Thursday, 31 March 2016

Endurance Athletics – Bring back the original YOU

Though there are many outdoor games which we can practice, I’m very much inspired on Endurance Athletics as it gives long term health benefits in a sport outlook. I agree that all kind of outdoor games has its own benefits in building our physique. But, the endurance athletics has more advantages in keeping us fit for healthy long life.

There are three essential components in endurance athletics, Nutrition, Training and Equipments. One needs to give equal importance for these three components, so that he or she can get the full benefits. The nutrition part is very important as one has to stress the body to extreme level in this sport. If your body lacks the necessary vitamins, nutrition, you can not bring out your full potential.

Running, Cycling, Swimming, Mountain Climbing are some of the endurance athletics. What you get from these sports? I would say, it will bring out the original YOU. How fit you are and how mentally you are prepared, how much stress you can bear etc. This is a self discovery of you and your health.

Start practicing Endurance Athletics and see the changes in YOU.


martinealison said...

Bravo ! Je vous félicite...

Je vous embrasse,

JoJo said...

Yeah think I'll pass. The only exercise you can get me to do is walking. I've never been able to run....I have terrible lung capacity as it is. Even as a kid I would get winded with a short run.

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