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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Road Accidents - Cost of negligence

Avoid accidents
As we all love to travel, especially self driving to places as much as possible, we need to be careful on the road and follows traffic rules diligently. Recently I have come across news on television which portrayed about a tragedy on the highways which involves a car jammed into a truck. I was scared on seeing the pictures and I can imagine how fast the car was speeding up during that incident. At the minute, I thought I should write up a post on this topic to create awareness about this killing disease “Speed”, especially among the youth. Yes, I would say it is a virus which tempts our brain cells to move towards the tragedy.

What causes Road Accidents?

There are number of reasons for road accidents. I have listed below the major causes of accidents at a glimpse.
  • Speed
  • Negligence on other motors
  • Under drugs
  • Speaking on phone while driving
  • Inadequate training / skill
  • Poor road condition
  • Wrong judgment
  • Poor maintenance of vehicle
  • Ignorance of traffic rules
Speed – This comes in the top causes of road accident. In today’s World everyone wants to be on fast track. They might be thinking their intelligent driving skill knows what the limit of speed is. At the same time, they forgot to understand that there is nothing called “Safe speed”.

Negligence on other motors – This is to show dominant attitude towards small vehicles on the road. Heavy vehicle drivers ignore the small motors and they don’t realize the cost of their ignorance.

Under drugs – This might be the result of lack of education and over confidence on their own driving skills. They never realize that they are risking other lives.

Speaking on phone while driving – This is common among educated people who might be in the thought of everything will get stopped without their intervention. They might be thinking that they are the one who values time, but they forgot to value their life. They don’t know there was no mobile phone a decade ago and people happily completed their task on time without any hassle.

Inadequate training / skill – Again, this comes under lack of education. This might be the result of poverty and wanting of job. There are employers who don’t check their drivers’ skills and experience, but they give the heavy trucks to get their business done. They don’t care about the people on the road.

Poor road condition – This is the negligence on the part of Government or bureaucrats who don’t care of the people who is traveling on the road. Most of the time, they provide post accident solution rather than forecasting possible tragedy and acting upon it.

Wrong judgment – This will come under driver's skills. The impact of wrong judgment can be minimized if you are driving at medium speed. But, the impact will be high if the drivers make wrong call at higher speed.

Poor maintenance of the vehicle – This is again negligence in the part of owners or drivers. They often forget that the car or truck is a mechanical device and it requires frequent overhauling. This might result in tragedy during unexpected time.

Ignorance of traffic rules – This might be a result of poor enforcement of law and not having proper monitoring mechanism and tracking. This can be prevented by implementing appropriate checks by respective authorities.

How to prevent Road Accidents?

If road users starts looking at the above points, most of the accidents can be easily prevented. I would say, it should be a combined efforts from Government and respective authorities to create awareness among people.
  • The “Road Culture” should be developed in such a way that everyone should respect other vehicles and pedestrians on the road.
  • The education system should be revamped to have a curriculum on “Road Safety” from the primary school.
  • Appropriate monitoring and tracking system should be implemented to identify and penalize the erring drivers.
Hope this post highlights the importance of Road Safety. Invite you to post your comments on this topic and share this link in your blog to create the awareness.

"While on the road, do always remember someone waiting for you back at home"


  1. Months ago,in Jakarta, Indonesia, a young woman drove -under alcohol and ecstasy- and hit pedestrians; 9 people were killed.

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