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High Heels – Ever be the trend in Women’s fashion

High heel fashion
It’s all started in 16th Century, European royalty wearing high-heeled shoes to showcase them as taller and attractive. Amazingly, still the trend is continuing.  In modern society, High heel shoes are a necessity in Women’s fashion. Some Women feels, though high heeled shoes gives discomfort at times, but it boosts confidence in them. Obviously, heels are a must for Woman's shoes, no shoe can be too flat. There are lot of varieties in heel shapes like, curved, straight, block and banana heels and can be chosen based on one’s style quotient.
  • Prism – This is in triangle form by three flat sides. Point of triangle contacts floor
  • Cone – Broad round heel sole and the narrow point contacts with the ground
  • Wedge – Arch shaped, heel portions of the foot contacts with the ground
  • Puppy – It comes with 2 inches in height, heels looks like square block
  • Kitten – Slim and short heel, narrow point of contact with the floor
  • Spool – Broad base contacts with the ground
The heel comes in oval, round or square toe shapes. Women, who are daring, go with peep-toe boots, the winter variety of peep-toe shoes, which leave the wearer's toes exposed. The colors are more attractive, especially the dark one, whether it is for classy pumps or delicate lace-up booties. Apart from black and brown, other colors are getting popular now. Plum, blackberry, moss green, pink, petrol blue and dark blue are leading the trend.

The heels come in colorful eye-catchers. The accessories added sparingly in the shoe brings classy look to the footwear. The buckle on pumps, frays, zippers and rivets helps to decorate the wear and improve the aesthetic looks. Appearance should not be the end for all. Women today want footwear that is not only attractive but it should fit well.

Men shoes primarily having low heels except cowboy boots. Men started realizing the important of attractive shoes for their own style. Designers felt the demand from men for stylish boots and more varieties coming in the market. It may not be with high heels, but with more masculine looks. But, the choice of colors still tends to be either black or dark brown. It is slowly changing in the store shelves to give way to grey, metallic, and olive green models. This trend will continue and there will be more models for men will come in future.
Image Credit: Pixabay


mail4rosey said...

I think I'm the only person ever to not like wedge shoes. I do like the other styles of heels though!

Mark Means said...

I learned something today....probably more than I needed to...but, still, I know more about heels than I did...thanks! :)

I used to wear cowboy boots a lot and never felt the heel was too terrible, but I don't know how some women wear those crazy high ones!

Theresa said...

I'm with Rosey. Never did like the wedge shoe! However, all others are fine.

I do not like men in cowboy boots either. I don't know why, but they have always been unattractive to me lol.

A Lady's Life said...

Today I don't know how girls can wear high heels I am always afraid of slipping and turning my ankle

Chubskulit Rose said...

Iused to wear high heels everyday at work but no longer now as I stay at home all the time.

Women Fashion Clothing said...

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TexWisGirl said...

i admit to wearing a few in my younger days, but these days, barefoot is best. :)

Smith Susan said...

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Linda said...

I stopped wearing high heels years ago after I had foot surgery. The doctor told me not to wear them any more because they were ruining my feet.

Chubskulit Rose said...

High heels can somehow makes women feel sexier.

mhie said...

I don't used big heels,I prefer clogged shoes or sandals.

Fernando Lachica said...

Men and women fashion do evolved erratically throughout the ages. But nowadays, heels for women is the trend.

Franc Ramon said...

I think high heels can really highlight a ladies legs.

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Heels is a part of my life, lol. Like seriously.. I can't find myself not wearing one.

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