Month: June 2023

Getting Blackjack Card Counting Method

We played blackjack , often heard professional gamblers said that the card counting method can be used to win the casino card counting method or not? And maybe if it is difficult to do what is the principle of the card calculation method?

Original mathematical statistics, it is on the average win, if the gambler is easy to chest, when the shoes on the remaining large account long time, the dealer has 12-16 points. Blackjack investors can find bigger and more investment opportunities with “card calculation method”. For the period board, if the combination of each shoe brand is no longer a standard deck, for example, you may not consider four thirteenths of ten points instead (if small cards, first-in-first-out).

Dealers have a relatively long time to win free credit slot ewallet, so that big shoes, gamblers can add a break, and the dealer must have a bigger 5 pm, explosion ZhuangJiarong, gamblers have an increasing career, gamblers gamblers first explosion.

Around 1960, the following non-standard computer studies (licensed 5 points or less 10 points, etc.) changed to win by Professor Dr. Thorpe Brand Gambler at the University of California. He finds a large (IX, X, 5 points more cards (if there are only forty eight)) a relatively long time to win the gambler speed increases. Conversely it is a deck of cards to play blackjack gamble and bookmaker according to the basic strategy card game average tie With. Increased cards to lose the percentage of gamblers), playing the default strategy gamblers average net win maker 3.6%!

1963 published by Dr. Thorpe, to guide gamblers to win blackjack card counting (dealer bit), opened the card counting passengers and casino wars after the book “Dealer bit”.

Dr. Thorpe’s “Card Counting Method” developed an accurate and simple card counting method with many advanced computers. And now this thesis is the largest passenger count card using card counting is quite complex and many scholars are following in his footsteps law.

. Ten, J, Q, K and, neutral license–7, 8, 9, low card (LO) high-low card calculation method Thirteen cards are divided into three groups (HI) of high cards-minus one (1) high 2-6 parameters of the card, one after the lower brand plus (+1), the neutral card deck is 0 (or deck), and the lower point card? Count passengers from 0 every card started (20 votes each), the same number must be from 0 to zero, after the card’s box in a pair or head count. . It can be considered as having experienced +10 (small cards, first in, first out) or 18 (large first out).

If the count on the positive number represents a lot of relatively small cards, explosives much larger left, that is advantageous for a good customer card counting card, card counting passengers can raise the attack at once.

As far as possible to complete within twenty seconds, learn one deck of cards by subtracting one, the card counting method can be done more at home with practice, practice time and pack of cards. Calculate offsets, counting only nets for lower cards on the table from each other as possible. However, the card should be calculated, check, and investment cases and card count box accumulation, card counting investment program, how to analyze all the information of each card. If the company is shuffle defect, part of the cassette card (card fall) or order (brand order ), you can also take advantage of the profits (see the legendary “shuffle tracking” later (reservation in the next box of the card))

(Run count) or call out of water to count the number of false numbers. Forget to count two pairs of false numbers and 6 +6 false numbers, playing the six decks of cards three deputies (three deputies left) is not the same as the remaining two vice presidents, the deputy says the remaining number of true (true count) 6 brands, the actual number is the shoe for each “substitute”, while the remaining three pairs of cards 6 cards are divided by numbers, the relative number of the lower cards is a useful number of “true” positive objectives.

If you play a card, hit half surrogate and count +3, the actual number can be 6 (3 divided by 0.5), the actual number can be higher than the number of false. +

Computer simulation cards found that the winning speed decreases with the fact that the up and down calculations or adjustments increase. Each positive Hi Soho really is almost the same as five thousandths of a stake in the general assumption that the casino’s basic trusted online casino Malaysia strategy is thousands of negative outputs, the gambler’s basic strategy is a hundred average casino wins, when they win +5 equivalent to 2% when the fifth, true average 1, 3 are actually tied.

Card Counting Cards Should Really Reduce Vulnerabilities Off the Face of +3? If a casino in the US (usually an average default baud rate of five thousandths), he should be “less than 1%” or. Russian casinos for bookmakers too (default capital five thousandths), you can bet on 2% of the following.

Third, you must know how to count how many and when to bet the next, the second must understand the basic card calculation method, that is, if we want to win money in blackjack, first you must understand the basic strategy, three There must be cooperation in the areas.