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Nail Art - Extend Your Fashion

Extend your fashion with Nail Art
Yes, new trend catching up for your nails. Your hands will give you the first impression when you extend them to greet people. It is vital to maintain the nails clean and glow. Nails no more just to protect your skin, it’s going to showcase your personality. Hence, giving aesthetic looks to the nails becoming a trend. Nail art is a creative application, requires special care for the nails. In this process the nails are decorated with designs and colors. It gets embedded with fragile dried flowers, smiley stickers or diamante. The nail artist uses various techniques to get the desired looks. Acrylic nails are the excellent innovation which stuck on the nails in order to extend them. This suits for the ones who have small nails. After this, the nails get polished with any desired color and smoothed to give it a very natural look.

Nail art is absolutely an imaginative process, after your nails painted, different gems gets pasted on your nails. Hand painted nail art is the one in which the artist paints the new designs on the nails. Artist use sharp brushes to paint fine dots during the nail painting process. After paint gets partially dry, artist starts fixing the stars and other desired designs on the nails. Airbrushing is the technique in nail art in which the artist uses an air gun to get a fine spray of paint on the nails.

There are more numbers of different paints and polishes available in the market and you can make wide range of choices. Start experimenting different colors, polishes and paints to find the one best suit for your nails. The best option to get your nails painted is to go to the professional or you can buy the kits if you have the creative skills and confidence.

Nail piercing is another form of nail art, it becomes very popular nowadays. It’s nothing but piercing the nail tip and wearing tiny jewellery through it. Normally, people wear small rings or chain with extension.

Digital nail painting is the latest technique in nail art. It gives the option to embed any kind of picture in your nails as you wish. The desired picture has been scanned and digitized into the computer. The picture gets modified as per one's interest. The activation coat has been applied on the nails and it’s been put into the machine. That’s it; the design gets printed on the nails.

The nail art fashion has been growing across the globe. Apart from its popularity as aesthetic artistic expression, it becomes women's privilege. The Nail art has not limited only with teenagers and college goers, but middle-aged women also catching up with the trend.

Once you decided to go for Nail art, it is very important to choose a reputed studio and nail artist. Also, you have to make sure to ensure the process is hygienic and safe. It is necessary to ensure the paints, stickers and jewelries used are in compliance with the health and safety standards.

Start making your nails looks glamorous and fashionable and let your nails do all the talking for you!
Image credit: Pixabay

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Kiran palwasha said...

I like it but its really very difficult for myself to do it my own. Some type of nail designer machines are in market but they never print such beautiful one that we see on net. The results never comes so exactly and neat :(

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