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Sunday, 10 June 2012

“http” & “https” – How it is going to safeguard your online transaction?

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS
In this information age, we all jump into the World Wide Web (WWW) at least once in a day. But, most of us not aware of the security measure we should take before we took any transaction or passing any confidential information over Internet. Yes, it is vital to know about the difference and usage of "http" and "https" and what the letter "s" makes the difference for the secured transaction. HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, it is one of the language used for the information to be passed back and forth between web servers and clients.

In the "https", the "s" stands for "Secure". If you visit a website or webpage, and look at the address in the web browser, it will likely begin with the following: http://. This means that the website is talking to your browser using the regular 'unsecured' language. In other words, it is possible for someone to intrude on your computer's conversation through the website.

For example, if you fill out a form or do any transaction with your banker or if you shop using your credit card on the website, someone might see the information you send to that site.

This is the reason you should not enter confidential information like credit card number in the "http" website. But, if the web address begins with https://, it basically means your computer is interacting with the website in a secure code that no one can spy on.

So, be aware, if a website asks you to enter your credit card information, you should consciously look at the web browser to see if the web address begins with https://. If it doesn't, it is not advisable to enter sensitive information like a credit card number or to do any financial transactions.

It is better to be cautious rather than regretting later.
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