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Monday, 17 October 2011


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Welcome to my blog Weekend-Windup. This blog has been started in the month of Oct 2011 to explore myself into high tech e-content world. Hope you enjoy reading here and become a regular visitor of this blog.
I’m passionate about the things in which I got interested and want to make the best use of what I have. I am just one more individual who is trying to make a difference in every capacity that I have, hoping to add value through my daily efforts. I'm in a distinctive hunt to find my own path, my way in life that leads me to happiness and personal fulfillment. I'm trying to achieve this through self-improvement, internal discovery and external contributions.

I got excited about work, especially with the way the work is changing in the fast paced world. Keep on splashing my eyes on the paradigms created by Globalization and the Internet; The implications of virtualisation; Influence of Tele-communication in our daily life; Wi-Fi and the way Web interact with mobile devices; How the Children teach technology to elders; Socialization and its strength in today's Business; Information sharing and enrichment. My learning is going on......every day, every hour, every minute, and every second.

I always look forward with a hope to influence positive change through every step I take along this path. I am looking for the synergy of being with positive people in an ever increasing environment of love, harmony, understanding, forgiveness, compassion and empathy based on internal principles and beliefs, immovable by external forces.

I love Travelling, Photography, Blogging, Surfing on the Internet and Reading books. These are the factors enriching my life and keep me running in this fast track World.

I'm happy to invite your feedback, suggestions for any improvements on this blog.

Please feel free to reach me at

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