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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Keep Your Bones Fit and Healthy

Keep your bones healthy
We often neglect our bones unless otherwise we experience a pain in the joints. But prevention is better than cure. Our physique built upon bones, it’s very important to maintain them well. It’s never too late to take action to promote healthy bones. Our foods and nutrition plays important role in building and maintaining strong bones.

Calcium – It helps to keep our bones and muscles in healthy form. Calcium is a major building block of our bone tissues. The amount of calcium needed varies at different stages of life. Milk and related dairy product are the most readily available sources of calcium.

Vitamin D – Given by Sun, it’s a gift of nature to keep our bones strong. But, often we ignore it. Vitamin D helps the system by assisting proper absorption of calcium from food. Vitamin D deficiency results in delayed growth and bone deformation among children.

Fruits & Vegetables – These are other source of calcium and it helps to keep the bone density intact. Fruits and vegetables are must in our daily diet.

To prevent bone disease and maintain healthy bones...
  • Stop drinking Colas and Sodas immediately
  • Expose yourself in early morning sunlight for 30 minutes everyday.
  • Add Calcium rich foods in your everyday diet like dairy products
  • Take adequate Protein, vegetables in your daily meals
  • Stop smoking and don’t take any form of Tobaccos
  • Limit yourself during Alcohol intake
  • Indulge yourself in any Physical activities everyday
Have healthy and strong bones, lead a happy life forever.
Image credit: Pixabay


  1. Wonderful, effective, knowledgeable and informative post.

  2. Simple and yet very effective ways to take care of the bones.
    The far infra red rays (from the early morning sun rays) is very effective.