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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Asthma – How to get rid of it?

Avoid Asthma using breathe therapy
Today, most of the people suffer from Asthma and it is one of the quite common diseases in the World. Sometimes, people don’t recognize this disease and they used to live with that. The congested chest, difficult breathing, polluted air, tobacco, smoking, allergy substances, cold weather are some of the major triggers of Asthma. It is vital to keep our environment clean and neat to avoid Asthma to some extent. Stress also one of the causes of Asthma. If breathing path in our body gets affected, it results in wheezing, chest congestion, coughing etc. These are the symptoms of Asthma. At severe stage one cannot speak normally. Even though there are various medicines available for Asthma, prevention is better than cure. 

Few tips to avoid Asthma:

Keep your home and environment clean from dust and smoke.

Watch out your eating habits. Avoid if any of the foods causing allergy and leads to breathing trouble.

Strictly quit smoking, it not only helps you to prevent Asthma but also Cancer.

Beware of weather; take necessary precaution if you are going out in a cold weather.

Avoid eating foods directly from cold storage. Leave it for some time outside before consuming.

Learn Yoga, especially breath therapy and practice it every day, it helps you to have good breathing habits which prevent bronchitis congestion.

Let’s prevent Asthma than regret later
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  1. I think that it comes through us, the way we cause it by the things we do, ie: smoking, breathing in industial byproducts and diesel fuel, etd etd etd.

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    I've been reading and scrolling down through your blog and you've got some very interesting material and I even learned a few things. Thanks for that, too!

  3. Wish more people who suffer from Asthama (and their relatives) read this.

  4. Great tips you've got here. Thanks for the visit too!

  5. yes great tips! and I think you are on to something with practicing yoga...
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  8. Tow of my sisters had asthma but was cured when they were teens.

  9. Home remedies are indeed helpful, but being an asthma patient I would also recommend doing some exercises. Staying in good health provides better resistance from asthma episodes. However, don't overdo or force your body beyond its limit. Begin with light exercises.