are gifting them? What makes them feel happy upon seeing your gifts? The same applies to you as well; do you feel the same level of happiness when you receive the gifts all the time? If you find answers to these questions, you agree Gifting is an Art. Gifting is the way of expression of love to your closed one. We need to take utmost care while choosing the gifts. There are three points to consider while choosing the gifts; to whom you are gifting, on what occasion you are gifting, and what you want to express. If you are clear on these points, you can easily choose the right gifts.

Gift doesn’t mean it should have high money value, but it should express how much you care that person you are gifting. Even a small gift at right time will count. It is not how big it is, but how well it is expressing your love. Do remember the below while choosing your gift for your loved ones.
  • Don’t pass on the gifts which you received from others. It will create bad impression from both sides, the one who gifted you and the other who receives.
  • You should recollect the time when your loved one shown interest on some gift article, but he / she doesn’t have it yet. This is one of the best gifts you can choose for them.
  • Spend enough time to choose the gifts. Don’t rush up at the last minute, if you know the occasion well ahead, you will have plenty of time and try to find the best one in your city.
  • Gift means expression of your love, don’t give anything like iron box, utensils etc. Your gift should have aesthetic looks and attractive at first sight.
  • Gift wrapping, this is very important while gifting. Spend some money, time and efforts in wrapping the gift and make them looks appealing. It should tempt the recipient to open and see the gift in front of everyone. Try your creative mind while wrapping your gift.
  • Add a greeting card to your gift, write some touching words on the card and present it along with your gift.
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  1. I like to make the wrap as pretty as possible too. I think it's worth it. Thanks for your visit at my blog.

  2. Valuable tips. A personalized gift would be more special.
    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Good post and tips! I enjoy giving gifts much more than I enjoy receiving them (although I like receiving them as well).

  4. Gifts made with love and consideration are always good to give and receive! Hello to you and your very informative and pretty blog!!! Take care

  5. My sister in law takes a lot of time and patience to wrap her gifts.... me, I love a pretty package but wraping is not my forte.

    Great tips for choosing gifts. I always have a hard time with that.

  6. Hello and thank you for stopping at my blog.
    A very nice blog and a post with honest good tips about gift giving. Most people love gifts and you are absolutely right about choosing just the right thing.
    With good wishes

  7. I enjoy gift giving! You have some wonderful suggestions!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Hope to see you again!

  8. and some says, to give is better than received ;)

  9. and some says, to give is better than received ;)

  10. Good tips. Presentation is important too.

  11. I love to give things I know people want...but these days seems like most people just go get what they want. If they have hobbies it is one thing...I can usually find something easily.

  12. Economists have elaborated the economics of gift-giving into the notion of a gift economy. By extension the term gift can refer to anything that makes the other happier or less sad, especially as a favour, including forgiveness and kindness. Giving gifts are also first and foremost presented on occasions - birthdays and Christmas being the main examples.