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Friday, 27 September 2013

Eating Fruits – Do it in a right way

When to eat fruits
We all know that eating fruits will leads to healthy and long life. But most of us not aware of the things not to have while taking fruits. Follow the below rules to reap the full benefits of adding fruits in your daily diet.

Do not take fruits right after meals. It is good if you take the fruits on the empty stomach, it helps to detoxify your system and it boost up your energy. Having fruits into our diet in proper way, helps our digestive system to get the most benefits out of it through vitamin intake and improved digestion.

Fruits are an essential food in everyone’s life, so it is very important to have them properly by knowing how to take them along with other foods. For example, if you eat three slices of bread sandwich and a piece of fruit, the bread sandwich prevents the fruit to enter straight into your intestines. But the entire meal gets fermented and turns into acid. Once the fruit mixed with bread, the entire food begins to get spoiled.

Hence, it is good to take fruits on an empty stomach or before your meals. Some of you complain that whenever I take water-melon I burp, when I eat banana I need to go to toilet etc. All these effects are due to the way we are mixing fruits with normal foods.

Don’t prefer "can" juice than eating fresh fruits, it might have preservatives. If you want to drink fruit juice, don’t take the ready made one. It is always better eating fruits rather than drinking fruit juice.

Avoid eating fruits close to bedtime, because fruits having plenty of sugar, it will stimulate your energy and keep you awake when you want to sleep.

Go for three day fruit fasting and see the differences in your face. You will be surprised on seeing how you look cool and radiant.
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  1. I love fruit, and helping them to grow over and over.

  2. Thanks for sharing this article, I did not know that you are not suppose to eat fruits after meals. I always do that as my dessert after a meal.

  3. These are good tips and I did not know about the empty stomach one.

  4. i eat fresh berries every morning, followed by a glass of water - before i even have coffee. i eat a banana or piece of fruit after exercise. i have fresh-squeezed lemon juice about an hour or more after my evening meal to help with digestion. i buy a lot of fresh fruit.

  5. Great post, I'm actually starting to eat more fruits! I'm a new GFC follower :)

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway that you might be interested in!

  6. love, love, love fruit...i eat it every day!!

    not so big on cooked vegetable, but i love them raw!!

    have a great weekend!!

  7. I love fruit! Thanks for sharing these tips.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog too!

  8. 1st time at ur place.. wow great info abt fruits consumption.I always used to have fruits after meal.

  9. I LOVE fruit. I heard about eating it before meals but I keep on forgetting to do that!

    Thanks for sharing (and for the great reminders).

    Wishing you a lovely week.

  10. Thanks for this. I must change my habit, eating fruit after meals.

    Thanks for dropping by too :)

  11. That is something I try to do but don't always make it. I like to snack on a piece of fruit while I am cooking. That way my stomach is empty and I end up eating less dinner. When I mess up is when I put fruit in cereal.
    This is a very nice blog. Thanks for stopping by TNS.

  12. Very interesting. Had no idea fruits should be eaten alone on an empty stomach.

  13. Lately I've been having a fruit before bedtime. No wonder I can't sleep! Thanks for the tips :-)

  14. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.
    I hope that you have a blessed week.

  15. I will have too look into this a little more... it makes a lot of sense... and yes I would prefer to eat my fruit instead of drink it:)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog

  16. This was helpful - I like your site!

  17. Thank you for the tips. I have been eating my fruits at the wrong time. I eat them always after meals and never knew the significance of eating them before.