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Monday, 22 April 2013

Brain Damaging Habits

Safegurard your brain
We all want to keep our brain active and young. But, are we following right habits to keep the Brain healthy? Read on this post to know more about brain damaging habits which we might unconsciously following in our daily life.

Skipping Breakfast: Everyday breakfast plays a vital role for a healthy Brain. If you skip your breakfast, it leads to low blood sugar level in the body. This will result in insufficient supply of nutrients to your brain which causes brain degeneration. So, never ever miss the breakfast in a day.

Eating more and more: Overeating is not good for health, since it hardens our brain artery it leads to lower mental power. Keep a watch on your diet plan and follow ruthlessly.

Smoking: This causes multiple brain shrinkage and leads to Alzheimer disease. Though some people takes pledge to stop smoking, only few can succeeds in their efforts. Smoking has other serious health hazards as well. Good to say, NO to smoking. Try practicing Yoga, it helps some extent to quit smoking.

Air Pollution: This is one of the major challenge in today's World. It's our collective responsibility to keep the air less polluted. Our brain needs lot of oxygen and it is the organ which is the largest oxygen consumer in our body. If you inhale polluted air, it decreases the level of oxygen and it reduces the brain’s efficiency. Less polluted air prevent Asthma, one of the wide spread disease among people

Sleep Deprivation: This is ignored by most of us in our busy schedule, especially by workaholics. Adequate sleep is must for human’s life. It allows our brain to rest and long deprivation from sleep will increase the death of brain cells. Have adequate rest, at least 8 hours sleep in a day.

Covering Head while sleeping: If you have the habit of sleeping with head covered, it’s the time to change this habit. Since it increases the Carbon dioxide circulation it will result in brain damaging. Find out why you developed this habit and get rid of it.

Working hard during illness: If you are sick, take rest. If you work hard during illness, it will decrease the efficiency of your brain over a period of time. If you are unwell, delegate your work to someone and take rest.

Lack of stimulating thoughts: If you want to train your brain, start thinking. Yes, it will stimulate your brain cells and improve it's working capacity. If your work calls for monotonous job, do something creative during your leisure time.

Talking Less: Intellectual conversations are very important as it boost up your brain cells. Start thinking wise, involve yourself in healthy discussion, and stimulate your brain to think more.

Let's start  caring our brain to save our intellectual asset for life...
Image Credit: Pixabay


  1. thanks for popping in today. appreciate it!

    an interesting bit of info, here. i could NEVER sleep with my head covered. feels like i'm suffocating.

  2. I am always lacking of sleep because of blogging.

  3. @ TexWisGirl: Thanks for your visit and comments, TexWisGirl

    @ Rose: Yes, Rose. It happens if we are doing something interesting. You need to have a schedule for sleep as well :)

  4. This is so true.
    My days are long because I think the time will come when I will sleep lol
    But for now the days are too short.

  5. Thanks for the info, it's good especially the part about yoga.

  6. Thank you for the visit.

    Great info. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Interesting, it's very nice of you to share ;)

  8. I like that: talk less and intelligently..

  9. Hi and excellent points. I always eat breakfast and don’t smoke. I keep a house plant in every room to help purify the air. I believe blogging helps stimulate creative thinking, at least it does for me. Well, I will have to work on that last point about talking lol! Thank you for stopping by my blog and following!

  10. Thank you for the visit and nice comment.

  11. A great advise we always heard from anybody but always not put into practice. Thanks for reminding us. ^_^

  12. I've resumed my blog-hopping after a mth long absence. Certainly refreshing to be greeted by this lovely post!